TBR 2020 June Update

We are almost halfway through the year (I know right, I can’t believe it either) which means it is time for my midyear TBR update for 2020.

What a weird 3 months it’s been, but the weirdness of this last period was actually very good for my reading habits. I definitely found that I needed an escape every once in a while, and what better way to escape from reality than through books? Also, with so much time on my hands I found myself reading so much more, and am now well over halfway through my reading goal of 20 books.
One thing I didn’t really do these past few months though, was read books from my TBR. In total, out of the 8 books I started April with, I read only 2, mostly because I just wasn’t really in the mood for the ones I had on my TBR, I really wanted to read some other books, so I did.

Now for July, August and September I am actually going to switch up my TBR a lot, most of the books that are on there now will be replaced by some other books that I just think I will be in the mood for more over the coming months. This is mainly because I bought some new books in May and June that I desperately want to read and that I think will be good summer books.

My spring TBR

Let’s first just look at what was on my TBR for the last few months, what did I read and what didn’t I think about at all? What will stay and what will be put back on my shelves of unread books?

Like I said, I only read two of the books that were on my TBR for this spring, which were Agatha Christie’s The Big Four and Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman (reviews here and here). All the other ones I didn’t read, and four of these will also be taken off my TBR for the time being. Out of the ones I didn’t read I will only keep Winter by Marissa Meyer, because I just really want to finish it this year and I think that keeping it on my TBR will remind me to actually pick it up. Maybe… I will also keep The Mermaid And Mrs Hancock by Imogen Hermes Gowar, because I still think this book deserves my attention. At least, I hope it does, but I do think I will like it.
The other books will go back on my regular shelves for now. I do still really want to reread The Lost Hero, and I kind of expect to move it back onto my TBR for autumn. The main reason I don’t want to read it over the summer is because I just know I will immediately want to go out and pick up the other books in the series as well, and you’ll see from my upcoming book haul that I should not be buying any more books for a while. Truth be told, I also still have a massive summer book wish list, so I really can’t currently justify getting the whole Heroes Of Olympus series as well… I will also still try to read at least one of my PEL books this year, so again those won’t be completely forgotten, but I’m not making them a priority at the moment.

My Summer TBR

And now for the books I have added to the list. I tried to stick to eight books again because I feel like that is a realistic number of books I might read over the summer, especially if I have some more glorious garden days in the sun (preferably with a glass of cider or rose to keep me company).

A lot of these are actually new books I picked up this month, so I won’t get into them too much in this post as I will post my June book haul next week. But I felt like these should all make it onto my TBR this summer. Some because they are just so summer appropriate, and some because they are very relevant to the time we live in.

Let’s just start with the “relevant to recent events” books, shall we? With the whole BLM movement going on I decided that I wanted to read some more books by Black authors, so I immediately added The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas, The Water Dancer by Ta-Nehisi Coates and The Boyfriend Project by Farrah Rochon to my TBR and shopping basket. The first one, from what I can tell, is very much about racism, and I feel like I couldn’t let it collect dust on a shelf whilst I read other books. The other two are not so much, or at least not just about that topic, although The Water Dancer is set during the underground railroad time. It also has magic in it though, which is what drew me to it a lot. The Boyfriend Project on the other hand sounds like THE PERFECT summer read. Like, it sounds light hearted, funny and cute, and pretty much everything I want to read during these hot summer days. I am very much looking forward to diving in soon.

Sticking with the summer reads, An Almost Perfect Holiday by Lucy Diamond also sounds like a great beach (or in my case probably garden) read, which is why I impulse bought it last week and also immediately added it to my TBR for the summer. It sounds like a bit of a mystery, but a fun summer mystery, so I know – well, hope – it will keep me entertained in the sun.
The other two books are ones that aren’t new this month. After finishing Practical Magic last month I already knew I would want to start the prequel soon, and I definitely think it will be a good book to read on a lazy Saturday afternoon in the sun. So The Rules Of Magic, obviously also by Alice Hoffman, made it onto my TBR and I very much expect to enjoy it. The last book I hope to read over the next few months is Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston, which has had so much hype over the last few months (year?) and which I bought with summer in mind. I hope it is the cute, funny romantic book I am hoping it is, but with all the love it gets online I don’t think I will be disappointed.

And those are the 6 new books that I am adding to my TBR for the next 3 months. I feel like this is just the list of books that will help me survive the summer heat this year, and I am so glad I finally have some true summer reads to add to the mix.
What are some books on your summer TBR?

Thanks for stopping by ❤