Just A Chat #12 – Lots Of Things To Chat About

It’s been a while since I did one of these posts, and since I don’t really know what other blog post I want to do right now (and I am too lazy to go take photos for the ones that are high on my list to do soon), I figured a Just A Chat post would be fun.

I feel like there has been a lot going on in my life since I did one of these in March, at the very beginning of lockdown here in the Netherlands. Now, 4 months later, most things have opened up again, and although many office people still work from home, a lot of other things have gone back to normal.

I myself have been back to the workplace for about a month now. My office building is still closed for the time being, but there are so many other things that I can do at my work that I have actually been busier than before lockdown. It is very nice to actually feel productive again after 3 very slow months work wise, but I also find it pretty draining, not gonna lie. I am tired and stressed, but I also feel really good about it all and happy that we are slowly going back to normal again. I also know that there is a change that I might have to go back to working from home at least a little bit more, once we are fully back on track at work, so I am just enjoying my bicycle rides to work everyday while they last. Even if the weather is as miserable as it has been the past week.

I do find that, now that work has been so busy and I have been working extra hours here and there, or switching up my days, I don’t have a lot of energy for blog posts and Instagram, and even my reading has slowed considerably because my brain, after I get home, is just like “nope, sorry, can’t think anymore.” It makes me a little bit sad that I don’t have a lot of energy for those things that I love to do, but I also know that it is probably only temporary, and that I will get used to “normal” life again and then also find time to read, write and take photos again. The main thing is also that I am just feeling a little bit uninspired, so hopefully getting back in more of an out of the house routine and more importantly getting used to that routine again will help me with some more ideas, both for the blog and for Instagram. I have been really enjoying wearing actual outfits though, fashion wise I am definitely feeling inspired and I find myself constantly wanting to pick up new bits here and there.

And that, to be completely honest, is something that I have been doing. After my first week back to work I wanted to do something that felt normal on my day off again as well, so I went shopping. And then I found myself going back to the shops a few more times over the past few weeks, just because it felt so nice being out of the house. I picked up some amazing fashion bits that I have been really loving, so expect a New In Fashion post coming up soon (it is actually the post that I was too lazy for today, those photos always take ages and the weather is also annoyingly grey). But I have also gotten some great beauty products today so I will probably try to do a New In Beauty post soon as well. What can I say, being able just shop semi normally again just felt really great. I know I wanted to limit my shopping habits a bit this year, and I feel like for the most part I was doing pretty well, but now I have going maaaybe a little overboard so I will try to stop again for a while. I promise.

What else has been going on in my life?
Oh, holiday plans! So… In March, very early March, like right before lockdown, we booked a trip to Canada for autumn and that exact trip is now stressing me out. Because we don’t know if it will actually end up happening. And if the airline doesn’t cancel our flights, is it stupid if we decided to actually go? Should we cancel? Should we postpone? I really want to go because I am excited to see my sister-in-law and her kids again, and also of course explore more of the country as I absolutely fell in love with it when we went last summer. But I also don’t want to be stuck there you know, or take unnecessary risks by going out of the country. We are keeping an eye on the situation there, here and of course what the airline does, but it is just freaking stressful not knowing what’s happening and what we should do. We have decided that, if the trip does get cancelled, we will just go somewhere in the Netherlands, thankfully there are many beautiful we could visit locally. But of course I am hoping we can actually go because it would be so fun and we have been looking forward to the trip basically since the start of the year when I jokingly told Gideon “oh we could just go to Canada again this year” and he very seriously went “you know, that’s not such a crazy idea.”

Anyways, I will keep you posted on that one.

Something not so fun that is happening in my life, is that my grandpa is not doing so well. I am incredibly lucky to still have all 4 grandparents, and for the longest time they were all in relatively good health for people in their 90’s (or close to 90). But in April my 92 year old grandma and 94, now 95 year old grandpa got corona. The illness itself honestly didn’t affect them all that much, they weren’t even hospitalized and they only had minor symptoms, but they changes that surrounded them getting sick were mostly a big shock to them, we think. They moved from their own home to a care home, and now for the last few weeks things seem to go really up and down with my grandpa. It is very strange to think about the fact that I might lose my first grandparent soon. Sad, of course, but I think we’ve all known for so long that it will happen someday and kind of been mentally preparing for it. Does that sounds really weird? Maybe it does, but it is just the way it feels to me right now. I mostly just know that I am incredibly lucky to have had so much time with all my grandparents, so for now at least that is what I feel whenever I think about losing them.

Sorry, that was suddenly a very morbid subject, so now let’s move onto the last thing I wanted to mention in this post which maybe, probably, should have been the first. Because I reached 200 followers here on the blog!! So thank you, all 200 of you, for following along with everything that’s on my mind ❤ ❤

Thanks for stopping by ❤