Yet Another Favourite Lip Combo- Not So Weekly Highlights

I feel like all my NSWH posts are lip combos… What can I say, I just looove lipsticks.

Also before we get into this post, can you tell I got a new lens for my camera? Because I am truly obsessed with it, it gives the most beautiful blurry background effect and has such a crisp clear look. I love it. Anyway, going back to beauty now.

I’m not sure if any type of lip product is a good combination with face masks, but since here in the Netherlands those are not mandatory in a lot of places, I can easily get away with wearing this gorgeous lip combo on a daily basis. I feel like with this pairing I have finally found that dark nude that I didn’t know I needed in my life. It is a combination of a product that I already knew I loved and one that I honestly didn’t really reach for all that much. But now, these two together.. Ugh, yes. Let’s just see what they are alright?

So, with every single lip combo I show on here, the Hema long lasting lip liners are featured. It is just because they are so. freaking. good. Like, so smooth, easy to apply, comfortable to wear and they do really last a long time. And they have some really good colours. This combo is with their nude shade, which is that perfect nice browny nude that is just so good for every day. For me it is also a good shade to slightly over-line my lips with for that bigger lips illusion, which is exactly what I was going for on the day that I randomly decided to pair this with the YSL Rouge Volupté Shine in the colour 16 Orange Impertinent.
I have had this lipstick for a good few years now and found myself not really reaching for it because I don’t love the formula worn on its own. It is just a bit too shiny and slippery for me and the colour wasn’t 100% what I’d hoped either. But because is was expensive and I really wanted to like it, I could never get rid of it, and now I am very thankful for that because together it is the absolute perfect shiny warm pinky/orange nude for me. I first line my lips with the liner (duh) and then I dab just a tiny little bit of the lipstick in the center of my lips for that extra bit of colour. It is the perfect combo, just look:

I love it, it is so natural, but it definitely adds that little extra to a makeup look. The lipstick swatch on my hand looks maybe a touch more pink that it is in reality, but I think it is still pretty accurate. It is just a gorgeous pinky orange, and a perfect combination with the dark browny nude liner. Together they last a pretty good time on the lips, and they fade nice and natural towards the end of the day, so I don’t have to worry too much about reapplying anything throughout the day if I have a long day at work or anything like that. Yep, this is definitely my new favourite lip combo.

I am now very tempted to get more of these lipstick, but I probably shouldn’t seeing as I didn’t love this one on its own. But they are so pretty though, and this in a sheer raspberry pink red? Maybe that would do the trick for me? Hmm, I might have to swatch that one someday.. who knows, maybe Hema even has a liner that will go perfectly with it 😉

Thanks stopping by ❤