No Shop November 2020 Edition

Just like with my book buying ban, I decided to pick up another challenge that I set for myself last year: No Shop November.

Where I did really well with the book buying ban last year, No Shop November was a bit of a fail. What am I saying? It as a massive fail. I did not manage to stop shopping last year, or even keep it to a minimum, partly because I forgot about Black Friday but also just because I set a shopping ban on pretty much everything last year. This year I am going to make it a little bit easier for myself, I have a few more exceptions this time around and a list of things that I am allowed to get.

My first thing is that this shopping ban is mostly fashion based. I mentioned in my recent New In Beauty post that I tend to not really shop a whole lot of unnecessary beauty products anyways, so setting a complete ban on that feels a little pointless. I also don’t buy a whole lot of home stuff or other things like that, so yea, this year the No Shop November is mostly for fashion. Of course, I will try to keep the home and beauty shopping to a minimum as well.

The other thing is, I have a wish list of things that I am allowed to get during Black Friday or just throughout the month, which are the following things:

  • Reiss Tyne trousers. I mentioned in my last fashion wish list post that if I wore my black pair enough before Black Friday, I was allowed to pick up another pair during the sales. That still stands, although I still haven’t figured out what colour I want.
  • Faux leather trousers or leggings, if I can find the perfect pair. Again, I plan on picking up the Spanx ones during Black Friday, but I feel like I’ve heard great things about the All Saints ones as well.
  • If we end up hiking as much as I hope we will over the next few weeks, I am allowed to get another pair of Timberland boots on Black Friday, again like I mentioned in my wish list. But that is only if we hike enough to justify them.
  • A set of gold earrings has been on my wish list for ages. Last week I finally picked up one pair of little hoops, and if I wear them enough I will allow myself to pick up another pair of little gold earrings for my second hole (is that what you call it? Sounds weird to me..). Again, I will try to wait until the sales, mostly for the discount, but with these I won’t be too strict.
  • As for things that I won’t necessarily pick up during Black Friday, but just sometime this month if I can, this Organic Basics recycled cashmere scarf is very high on my list. I would’ve picked it up already if I could’ve, but it is constantly out of stock. So as soon as it is in stock again I will buy it.
  • Lastly, I am desperately waiting for Fierz Sportswear to release this leopard print set on their website. As soon as I saw it on their Instagram I fell in love and I need it in my life, so when they do release it I will be picking it up. Gotta supports those Dutch brands, right?

Now, with the exception of the last two bits. I will only be allowed to pick up all these things if I actually manage to stick to my no shopping rules. It’ll be kind of like a reward for sticking to the challenge. There is one other exception that I will set for myself: if I really really REALLY want to shop, it has to be secondhand. And it can’t be yet another sweater. Cardigans are o.k. though. But yea I feel like sometimes I just get that need, and although the whole point of this challenge is to not give in to that need, sometimes it is just really hard and I guess secondhand shopping is better than buying new bits, so if I do get that really strong urge and I really can’t stop myself, it at least needs to be sustainable.

Those are all the exceptions I set for myself. Other than those things, no fashion shopping. Unless of course I actually need something, but as far as I know I don’t need anything. I feel like this time around it might be a bit easier because of Covid, like, I don’t really feel super comfortable going shopping anyways, and I find it easier to stop myself from online shopping than those “I’m in town, let’s pop into H&M” impulse buys. Which is kind of my main goal with this, to stop those impulse buys.

One thing that I hope will help me with that is trying to fall more in loved with the things I already own. So expect November to be a fashion heavy month here on the blog, because I plan on doing a lot of look books and styling posts to find all the best outfits with the clothes I already have. I have so many ideas already, I am actually very excited to start this challenge and do all those posts. I just hope I will still feel as excited when we’re halfway through the month…

Have you ever done anything like this, or are you just not the biggest impulse buyer? And if that’s the case, can you please PLEASE share your secret, because I need it! 😉

Thanks for stopping by ❤ (and wish me luck!)