My September 2020 Reading Challenge

Now that I have reached my reading goal for the year, I figured I needed another challenge.

And what better challenge to set for myself, than to try and get through as many abandoned books as I can in one month? There are currently 7 books on my Currently Reading shelf that I have abandoned so I could read other books, and I honestly feel a little guilty about it. Some of these books have been on there for 4+ years and I should probably just start from the beginning with those.

Obviously I don’t expect to get to all 7 in one month, but I would ideally get down to max 3 books on there, which means I need to read 4 books in September. I really hope I can do this!

Let’s give a little introduction to all the books first shall we?

The first two books, The Hate U Give and The Rules Of Magic are the most recent additions to the list. I started reading THUG in August (thoughts coming in my Reading Update soon) and am around 20% of the way through at the moment. It is the book I am currently actually reading, not just avoiding to pick up, although I did briefly put it down to read another book that I was just really in the mood for. With The Rules Of Magic I only got to page 19 before I abandoned it for something else, but I last updated it late June so that’s not too bad either.
Never Let Me Go is on this list, but I didn’t even make any progress in the book, or I at least didn’t put anything in Goodreads. I did add it in September last year, and I remember starting it the train ride after I got is from my sister and reading a couple of pages. I guess technically this shouldn’t even be on the list since I hardly even started it, but I am just going to count it to make my life harder apparently.
Two years ago I went through a bit of a Harry Potter reread phase and finished the first 4 books in a few months. I apparently abandoned my reread on December 2nd 2018, 58 pages into the fifth book. I’ve been meaning to finish my reread and I am expecting to get into the Harry Potter mood in autumn, so I am kind of happy that this book is on the list.
I have mentioned wanting to finish Winter so many times on here, but clearly I still haven’t. The last update was on my 25, 2017 when I ad read 18% of the book. This book has been on my TBR all year and is still on there. Will September finally be the month I read this?

Oh boy, we have hit the 2016 books. Oops? The Adventure Of The Engineer’s Thumb is another book that I put on my CR shelf, started reading the first few pages but then never made any actual progress in, so it is just another book to make this challenge harder without actually truly counting I guess, but again I will just keep it on there. The Turning Of The Screw however is one that I read part of, 16 pages to be precise, on July 26, 2016 on the beach, and then totally abandoned. I have since read other Henry James stories and I have to say, I didn’t really enjoy them, so this is not a book I am particularly looking forward to. But it has been on my shelf for so long that I am determined to finish it now.

So the books I definitely want to try and finish this month are The Hate U Give, The Rules Of Magic, Winter and The Order Of The Phoenix, the last one mostly so I can then continue my Harry Potter reread. That will have to be the book I finish the month with though, otherwise I won’t get to the other books. The Sherlock Holmes one and Never Let Me Go I will keep as wild cards. If I don’t get to them, no problem, but I would like to at least properly start one of them. As for The Turning Of The Screw… like I said, I am not particularly looking forward to reading that one, but I am really motivated to finish it, so I do hope I will manage to get to it this month. But also like I said at the beginning of this post, if I manage to get this list down to 3 books, I will be very pleased with my progress.

I will of course update you on how I did in my September reading update at the end of this month (or the beginning of next month). I hope I’ll do well…

Thanks for stopping by ❤