Early Autumn Look Book 2020

Last week I shared all the fashion bits I picked up over summer, and with pretty much every item I said “omg this would transition into early autumn so well”. And so this little early autumn look book was born.

I’ve called this an early autumn look book just because here in the Netherlands I couldn’t get away with most of these outfits later in the season, but I can still wear them right now. Also, like I said before, a lot of these outfits are with summer items that I am just trying to transition into the cooler months. Because although I love autumn fashion, and the colder, crisp days, and wool blankets and scarfs and cozy coats, I also love my summer pieces and quite honestly I am not entirely ready to let go of them yet. So this is basically my excuses to wear them a little longer.

Sweater: Secondhand – Jeans: Levi’s Mile High Skinny – Boots: Notre-V via Omoda

This first outfit is one of my favourites, because it features all new items I picked up over the last few weeks to kick of my autumn wardrobe. The sweater is a secondhand find – wool and cashmere blend, my favourite – and I love the neutral colour block style of it and the way it looks with these faded blue jeans. Yes, I have a lot of jeans already, but I did really need another blue pair and I love this colour for basically all year round, with every single type of shoe is my collection. I like how the light colours of sweater and jeans combo keep the outfit looking fresh and still a bit summery, but it is definitely warm enough for the colder days.
As for the boots, I feel like tan suede boots work for every season again, and I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair for so long. Looking at this outfit, these are definitely the perfect pair.

Cami: Hunkemöller (similar and similar)- Cardigan: Secondhand – Jeans: Levi’s Mile High Skinny (similar) – Boots: Sacha

This next look is very much me, and (although with different shoes) an exact outfit I wore recently. The cardigan is another great secondhand find, perfect to throw on top of any little top like I did here with this cute lace cami. If it gets a little bit warmer, I can just take of the cardigan. My go to year round, but especially in the colder months, is a good pair of skinny jeans, and I love this grey pair from Levi’s in combination with my beloved black heeled booties that I, again, live in year round.

Turtleneck: Hema (similar) – Dress: Mango – Boots: Sacha

Okay, I can’t remember if I already showed this outfit on the blog or now, but if I did is is definitely a while ago. When I bought this dress last year (I think, maybe two years ago) this was the exact look I had in mind for the transitional season. This longer linen summer dress, layered on top of another cold weather staple for me: a black turtleneck top. It look instantly a little more chic and a little less like you are wearing a picnic blanket (although I have to say I’m into that look as well). And then of course the black Sacha boots because they go with pretty much everything. I wonder if my new tan booties will work with this look as well though.. Hmm, something to try out later.

Sweater: Secondhand – Skirt: H&M (similar fit) – Boots: Ann Rocks via Ziengs

Told you I was going to try this skirt with a sweater and combat boots. I have to say, I am into it. This is definitely a very summery skirt so I wasn’t sure how it would actually work in a more transitional outfit, but I feel like it looks so cool and cozy with the sweater and the boots. Because the skirt is so colourful, I opted for a darker more neutral sweater and boots. I kind of wish the sweater was black though, so it would match better with the boots, but the blue works fine as well. I love how a pair of combat boots make any outfit instantly look more edgy, whereas the wool sweater sweater softens it again. I am now imagining this with my red or grey cashmere sweater and in my head it looks so good! Okay, I have to try that now..

Dress: Ted Baker (similar fit and same dress but maxi version) – Boots: Sacha (similar)

And lastly, I had to try this gorgeous yellow dress in a transitional outfit. Partly because I paid a lot of money for it and I don’t want to wait until spring to wear it again, and partly because I want to wear it on my birthday (which is tomorrow, when this post goes up) and I need to be sure that the outfit that I have in my head will work. Which it does. I love how happy and bright the dress is, perfect to brighten up any grey and dreary day and the long sleeves of the dress give a little extra warmth to the look. The tights and cowboy boots make it a lot more casual though, which is perfect for a simple every day outfit. I do think that I will wear my combat boots instead of the cowboy boots tomorrow, because I think that will look even cooler.

I am really happy with how these outfits turned out, and I hope I get to wear them all before it gets too cold. Although this week is actually unnaturally hot so I think I will.

Thanks for stopping by ❤