New In Fashion – October 2020

I know I posted a haul only a month ago with all the fashion bits I picked up over the summer months, but now it’s autumn sooo.. I got more clothes.

These are pretty much all the autumnal pieces I picked up over the last month and a half or so. Most of these items had been on my wish list for this new season, or were in general just things I had been looking for for a while, but I have to be honest, some of these pieces were sort of impulse buys. But impulse buys that I really love and that I will wear of a long time. I also managed to already pick up an item from my recent fashion wish list so that was nice.

Anyways, this post will be a long one, so let’s dive right in.


I am just going to work from top to bottom, so we are starting with two hats. Well, a beanie and beret. I picked up both of these from Hema and they were €10. The beanie, first of all, is made from recycled bottles I believe, and I mostly picked it up for our recent trip to Germany but also just because I like wearing beanies whenever we go on an autumn/winter hike in the woods. And I hope we get to do a lot of those this upcoming winter. I already have a white beanie with a cute furry pompom on the top, but dark grey seemed like a very practical colour. This is a photo of me wearing it, and it also shows the exact reason that I wanted to pick it up. Gives me all the moody autumn vibes.

When I bought the beanie I also spotted the 100% wool beret, and you know how I feel about 100% wool items. I have to have them. Anyways, the beanie is very much a casual hiking item for me, and the beret is kind of the elevated version. I will wear it with outfits like the one in the header, those more preppy or Parisian style (duh) looks. Because it is wool it will keep my head nice and warm during the cold winter months when I cycle to work (that is, if I get to cycle to work) and if there is a little bit of drizzle my roots at least are protected from it. Also, it’s just freaking cute for photos.


I mentioned in my wish list that I wanted a body warmer, well look what I found! This was pretty much exactly what I had in mind, just a simple classic style like this. I picked it up secondhand when I wasn’t even really thinking about that item from my wish list (I was looking for something else that I sadly didn’t find yet) and there it was, just hanging there, so I knew I needed it. I love the chocolate brown colour, it is different from anything else in my wardrobe but I feel like it will go with a lot and, most importantly of course with an item like this, it is more practical than any light colour I was secretly lusting after. I plan on wearing this on hikes just on its own, or underneath coats and jackets for that added layer of warmth.

Secondhand knits are my favourite thing in the world, so when I saw this zip sweater on that same thrift shopping trip I couldn’t help but pick it up. It reminded me a lot of this Reiss sweater that I have been lusting after ever since I saw it a couple of weeks ago, and in general I feel like I’ve been seeing this style of sweater a lot this season. So finding it secondhand felt amazing. I love love love the light grey colour, I think a light coloured sweater is just beautiful, and I like the zip detail a lot. It doesn’t even bother me that it is silver, I think it works really well with the whole style. This sweater is a wool blend, so sadly not 100% wool, but it still feels wonderful and I just love the look so much that I honestly don’t care.

I already featured this sweater in a recent early autumn look book, it is another secondhand find that I just love. I like how it is a little boxy but cropped, I feel like it gives a really nice shape, and I also love that the sleeves are fitted as well. I do think that someone accidentally shrunk it in the laundry and that the fit isn’t intentionally exactly like this, because it is supposed to be an XL sweater but clearly this is not an XL fit. I absolutely don’t mind though, I like the fit of this a lot. I also love that this is a 100% wool sweater, those are always my favourite finds (actually no, cashmere is even better) and the neutral colour blocking also makes it a bit more fun than a simple plain coloured sweater.

Sweater dress

For the last few years I have been searching high and low foe the perfect sweater dress, and last year I found this beautiful one from H&M. However, I also wanted a more warm toned one, and this Only sweater dress that I picked up a couple of weeks ago ticks all the boxes for me. It very much reminds me of my favourite Mango sweater but in dress form. I love the colour and style of it, and the big turtleneck isn’t too tight so I won’t feel like I’m being suffocated by my outfit while still feeling nice and warm. It’s also easy to style with tights, boots and a pretty coat during the really cold days, or bare legs and some ankle booties on the milder days. Bonus points: it is a wool blend. Not a massive amount of wool, but it’s better than nothing.


I mentioned in my wish list that I wanted to wear more dresses and skirts in the colder seasons. I definitely still have at least more more skirt on my wish list, but I already picked up this H&M mini skirt and I love it. It looks great with bare legs but with tights as well, and I can pair it with all sorts of tops. I feel like I can wear it in pretty much every season so it’s nice and versatile. The length is fine for me for work, it’s short but definitely not too short, especially if I wear it with tights. But also, just imagine this with OTK boots because I think that will look amazing as well. I like the subtle pint a lot, it adds a bit of interest to the skirt without being super in your face, and lastly, the fit on me is really really good. Tight enough but not too tight, and I can still comfortably move (read: cycle) in this. Definitely a good addition to my wardrobe.


Here we have yet another item that I already mentioned in my wish list: my already very much beloved Reiss Tyne trousers. They are called trousers, but in reality they are just very fancy leggings that you can totally get away with wearing to work. At €135 they are expensive, but in my opinion (although I’ve only had them for a couple of weeks) they are worth the price. They are incredibly comfortable but they also look really nice. From the front they are pretty simple and plain, but they have some lovely details like a mini slit at the inside of the ankle, pockets at the back and a seam at the back as well, so they look like work trousers. They zip up at the sides and have I already mentioned how comfortable they are? Because they are. I have worn them to work a few times now, but also to run errands in and even to just lounge around the house in. They look great with pretty much all of my shoes and a large variety of tops as well, from cozy sweaters to a t-shirts to fancy blouses. Of course I went for plain black because I wanted to be sure that I would wear them, but I am lusting after the other colours they currently have as well.


I don’t know if I necessarily needed more jeans, but I wanted more jeans. So I got another pair of the Levi’s Mile High skinny jeans, which is my all time favourite fit from Levi’s. I got them in a lighter kind of washed out shade of blue because I didn’t have any jeans like it, and I really love it. I feel like this is a good spring summer blue, you know for when you don’t want to go for a really dark colour, but obviously blue jeans work perfectly all year round. I got them in a shorter length – 30 I believe – so they fit just a little bit cropped on me with I love. Not too cropped, but that perfect length to show a liiiitle bit of ankle when you are wearing sneakers or ankle booties. I will say, these are not as stretchy as my black or grey pair, these fit a little more like they white pair I got in spring, just a little tighter and, well, less stretchy. I don’t mind it though, I still love the look of them and they are still comfortable, but I do find it strange how the same style of jeans can fit so differently in different colours..

Jeans in black because I can’t find the blue

In my fashion wish list of January 2020 I mentioned that I either a straight or a flared pair of jeans, but that freaking Levi’s only made that style in shorter lengths in my size, which meant that I could never wear them with heels. Well look what I found! Flared jeans, in a dark blue, that fit me absolutely perfectly with heels on. These are from Only, a brand I used to love for jeans until I fell in love with Levi’s, because their jeans are affordable (these I think were around €40) and pretty good quality. These jeans are stretchy which makes them very comfortable, and they just look so good with a pair of heeled boots. I’ve worn them to work twice now since I got them, once with my Sacha booties and once with a pair that I will show you later in this post, and I loved both with these jeans. I will probably only wear these jeans with heels because they are just a liiiitle too long for my liking to wear with sneakers or any other type of flat, but that is actually the exact reason I wanted them. I am very very happy with this purchase.


I may or may not have gone a little bit overboard with shoes this season, but they are all styles that I’ve had on my mind for a while and I just happened to kind of get them all at once. Although, this first pair is actually something I’ve wanted only since this season and I kind of immediately went for it. They are these tall Sacha boots in a gorgeous cognac colour. I have been seeing boots like this on Pinterest and Instagram styled with a midi or maxi skirt and I absolutely fell in love with that look, so I wanted in on the trend. I got these boots during the Glamour Day sale for 20% off which was a great deal, so they were around €130 I think. I love my black ankle booties that I have from the brand because they are incredibly comfortable, and these boots are no different. Because of the thick heel and they way they just fit around my foot they are prefect to wear for a while. I actually went shopping in them the first time I wore them, and although I didn’t walk miles and miles I still did walk a fair amount, and my feet didn’t hurt at all. I can’t wait to style these a bit more and wear them all winter (and autumn, and spring, and probably summer as well) long.


Now this shoe purchase has been on my wish list for a few years. I have been looking for the perfect brown suede ankle booties with a comfortable but high-ish heel for so long, and finally found them at Omoda. I like how they have that western style, which is what I wanted, but they are not overly western. They are very simple, but little details like the tassel on the zipper and the touch of gold metal on the point of the shoe make them just that little bit special. I again already styled these in my early autumn look book, and I also wore them to work the other day with those flared jeans, and I have tried about a million different outfit combinations with these as the finishing touch in the mirror, and I liked them all. I also feel like these would look great in summer with a cute dress, a skirt or maybe even some denim shorts and a t-shirt. They are also again very comfortable, although I do find that I still need to get used to the pointed to. I mean, there is suddenly a sort of extension to your feet.. It has taken a good few years of searching, but I finally have found my perfect brown booties.


You have seen my slip on Vans a lot already in my Germany Outfit Diaries, but I felt like they just deserved a mention in this haul as well because I just love them so so much. These have been on my wish list since I think last winter, so it was about time I picked them up and I have already gotten so much wear out of them. I’ve found that they are my go-to sneaker if I just need to run out the door to do some grocery shopping or whatever, and surprisingly they actually look very cute with my Reiss trousers. I won’t be buying any more shoes any time soon, but a white of maybe black and white pair of these has definitely made its way onto my wish list for spring/summer 2020. Or maybe a fully baby pink pair…? That would be really cute!

Same colour different styleSame style different colour

And last, but certainly not least, I got a pair of Ugg slippers. Oh, my god I have wanted these for so long. I mentioned them in that January 2020 wish list post, but I had been wanting them for a lot longer than that, and now I finally got a pair. Yes, they are shiny glittery and gold, and they make me very happy. What also made me very happy was that these were in the sale, which was great because Ugg slippers are pretty damn expensive for slippers. They really are what I’d hoped, they are very warm and soft and comfortable and perfect for around the house, but because they have a hard sole on the bottom they are also fine for if I have to pop into the garden to throw something in the bin, or just to get a little bit of fresh air during this new work from home period. The only problem with these is that I now want another pair so I can switch up my slipper game every once in a while, and now that I know how great these are, I don’t know if I could go back to any other brand.. Black Friday, maybe?

Well, I got quite a few new bits in the last month, didn’t I? But they are all things that I expect to use a lot and for a long time. And I promise I will stop shopping now for a while. Well, until Black Friday that is… 😉

What’s your autumn must have this year?

Thanks for stopping by ❤