Secondhand Book Haul – Summer 2020

Hey, hi, hello, it’s been a while.

I took a bit of a break there, because life got a little crazy, work got a little crazy, and I just had no energy to do anything else. But now I am back, and I am hoping to post on here again at least once a week, and what better thing to start with than a book haul? And even better, a secondhand book haul. That I didn’t spend ANY money on! What more could you wish for?

My sister did a book clear out a little while ago, and texted me all the books she was getting rid of with the question if I wanted to have any. Of course I did, I wanted a lot, so the next time I saw here I got a big bag of books which I am very very happy with. There are a few in here that I wanted for a while, and a few that just sounded fun (or looked pretty) when I saw them, and I figured why not just give them a try.

I am not going to do the whole in depth book by book explanation in this post just because I can’t be bothered, but I will walk you through them all quickly.

First of all, when I saw that my sister was getting rid of her English copies of The Lord Of The Rings I immediately told her I wanted them. I have been meaning to do a reread for ages, and preferably want to do it in English this time around, so having these in my collection was basically just very necessary so I can do the reread. I have an English copy of the books already, but because it is three books all in one book, I never feel as motivated to pick it up as it is a bit heavier and just less practical to carry around with me. Now that I have these three separate copies, I pretty much have no excuse anymore.

Now, I think we all know by now that I have a thing for pretty books. Like, when I see a really beautiful looking book I have a hard time not buying it, just because of the cover. And when I can get them for free.. Well, sign me up! So naturally I had to get these beautiful cloth bound copies of Oliver Twist and Pride and Prejudice. I know, I know, I already have a beautiful copy of the latter, but like, I got this one for free, and it matches the other one, and I just couldn’t resist. They just look so good together on my shelf. I haven’t actually read either of these books, or anything by these writers for that matter, but I plan on doing that sometime soon because I feel like I should at least give both of them a shot, seeing how popular they are. And I am honestly excited to read these, wouldn’t you be when a book is this pretty?

The next two books are both by Zadie Smith. Confession, I don’t actually know what these are about, but I have heard a lot of good things about her, and my sister said that she thinks I might like them, so I went “well, why not?” I mean, I feel like so many people rave about her books, and I have really enjoyed reading things a bit out of my comfort zone lately, so I am honestly excited to give these a try. I feel like I have seen or heard about On Beauty before, although like I said I don’t really know what it’s about, whereas I don’t think I’d heard of White Teeth before. From what I can tell from a quick google search, both books definitely touch on race, so very relevant to this year. I am excited to give them both a shot!

And lastly, I picked Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Right before my sister sent me the “hey do you want books?” text, Thomas Olde Heuvelt talked about this book on his Instagram, and I remember thinking that I would like to read that one someday. So of course I had to snatch that up and add it to my collection when my sister decided to get rid of it. From what I understand this book is about a little boy who loses his father, and he then goes on a treasure hunt throughout New York City to, I don’t really know, discover more about his father? Clearly I have not really checked out what this books is about either, but I feel like this is another book so many people love, and I hope I will love it as well.

And that is a quick rundown of the secondhand books I got recently. Clearly I hardly know what all of these are about, I just decided to add them to my collection because I got them for free. But what can I say, I just love books. And also, I am looking forward to be surprised with these.. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by ❤