Fashion Wish List – Autumn 2020

With a new season comes a lot of new fashion inspiration. And with fashion inspiration, for me at least, comes a long list of new things I want to add to my wardrobe.

I love fashion, and I love lists, so this is always a very fun post to do. It also gives me a bit of a guide line as to what I feel like I am still missing in my closet, and the idea behind it is that I then can go out and search for these specific things instead of just randomly buying a whole bunch of stuff. Does it always work? No, but I feel like since I have been working with wish lists I do buy less impulse items.

Today’s list is not super long because I already added a few of the things that were on there to my wardrobe recently, so expect an autumn haul coming up soon as well. But there are still a few things that I am going to kind of keep my eye out for over the next few months.

Let’s start with outerwear, shall we? Firstly on my wish list is a warm, pretty rain coat. Preferably in a light colour, something like cream or a light pale pink. “Pretty rain coat” sounds very extra, but I feel like since I will probably live in that coat for most of the colder months I will have to really like it. I have had this America Today coat for a few years and I really like it, so I am kind of lusting after the Teddy version. They make it in that gorgeous light grey, but when I tried that one on last week I wasn’t as in love with it as I’d hoped. I think I just want a bit of a warmer toned colour, a bit of a creamy off white maybe. So for now the search continues.

I also kind of want to add a body warmer to my outerwear collection. Something that I can wear on it’s own over a sweater or long sleeved t-shirt on warmer days, or underneath a thinner coat or jacket on colder days. Or on top of it, which is what I like to do with my leather jacket. I already have one from H&M a couple of years ago, but I want an updated version, and also maybe something more in this style, you know that classic body warmer style. I have yet to find one that I can actually see myself wearing, but to be honest I have also not yet been searching for this all that much. I will start looking for one soon though because I think it can definitely add something to my outfits, both in looks and in warmth.

Moving onto bottoms. I just recently (last week) picked up the Reiss Tyne trousers in black, after hearing Josie from the YouTube channel Fashion Mumblr talk about them non stop for the last 6 months or so. And oh my god they are amazing, so comfortable and still very professional looking but you can also wear them casually. So now I want them in basically every colour, specifically this gorgeous dark green. However, at €135 they are pretty damn expensive so I can in no way justify getting another pair right now, no matter how great they are. So for now this pair is staying on my wish list, and I have told myself that if they are in the sale during Black Friday and I have worn the black pair as much as I think I will, I can get the green pair as well. Although I also really love this gorgeous dark red pair, so I might go for that pair instead.

I also really really want to add a good pair of faux leather trousers to my collection. Or leggings, I am not too fussy, but I think I will ultimately wear trousers more often than leggings. So far I haven’t found a pair of trousers that I like the look and the price of. H&M has this beautiful pair, but I tried it on the other day and they are just a little too cropped for my liking. I am also kind of in love with these leather look leggings from Spanx and I feel like I have heard people online talk about them, but with the price I will have to try them on first before I even think of buying them. And like I said, I think I might wear trousers more than leggings so I will have to be 100% sure on these. I am also not sure if I want to go for black or maybe a lighter colour. Black is definitely more in my comfort zone, but I kind of really like the idea of a cream or light grey pair maybe, like those H&M ones. Anyways, I am definitely keeping my eye out for those, and maybe I will take the plunge on those Spanx leggings during the Black Friday sales again..

So this next item is maybe not the most cold weather appropriate item, actually not at all, but it has been on my wish list for a while, and that is a good pair of biker shorts. Those things have been a trend for a while now, and I want in on it. I am specifically lusting after these Björn Borg ones but I would like to try a cotton pair as well. I feel like these would be great for transitional weather paired with my oversized Stitch, Please sweater, or in the warmer months with a cropped or oversized t-shirt. This is not something I necessarily need to add to my wardrobe right now as I won’t be wearing it for another few months anyways, but it is definitely something that’s on my wish list because I love the idea of them for casual days.

Lastly for bottoms, I want more non denim mini skirts. I tend to live in jeans for autumn and winter, but over the last few years I have been wanting to make more of an effort to wear skirts and dresses as well. I love the look of them for the colder months, paired with a chunky sweater and some tall boots, but I only really have denim skirts in my collection that are short so I would like to add one or two non denim ones as well. I actually recently picked up this one from H&M, so maybe just one more pair for now, a faux leather one maybe, and then I’ll be good for the next few seasons. The main reason I want them is because short skirts are great for all year round: with a t-shirt and sneakers in summer and like I said with tights, boots and a sweater in winter. Because I already have that one skirt I am not in desperate need for another one, but if I happen to see anything that I really like, I will definitely try it on.

I only have one top type item on my wish list, and that is a short chunky cardigan, that I can both wear closed on its own and also open as an actual cardigan. I tried on this H&M one the other day (again) I really liked the fit of it but I wasn’t into the pink colour, I would much prefer a creamy shade. There are a lot out there in the colour and style I want, but I am half hoping that I will find the perfect cardigan secondhand, because for some reason I always really luck out with secondhand knitwear. I feel like if I look for it secondhand I might find wool or even cashmere one for a good deal, so I will gave to go on the hunt for that. But if I do find the perfect one new, I won’t say no to that either.

I also somehow managed to only have one pair of shoes on my wish list this year, but that is only because I already bought the other two pairs that I really wanted. I would love to add another pair of Timberland boots to my collection, preferably the London Square boots. This is for two reasons: firstly I just love the look of the boots, but also how practical they are and how they are a really good “cute” hiking boot. Secondly, and I feel really stupid saying this because these boots are not cheap, but I think I bought my original pair in half a size too small. Like, they fit, but they fit very snug and my big toe is kind of pressing against the toe of the shoe. It is my own stupid fault for getting the wrong size, but even with my current pair being a little small I still wear them so much – especially this time of year – so I think a better fitting pair would not be a total waist of money.

Lastly I want a new scarf. I have one already that I love and adore, and have been wearing religiously every winter for the past few years, and I would like to add another scarf to my collection that I will love as much as that one. The one I have now is acrylic, so I would like one that is 100% wool maybe, or even cashmere (blend) if I find one that is just absolutely perfect and worth the money. I definitely want a neutral colour, maybe camel, but I wouldn’t say no to a subtle print like the one I already have. I am lusting after the Acne Studios scarfs, but they are very very expensive, and I also quite like the look of these Scotch & Soda ones or this Samsoe & Samsoe one. I am wondering though if my local more expensive secondhand shop might have a wool scarf for a good price, so I think that before I look for this wish list item new, I’ll have to first check out the secondhand scene..

Remember how at the beginning of this post I said that my wish list was not super long? Well, I guess I was wrong, because this list was actually pretty long. Obviously I won’t be buying all of this at once, I probably won’t even buy most of this this year because for a lot of the items I want to find that perfect one, you know. But it is nice to have an idea of what I want to add to my wardrobe and who knows, maybe I’ll find some of this in an amazing Black Friday sale or something like that.

What’s on your wish list for the colder season?

Thanks for stopping by ❤