New In Fashion- Everything I Got In Summer 2020

Is there anything better than new clothes?

Actually, I can think of many things better than new clothes (new books, for example ;)) but I do love new clothes as well. And over the last few months since the world has started to open up again, the Dutch world at least, I have collected quite a few new clothes. All of which I have already worn a bunch of times and I can say I am very happy with my purchases. Let’s see what I got, shall we?

As soon as I tried on this yellow H&M top I knew I needed it in my life. The colour, the style, those puffy sleeves, I’m just in love. It is so bright and happy and gives me all the summer vibes, but I feel like it will also transition good to the (warmer) autumn days. This paired with black jeans and heeled booties? Yes, please. But as you can see in the header of this post, it also looks so good with my white jeans. I am definitely glad I picked this up.

In fact, I enjoyed the yellow top so much that I picked it up in red as well. Again, I’ve already worn it a few times and loved it, and again I think it would work well in autumn as well as long as it is not too cold out. I really wanted this top in black as well, but sadly it was sold out in my size.

I apparently was having a puffed sleeve moment, because here we have another H&M top with those lovely dramatic sleeves. Again a good transition top, that looks great with jeans but skirts as well, and although I haven’t tried it that way yet, I think it will look lovely layered with a strappy dress as well.

And the last top I picked up is this simple black one from Only. I feel like something like this will always come in handy. You can wear it with jeans, skirts, under strappy dresses, layered with a blazer or cardigan, with little denim shorts. Everything, basically

This Mango dress was probably my favourite dress all summer, and looking at it in this photo styled with my combat boots, I think I will love it in autumn as well. The fit is beautiful, so flattering, the fabric is soft and comfortable and I love the more autumnal print and colour. I can already imagine it with a little cardigan, or my leather jacket, or maybe a sweater layered on top.. I haven’t tried it with my black turtleneck underneath, but I really should do that because it is one of my favourite ways to transition my summer dresses into the colder months.

I also treated myself to a bit of a fancier dress. I figured, with my birthday coming up, I could use the “birthday present to myself” excuses. You best believe I will use that for more than just this dress all of September. Anyway, I absolutely fell in love with this yellow Ted baker dress, as soon as I put it on I knew I needed it in my life and so I bought it. Did the massive discount on it help? Definitely, because I am not about to drop nearly €200 on a dress, but half price did sound pretty good to me. I can wear this dress on fancy occasions with some pretty heels, but also to work and more casual things with loafers or sneakers, and – here we go again – I have a feeling I will really like this with my combat boots as well.

From my favourite dress of the summer to my favourite skirt, I picked up this colourful little number at H&M as well. Clearly I am loving adding colour to my looks at the moment, but I love absolutely everything else about this skirt as well. The fit, the print, the way it is so easy to wear with so many tops. Again, I am really liking it paired with my combat boots, but of course it looks great with sneakers, loafers or sandals as well. And I now really want to try it with a chunky sweater to see if it works into the colder months as well. I think it will.

At the beginning of the year Stitch, Please launched their sweatpants collection and I picked up a grey pair because I love supporting the brand. And then I ended up loving the grey pair so much that I decided to pick up a black pair as well. I got this in one size it, a size M, just for an even more oversized look, and I have zero regrets. In fact, I think I prefer the larger size. I went for their “lover” design this time with the stitching on the left waist and I love it so much. So comfortable and soft and wonderful to lounge in.

I don’t normally haul underwear but these H&M bralettes deserve a shout out, mainly because on those really hot summer days i have been wearing them as tops around the house and in the garden non stop.I have them in this pinky nude shade, a light grey and in black, and I have been rotating between the three pairs. I wear these like I said as hot weather tops (around the house, not confident enough to wear them out) but also underneath a lower cut dress or top to work. They are freaking comfortable, hold everything nicely in place and just make me feel cute as well. We are going on an outdoorsy trip in a couple of weeks and I plan on bringing at least two pairs. I am also keeping my eyes out for more colours (although, if you have a more sustainable option, do let me know!).

And lastly for clothes, I picked up a cute little pajama set. I have one actual pretty set that I wear pretty much to death, both to sleep in and to lounge in, so I figured that I could use another one. I picked up this pretty set from Hunkemöller, and I am truly obsessed with it. The colours and print are pretty autumnal, but obviously the fit is very summery. I love the fact that the shorts are really nice and high waisted, because I feel like that is just extra flattering and I also just prefer the way the way a high waisted anything really feels. The tank top is so flipping comfortable and cute, and it is efinitely something I can see myself wearing as an actual top as well, layered underneath a blouse, blazer or cardigan. I actually saw that they do this exact top in a gorgeous burgundy as well, so I might have to go back for that one… 😉

Moving on to shoes. Although I have been lusting over many shoes this summer, I only picked up one pair. I love loafers, pretty much live in them in the warmer months, and so I figured I could justify getting another pair. I have been wanting this black Dune London pair for a long long time and finally took the plunge, and I have zero regrets. In fact, I am now lusting after the tan/brown pair, and they also do the most beautiful creamy white shade. These are incredibly comfortable and I will be able to wear them with jeans on a warmer autumn day as well. Safe to say this was a good purchase.

The very last things I treated myself to this summer, is another thing I have been lusting after for probably almost 2 years. I like to try and support smaller shops (I definitely want to try to do that even more, so any tips are welcome), and the Polish woven basket brand Hers Wave has been on my Instagram radar for quite some time now, but this summer I finally took the plunge and picked up their Barcelona basket. I have no regrets, I love this thing. It is the perfect size to carry around all the essentials (wallet, phone, camera, snacks, a good book..) but is not so big that you will stuff it full with loads of heavy things. It looks so good in any summer outfit, and in any summer photo as well, and I have honestly used this more that I thought I would in only a few weeks. Now that summer is coming to and end, I plan on using it as home decor until next summer. Although, I might see how this looks with my early autumn outfits…

We have come to the end of my summer fashion purchases, and as happy as I am with all of them, I am also looking forward to autumn fashion. Although of course I can transition nearly all of these into the cooler months, but I do also have a little wish list going for my autumn wardrobe. We shall see what I pick up from that wish list though..

Thanks for stopping by ❤