Outfits Of The Week – Back To Work We Go

Last week was an exciting, busy week, so naturally I had to document what I was wearing.

Firstly, I actually went back to work for the first time in months. I got to wear cute outfits again that people actually go to see, I got to wear makeup again, I left the house multiple days in a row!! Exciting stuff, guys.
The other thing we did this week, was celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday with lots of mini parties. It is actually his birthday today (happy birthday Gideon <3) but we celebrated over the weekend with family. On Saturday my parents came for dinner, and on Sunday his side of the family made an appearance, so I naturally had to look cute for both of those occasions. So yea, a fun week with lots of outfits that I actually got to show off, I am pretty damn happy with that. It’s been a while, you know.


Monday was my first go-to-work day in 3 months, and I have to say I was a little nervous. Thankfully all went well, it was actually so nice to see some of my coworkers again and of course to be away from home again, to not be stuck behind my dining table. I thoroughly enjoyed being at work, cycling to work (yes, I even missed that) and being able to do some work things that you just can’t do at home. But I was also exhausted at the end of the day and I was glad when I got home.
Outfitwise, I started the week simple with what is pretty much my uniform: jeans and a shirt. And loafers of course, because I’ve been dying to wear them as soon as spring came close but obviously I didn’t really get a change. It is an outfit that I know works every time, and it felt good wearing it out. The blouse is a great secondhand find, the jeans are Levi’s and the loafers are Dune London.


Tuesday was another workday, not all that different from Monday, and the slightly mundane routine of going to work, being there and getting home again still felt wonderfully different from the past few months. I was still quite tired when I got home as I am still getting used to working away from home again, but it still felt great. 
For my outfit I really wanted to wear these H&M trousers that I hadn’t gotten the change to wear out yet, so I did. I paired them with a simple top, also H&M, that was nice and breezy because it was quite warm out. On my feet I wore something that I haven’t really worn all lockdown: heels. My beloved Sacha booties to be exact, and it felt so good. This is definitely an outfit that could transition into autumn and winter later this year, if we get to go to the office then, but it worked quite well for a cooler summer day as well. 


Another workday on Wednesday, but a slightly longer one. I also got to see another one of my coworkers that I hadn’t seen in a long time, so that was exciting as well! After work I went birthday present shopping with my mother-in-law for G’s birthday, my very first outing to a non-grocery store shop in months, and it was so nice to do something else that was a bit more normal. I did change into a different short black dress for that though, but the overall look was still the same. 
I also opted for a dress that day because it was quite hot out, and to be honest even this long sleeved H&M dress was still a little too hot. Very work appropriate though. I paired it with a sock and shoe look that I have been loving a lot lately: my Nike Air Force 1’s with some cute white frilly socks that I think I picked up at Zeeman. I really truly like that combo and will definitely wear it many more times this summer.


On Thursday I was back to my old routine of “I don’t know what to wear to work because the weather is weird” so I went for another outfit that I know always works: jeans, a top and loafers. The jeans are the same Levi’s from Monday’s outfit, they are truly my favourite blue jeans at the moment, and the top is the same H&M one from Tuesday. My pink loafers are Dune London, because I just love that brand for shoes. I actually tried to challenge myself a bit this work week and wanted to wear a different pair of shoes every work day, which I managed to do 4 out of my 5 workdays. It may sound a bit weird, but it felt so so good having a reason to wear shoes again, so I wanted to make the most of it while it lasts. 


Friday was my day off and also a very hot day, so I went all casual in this lovely dress from Mango and my Sacha slides that I picked up as my at home cute shoes. I did end up changing into a different outfit though because I really wanted to do something “normal” for my first day off after that work week, so I went shopping. It felt so good being out and about again, browsing the stores and picking up some really cute things (books, among other things. It felt so good being in a bookstore again). But it was also slightly stressful and draining in a way, mostly because people here sometimes to seem to remember the 1,5 meter rule and will not leave the middle of the road when you approach. Trying to avoid bumping into people was kind of hard, but overall I feel like it went pretty well. And like I said, it was so nice doing something normal again. 


Saturday was another work day for me, which it isn’t normally but things are a little different at work at the moment. I only had to be at work for a couple of hours though. Still, naturally, I wanted to be cute. It was a warm day but thankfully not scorching hot, so I could be a little more covered up without dying. After work we celebrated Gideon’s birthday. On Saturday his dad and grandma visited in the afternoon and my parents came for dinner, which was all very fun. 
Saturday’s outfit is probably my favourite of the week, because I got to wear my white Levi’s jeans and a new top from H&M that I picked up the previous day. And isn’t it so cool? I love the colour and the slightly dramatic sleeves, and I especially love how it looks with the jeans. I finished it all off with my pink loafers again, and I am slightly obsessed with how summer appropriate this look was. I will definitely wear this exact look again!


On Sunday we celebrated G’s birthday again with his mom, sister-in-law and nieces, just casually at our house, and it was a lot of fun. Over the whole weekend we ate a lot of pie and cake, and Gideon was thoroughly spoiled. It was another hot day, very much the buildup to the heatwave we have now, so I wore this beautiful Mango dress that I also picked up during my first post lockdown shopping spree. I am so obsessed with this one as well, it is so easy to wear and looks so beautiful, and it will also transition very nicely into autumn. Since we were just staying at home all day, I just wore my Sacha slides again, and I love how the two prints pair together. Definitely another outfit that will be repeated these coming months.

And those were all my outfits for my very first work week, my first week being sort of back to normal, bu not really. And it is probably only temporary, so I am enjoying wearing outfits that people will actually see for as long as it lasts.

Thanks for stopping by ❤