The Outfit Diaries – A Week In The Eifel, Germany

Last week we went on holiday, and it was amazing to be away for a little while.

We visited the Eifel National park in Germany, which is about a 3 hour drive from where we live. We rented a lovely apartment in the national park where we stayed for a week. There was a pool right next to the building which we could use and there were a few small shops for the essentials in the park we stayed at.

Because we went outside of the normal holiday times, there weren’t a whole lot of other people in the park, and we had the loveliest relaxing time. We hiked, visited some local hotspots, took many many photos and overall just enjoyed being out of our normal routine for a little while. The weather was absolutely amazing, with sun and temperatures above 25 degrees C pretty much every day.

Of course, because I try to do this with pretty much all our trips, I also wanted to do an outfit diaries on here, to kind of document what we did and of course, what I wore. If you want to see more snippets of what we did, head over to my Instagram and check out the Germany 2020 highlight because I took a few photos and videos for my stories.


Shirt: Zeeman – Jeans: Levi’s – Shoes: Vans

Friday was our travel day. We packed up the car at home and drove the 3 hours (with breaks of course) to the Eifel, where we arrived around 2 o’clock. After checking in, unpacking, and of course discovering every little corner of our apartment, we went out and explored the park we were staying at. We picked up a few things at the little grocery store, bought a hiking map at the tourist information place, and just walked around a little bit to see where we would be staying for the next week.
Because I knew I would be spending a lot of time in the car this day, I mostly wanted to be comfortable. I opted for jeans, my go-to for every occasion, a plaid shirt that I picked up specifically for this trip, and for shoes I went for my new babies: these amazing slip on Vans. They were so easy take off as soon as I got into the car or apartment, and to slip on as soon as I had to get outside. They were my one pair of “normal” shoes that I brought with me on the trip, so you will be seeing a lot of these in this post. I have to be honest though, when I got to the apartment, I changed into a t-shirt and shorts, because it was a little bit too hot for this outfit.


T-shirt: Zeeman – Shorts: Secondhand – Shoes: Lowa – Backpack: Jack Wolfskin – Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren

On Saturday, our first full day of the trip, we started out with a 13 km hike. It was pretty brutal, probably the longest hike I have ever done in my life, we were definitely out of practice, but it was so much fun. We had beautiful weather, which did mean that we were a little overheated most of the time and had to reapply sunscreen quite a lot, but the views were stunning. We hiked through forests, town, a few farm fields, and back through a forest again, and although I was absolutely exhausted by the time we got back home, it was worth it. For the rest of the day we basically did nothing, we just hung around the apartment because we were both so tired.
I went simple and easy for my hiking outfit: a t-shirt, some cut off shorts (so glad I added these to my suitcase right before we left), my new hiking boots which were INCREDIBLY comfortable, and of course much needed sunglasses. To carry all my stuff in – you know, camera, map, water, food, sunscreen – I had bought a new backpack for the trip which was the perfect size for everything I needed on the hike. As soon as we got home though I changed out of this outfit and into pajamas.


Shirt: Zeeman – Tank top: Zeeman – Shorts: Secondhand – Shoes: Vans

Our plan for Sunday was to visit the nearby town and do just a short hike there, after our long one the previous day. However, we didn’t count on having to pay with cash to park in the city center, so instead we drove 7 minutes up to a beautiful abbey where we could park for free and decided to hike down to the town. The hike down took us about 40 minutes and was a beautiful one. In the town we had some amazing waffles for lunch and we generally just walked around a bit to see what the place had to offer, and then we had to climb all the way up to the abbey again. On the way down, we kind of underestimated how hard the way back up would be, it really was a pretty difficult climb, especially taking into consideration that we had already hiked a lot the previous day. We made it though, and it was a great hike.
The rest of the afternoon we hung out around (and in) the pool from our park, to cool off and to relax. In the evening, mostly because we forgot to take an outfit photo during the day, we went on a short evening walk to take a few photos.
Outfit wise, I went for a tank top in a perfect autumn colour, and the same short as Saturday. During the day I obviously wore my Lowa hiking boots, but in the evening I opted for my already much beloved slip on Vans. For an extra layer in the morning and evening I threw on this plaid shirt which I think will become a staple in my autumn casual wardrobe, as I love the look of it.


Dress: Mango – Shoes: Vans – Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren – Backpack: Jack Wolfskin

We switched things up a bit on Monday, which might be my favourite day of the trip. We started with a dip in the pool in the morning, before it got too busy, and then we got dressed up and ready to go one of the gems of the Eifel: Monschau. Monschau is a small town near the Belgian border, about a half hour drive from where we were staying. As you can see from the photo, it has those beautiful old German houses, and I am pretty sure it hasn’t really been touched during the war. There was an old castle which we sadly didn’t get to explore (all the more reason to come back someday), but we just wandered around the streets, climbed a few stairs to get a nice view over the whole town, we had a cup of coffee and a beer at the loveliest cafe, and we took many many photos. I absolutely loved the town, which was a recommendation from my mom, and I definitely want to come back there and stay for more than an afternoon. I could tell that it is a pretty touristy place, but on a Monday afternoon it wasn’t too busy despite the beautiful weather.
For my outfit I naturally wanted to look a bit prettier than I had the previous days, so I wore the only dress I brought with me and of course my Vans. To hold all my stuff I went for my Jack Wolfskin backpack again, which is the only bag I brought on the trip aside from my small camera bag, and to keep the sun out of my eyes I wore my beloved black Ralph Lauren sunglasses, which were a lifesaver on the trip.


Tank top: Zeeman – Shorts: Only (were jeans but I cut them off) – Shoes: Lowa – Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren

Tuesday was a lot less glamorous than Monday. We slipped back into our hiking outfits and hiked to the nearby town, Heimbach, which took us about 30 or 40 minutes past the river Rur. Our goal for the day was mainly to visit the castle there, Hengebach, which is free to visit and gives a beautiful view over the town and the valley. We hiked back via the other side of the river, and even took a little detour to extend the hike a little bit, which took us past a not so frequently used path, at least that’s what it looked like. I would have loved to explore that path a bit more another day, but we sadly didn’t have any more time in the week. We again spend the rest of the afternoon in the sun by the pool, which was incredibly relaxing.
I went for another autumnal coloured tank top, and although I did bring a plaid shirt with me, I didn’t end up wearing it as it was another warm sunny day. I switched up my shorts this time, opting for some longer grey ones, and of course as it was a hiking day I wore my boots and my backpack full of important things.


Dress: Mango – Shoes: Vans

On Wednesday I pulled my pretty dress out of the wardrobe again, as it was another day of sightseeing. We first visited the abbey, Mariawald, where we parked on Sunday. It is a beautiful place and so I really wanted a photo there. We also just wandered around the grounds a bit and visited the gift shop, where the sell their own homemade (abbey made?) liquor. I couldn’t help myself, I had to bring a small bottle home with me. The Mariawald abbey is another pretty touristy place, but it is also really beautiful and I would highly recommend stopping by if you’re in the area.
We then kind of spontaneously decided to drive to a town called Nideggen, where you’ll find another castle. We had spotted this castle from a distance on our very first hike and after a bit of Googling I discovered that it was the Nideggen castle. It looked cool from far away, so I wanted to see it up close and I have zero regrets. The town first of all is again a pretty old German town, and the castle is pretty damn impressive. It is high up a hill, or mountain I guess, and it was actually quite a big place. Again it was free to visit, at least the parts that we visited were free, but I think they also have a museum that you do have to pay for. Because it was already a little later in the afternoon we didn’t stay for very long, but this place is definitely on my list of places to come back to one day.
Like I said, I again went for my Mango dress and slip on Vans because it was the only “pretty” outfit I packed.


Shirt: Zeeman – T-shirt: Zeeman – Jeans: Levi’s – Shoes: Vans

Thursday was honestly a very slow day. The weather wasn’t great and we were both just in the mood for a day of nothing. All we pretty much did out of the house was a little bit of grocery shopping and other than that we slowly packed up as much as we could and tidied the apartment a little bit. Sometimes you need a day like that on holiday, right?
It was also my only other day I wore long jeans. Like I said, the weather wasn’t great, it was rainy and a lot more chilly that the other days of our trip, so to keep extra warm I also wore a grey t-shirt and another plaid shirt to stick to the whole lazy day vibe. My shoe choice will come as no surprise: slip on Vans.


Shirt: Zeeman – Leggings: H&M – Shoes: Vans

To be completely honest, on Friday we totally forgot to take an outfit photo, so this one is taken at home a few days later. We spend most of the day in the car, driving back home to the Netherlands. We did stop along the way to visit Gideon’s dad, who happened to be doing some work in Germany. We had a coffee with him and chatted about our trip, and then we drove the last two hours or so home. As you can imagine, we unpacked a little bit and did absolutely nothing for the rest of the day.
I went for the laziest, chillest outfit of the week: my plaid shirt, leggings and slip on Vans. For a car journey like that I always just want to be comfortable so this was the best outfit possible.

I am so grateful that, despite everything that’s been going on, we managed to get out of our normal routine and out of the country for a bit. I had never really been to Germany on holiday, so it was wonderful to explore part of the country a bit and I would definitely love to see some more in the future. For now though it is back to reality and back to work. I don’t know if it is back to the office yet, because things are closing up a little more again here in the Netherlands. Which makes me feel extra grateful that we managed to go away for a bit.

Thanks for stopping by ❤