Book Buying Ban 2020 Edition

We have about 2,5 months left in the year, and for the rest of those months I am trying this again: the big book buying ban.

First of all: only 2,5 months??!! Where the hell did time go? We are so close to 2021, it’s crazy.

Secondly, I actually already kind of started this challenge at the beginning of October but had no time to post about it on the blog yet. Oops😅 But yea, I am doing this again. When I challenged myself last year to not randomly buy books for the remainder of the year, I thought I would fail but I actually did pretty good, so I wanted to try it again this year. I haven’t been buying a whole lot of books anyway this year (at least I think, maybe if I actually go back and count them it is more than I remember), but I feel like I still should focus more on reading the books than buying the books right now. So for the last 3 months of 2020 I won’t be buying books.

Like last year there are a few exceptions. People can of course gift me books, that is not me buying them, and if for some reason (although I currently cannot think of any) someone gifted me a bookshop gift card I can spend that. Also, if Ben Aaronovitch happens to come out with a new book, I will race to the bookstore to buy it. But sadly I don’t think he’s got any books lined up for this year..

The only other thing that would allow me to buy books is if we go into another full on lock down here in the Netherlands. Obviously I hope that won’t happen, and I don’t expect it to happen, but if it did happen I would be allowed to support my local bookshop by ordering a few books through them. But only a reasonable amount and only ones that are on my wish list. But since I have just decided that a full on lock down will not happen, I won’t have to use this exception to the rule.

I don’t think I have any other exceptions that I can think of right now, no books that I have been waiting for for a long time that I will be allowed to buy or anything like that, so I think that that’s it. No book buying until the end of the year at least. No more new books for the rest of 2020.
Well that’s not entirely true, my mom has bought me a book for my birthday but I haven’t seen her since she got that, so I will probably do a mini book haul at some point during this book buying ban showing you that one.

I do have a bit of an additional goal for these last few months of 2020: I am hoping to finish 30 books before the end of the year. You know, focusing on reading books instead of buying them. I am currently on 23 books finished so I will have to read another 7 books in a few short months which is quite a lot, but I think that if I do my best I might come close to that goal. Also, I still have a bunch of those Penguin Little Black Classics that I haven’t read yet, and those count as books too right?

I do think that I will be adding a lot of books to my wish list over the next few months, because for some reason as soon as I do a challenge like this, I end up thinking of about a million things I want to buy that I am not allowed to get. I have already seen a few in the past few weeks that I would like to read but that I obviously won’t be picking up until January at least. If I still want them by then I will probably allow myself to get a few. Or not, if I decided to extent this book buying ban (or if my bookshelves have a really good holiday season 😉 ). Speaking of wish lists, it’s been a while since I did a bookish wish list so I think I will be doing one again soon.

So the conclusion of this post is: I won’t be buying any books for the next 2,5 months at least, unless I feel like it is my civil duty to support my local bookshops during another lock down; I am going to try to read 7 more books this year, and I have another blog post idea. Great!

Have you every tried anything like a book buying ban? How’d it go?

Thanks for stopping by ❤