Shoe Collection 2017 – Sneakers

I love shoes. And so I have quite a lot of them. Not a ridiculous amount, but still, quite a lot. And so I thought I would share my collection with you guys over these next few weeks, starting today with my sneakers. I used to not be a sneaker girl at all, I always wore either boots or sandals, depending on the weather, but in these past few years I have been getting into them a bit more, buying some of the classic styles. Now I am absolutely in love with some of the shoes you will see in this post, and I am thinking about adding a few more to my collection.
I am also not going to pretend like I keep my shoes all nice and white and clean, because I don’t. I try to clean the white parts sometimes, but realistically I just always forget, so I also didn’t do that for the sake of this post. I am sorry in advance. But anyways, let’s get into my sneaker collection!

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2017 Goals

image_2_editedI decided to try and pick up this whole blogging thing again. Although, let’s be real, I never even really started it in the first place.
Anyways, this time I am going to try to actually stick to it, and what better time to do this than at the start of a new year? And with a new year come new years resolutions, new goals, new things I want to try to achieve. So for my first post in 2017 I am sharing my goals for this year.
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