Photo Dump – November 8, 2020

We went on a sunrise walk this morning and it was absolutely beautiful. So naturally I took a bunch of photos.

And since I feel like I haven’t done one of these in a while, I felt like it was time for another little photo dump. Just an impression of what this morning’s sunrise looked like. It was cold, it was crips, it was foggy and it was absolutely breathtaking gorgeous out. I am not a morning person at all, but for views like this I will happily give up a couple hours of sleep. There is something so calming, so relaxing and so grounding about walking in the woods when no one else is out yet. A few other photographers arrived shortly after we did, but it was overall so quiet and peaceful this morning.

Most of these pictures were actually taken on my phone (the Samsung Galaxy S9). Actually, all of the ones that I’m not in are taken on my phone, because I just wanted to quickly take some shots. I did edit them Lightroom because I always enjoy editing photos and I love how they all turned out. The photos that I’m in were taken with my Canon M50 camera and the Ef-m 32mm lens, in case you were curious.

Are you into early morning hikes, or hiking in general?

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