Book Haul – June 2020

Another month has come to an end, and it’s been another month of book shopping. It felt good.

I somehow managed to buy a few more books than maybe I should have, but I blame it on my first trip to the local bookstore and also on the recent events, as I already mentioned in last week’s TBR update. I am very happy with all the books I bought, and (again you could’ve seen that in Friday’s post) added most of them to my TBR right away, or even read them already because I just couldn’t wait. I will try to go back to not buying any books for at least the whole of July now because I need to work my way through these all, but to be honest looking at this little book haul, I have 0 regrets. Thankfully 😉

Homegoing – Yaa Gyasi

Effia and Esi: two sister with two very different destinies. One sold into slavery; one a slave trader’s wife. The consequences of their fate reverberate through the generations that follow: from the Gold Coast of Africa to the plantations of Mississippi; from the missionary schools of Ghana to the dive bars of Harlem. Spanning continents and generations, Yaa Gyasi has written a miraculous novel – an intense, heartbreaking story of one family and, through their lives, the story of America itself.

I feel like this book has had a lot of hype on the internet, and when I first heard about it I wasn’t sure it would be something for me. However on my mission this month to add some more Black authors to my reading list, this was one of the first books that popped into my head. I looked into it again and decided that yes, maybe I should just give it a try, as it does sound really good actually. I think that also had something to do with the fact that my reading preferences have kind of changed over the last year or so, so this felt like a bit of a safer choice now than when I first heard of it. It is also the only book in this haul that I just had to dive right into, so my final thoughts will be revealed in my June reading update on Friday. Or on my Bookstagram if you really want to know right now.

The Hate U Give – Angie Thomas

Starr Carter’s world is shattered when she is the only witness to the fatal shooting of her unarmed best friend, Khalil, by a police officer. Now what Starr says could destroy her community. It could also get her killed.

Another book that gotten a lot of attention online, and thus made its way into my shopping basket when I went looking for fiction books that dealt with racism or were written by Black authors. It is also another book that I don’t think I would have picked up if I wasn’t specifically looking for it, mostly because I tend to not read a whole lot of YA anymore, and if I do I tend to go for something more in the fantasy genre, or at least something with a touch of magic. I am still very excited to read it though, as I have heard so many good things about it. My sister has read it and said that it was so good, and since I trust her opinion on books I expect to like this one as well.

The Boyfriend Project – Farrah Rochon

Samiah Brooks never thought she would be “that” girl. But a live tweet of a horrific date just revealed the painful truth: she’s been catfished by a three-timing jerk of a boyfriend. Suddenly Samiah – along with his two other “girlfriends” London and Taylor – have gone viral online. Now the three new besties are making a pact to spend the next sic months investing in themselves. No men and no dating.
For once Samiah is putting herself first, and that includes finally developing the app she’s always dreamed of creating. Which is the exact moment she meets the deliciously sexy Daniel Collins at work. What are the chances? But is Daniel really boyfriend material or is he maybe a little too good to be true?

I picked up The Boyfriend Project partly because it was written by a Black author, but mostly because it sounds like the funny light hearted romantic book I want to read in summer. It sounds like the kind of book that I don’t read very often just because I don’t have a lot of it in my collection, but something that I always find myself craving when the temperature gets above 20 degrees (Celsius, just to clarify) so I was very happy to find this on a Goodreads list. I had to pre-order it because it only came out about halfway through the month but I expect to have zero regrets and I can’t wait to sit in my garden in the sunshine with a glass of wine in one hand and this book in the other.

An Almost Perfect Holiday – Lucy Diamond

Down in Cornwall, the sun is shining and Lorna’s three holiday cottages are fully booked. Em’s in the first one, with her blended family – fingers crossed they’re still together by the end of the fortnight. Maggie’s next door with her bolshy teenage daughter hoping that some sea air and sunshine will reunite them.
And then Olivia arrives in need of sanctuary, only to be confronted with memories from the past – and secrets that have been buried for too long.

Everyone longs for a sunny escape – but will this summer holiday be too hot to handle?

Sticking to the beach read theme for a bit with what was very much an impulse buy during my first trip to the bookstore post lockdown. This one definitely sounds like it has a bit of a mystery element to it, but I am hoping this will still be a light hearted mystery. It definitely looks like a great summer read, the cover at least fits right in with a day near the sea (or a lake, I’m not too fussy). I have never read any Lucy Diamond, but looking at what she’s written they all sound like good easy to read summer books, so I am hoping I will enjoy this enough to pick up something else she’s written next year.

The Water Dancer – Ta-Nehisi Coates

Young Hiram Walker was born into bondage. When his mother was sold away, Hiram was robbed of all memory of her – but was gifted with a mysterious power. Years later, when Hiram almost drowns in a river, that same power saves his life. This brush with death births and urgency in Hiram and a daring scheme: to escape from the only home he’s ever known.
So begin an unexpected journey that takes Hiram from the corrupt grandeur of Virginia’s proud plantations to desperate guerrilla cells in the wilderness, from the coffin of the Deep South to dangerously idealistic movements in the North. Even as he’s enlisted in the underground war between slavers and the enslaved, Hiram’s resolve to rescue the family he’s left behind endures.

I mentioned with The Hate U Give that I tend to gravitate to YA books with a touch of magic right? Well, this might not be a YA book, but it does have that touch of magic and I am very excited to read this. Interestingly, this is a book that I hadn’t seen a lot about online, I found this one one list of POC authors, and I did browse through quite a few. It sounds right up my street though because it is magical realism, something I always like in my books. I am interested to see how the magic is weaved into this story that is set during the time of the underground railroad. I read a few mixed reviews on Goodreads about this but honestly I think I will like this book. I mean, obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t have picked it up.

The Book Of Tomorrow – Cecelia Ahern

Born into the lap op luxury and comfortable in the here and now, spoiled, tempestuous Tamara Goodwin has never had to look to the future – until the abrupt death of her father leaves her and her mother a mountain of debt and forces them to move in with Tamara’s peculiar aunt and uncle in a tiny countryside village.
Tamara is lonely and bored, with a traveling library as her only diversion. There she find a large leather-bound book with a gold clasp and padlock, but no author or title. Intrigued, she pries open the lock, and what she finds inside takes her breath away.
Tamara sees entries written in her own handwriting, and dated for the following day. When the next day unfolds exactly as recorded, Tamara realizes she may have found a solution to her problems. But in her quest to find answers, Tamara soon learns that some pages are better left unturned and that, try as she may, she mustn’t interfere with fate.

The last book I bought this month is a secondhand purchase, and it will actually be a reread for me. I read this one many years ago and remember loving it, and it had actually been on my mind a lot recently without really any reason at all. So when I saw it in my local secondhand bookstore I knew I just had to pick it up. I am excited to reread this and see if it is as beautiful as I remember, because to be honest aside from remembering that I loved this read, I don’t actually remember a whole lot of the actual story. I am excited to read this as a (sort of but am I really?) adult, because when I first read this I think I was around 16. This has also inspired me to figure out what other books I read when I was younger and to see if I can hunt those down as well, if they still sound like something I might enjoy of course.

Okay, six books actually isn’t that bad, considering I did pretty well in the reading department as well this month. And they are all books I am very excited to read soon. But still, like I said, I am going to try and not buy new books in July, just so I can work my way through all of these again. Wish me luck.

Thanks for stopping by ❤