Book Haul – August 2020

The months is almost over, I don’t expect to be buying any more books, so you know what that means…? It’s book haul time!!

It’s a short and sweet book haul this time, because I only bought two books, one of which I already finished reading. I mean, I am still trying to limit the amount of books I am buying this year, and considering I got a bunch of new (secondhand) books last month, I figured I should slow it down again in August and instead spend my time reading all those books I’ve been buying this month.

Also, since my birthday is coming up in September I am hoping to get a few books as presents or get some birthday money that I can spend on my little (long, very long) bookish wish list, so I had to at least try and not buy a whole lot this past month.

Something To Tell You – Lucy Diamond

When Frankie stumbles upon an unopened letter from her late mother, she’s delighted to have one last message from her… until she reads the contents and discovers the truth about her birth. Brimming with questions, she travels to York to seek further answers from the Mortimer family, but her appearance sends shockwaves through them all.
Meanwhile, Robyn Mortimer has problems of her own. Her husband John has become distant, and a chance remark from a friend leads Robyn to wonder exactly what he’s not been saying. Dare she find out more?
As for Bunny, she fell head over heels in love with Dave Mortimer when she first arrived to the city, but now it seems her past is catching up with her.

As secrets tumble out and loyalties are tested, the Mortimers have to face up to some difficult decisions. With love, betrayal and dramatic revelations in the mix, this is one summer they’ll never forget.

Let’s start with the book I already read because I couldn’t help myself and I was just really in the mood for a book like this. A few months ago (June, I think, my very first trip back to the shops post lockdown) I picked up another book by Lucy Diamond. I read it this past month, so a full review will follow in my reading update, but I clearly enjoyed it enough to want to try more of her books. My local bookstore happened to have Something To Tell You in stock when I went browsing there two weeks ago, and so I immediately snatched it up. Like I said, I already read this so I won’t get into my expectations of the book. A full review will follow soon though.

Echo – Thomas Olde Heuvelt

Nick Grevers and his climbing buddy Augustin are drawn to the Maudit, a remote mountain peak in the Swiss Alps. Documentation on the mountain is scarce, its slopes are eerily quiet and when they enter its valley, they get the ominous sense that they are not alone. Something is waiting for them…
Not long after, Augustin is dead and Nick wakes up from a coma. His face maimed and wrapped in bandages, a long rehabilitation awaits him, but soon Nick realizes it isn’t just the trauma of the accident that haunts him.
Something has awakened inside of him…

Although I am Dutch, I truly cannot remember the last time I read a book in Dutch. Well, actually I can, it was around 4,5 or maybe even 5 years ago. I read predominately English books, just because I enjoy reading in English and I feel like most of the books that sound like something I enjoy are written in English. However, a few years ago I read Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt, a Dutch horror writer, and because I am dumb I picked it up in English instead of Dutch. I enjoyed Hex enough to want to read more of his books, in Dutch this time. Now, Echo came out maybe almost a year ago, and I have had it on my wish list ever since, but only now got around to actually picking it up. In Dutch, which is kind of nerve wrecking to me as I haven’t read Dutch books in so long that I don’t know how I will get on with it. There is no English translation of the book yet, but it’s supposed to come out sometime late next year I believe. I am very much looking forward to diving into this book, now that the days are getting shorter and colder, and Halloween with all it’s creepy vibes is coming up..

Like I said, a short and sweet book haul, but two books I am very excited about. Clearly because I already read one of them.

Thanks for stopping by ❤