White Jeans Look Book – Spring/Summer 2020

I have wanted white skinny jeans for a long long time now, and last month I finally FINALLY got the pair I’d been lusting after.

So naturally, I had to do a little look book. And because I wanted to switch things up a little bit and not just feature that one pair of jeans, I threw in my other pair, my straight leg vintage pair, for good measure.
Now I actually shot these outfits a few weeks ago, but because of my little blogging breaks here and there I never got around to posting these. But I still feel like they are wearable, even in summer. At least, in the Dutch summer, as we can get pretty chilly days every now and again. I am already thinking about doing a proper hot weather look book as well, because I have so many more ideas, but for now we’ll stick to these.

Blouse: Banana Republic – Jeans: Vintage Levi’s – Shoes: Sacha

Truth be told, I don’t think I am actually cool enough to pull of this first outfit, but I think it is a really good look non the less. Or maybe it is just the setting, maybe I should be in a cool city, with some sunglasses and a Chanel bag, just walking around. That is kind of the vibe this outfit gives me, I don’t know why. I really like it though, that effortless half tucked in shirt and the baggier jeans. I think I could get away with wearing this to the office (I have a casual office), but it would also work out to dinner with the girls, for date night, any type of slightly fancier but still casual-ish situation really, in my opinion. And let’s be real, you can never really go wrong with a black & white combo.

Top: Mango – Jeans: Levi’s Mile High Skinny – Shoes: Dune London

And here we have my new jeans in all their glory. I honestly love them. I’ve worn them a few times and so far managed to not spill anything on them or stain them in any other way, so yay me. To be honest, I was a little worried at first about their cropped fit (it still annoys me that they didn’t do a full length pair for the really tall girls) as I am on the taller side and I was scared they would be too short. But I feel like they are pretty damn perfect. They definitely shouldn’t have been any shorter, but this length still works.

Anyways, the outfit. I feel like this is such a sweet look, very “lunch with my in-laws”. I think my grandma would approve of it as well, and I could definitely wear this to the office. I love the whole light pairing, with the soft grey, the white and my beloved pink loafers that I can’t wait to wear all summer.

T-shirt: Zeeman – Jeans: Vintage Levi’s – Shoes: Dune London – Belt: H&M

Now for an outfit that I won’t be wearing to the office, although I could definitely get away with it if I tucked the shirt into my jeans, but I like it this way. I actually wore this look (although with different shoes) last spring on one of those very hot days we had in April, and I really liked it a lot. So I decided to recreate it for this post. Again a very simple, casual black and white look, because I just like it like that. Because the jeans are a little wide on the waist for me I had to add a belt, but I honestly think it kind of finished the look, without it I would probably feel like something’s missing. I also feel like loafers are just a spring and summer staple for me, they dress up every outfit but still also feel quite casual. I would definitely wear this for a day in the city, strolling around, shopping, things like that.

Cardigan: Secondhand – Jeans: Levi’s – Shoes: Dune London

This is actually one of the outfits I was envisioning when I thought of getting white jeans: My soft cozy cashmere cardigan, the jeans, and either heels or loafers. And honestly, it looks exactly like I hoped it would. I love how the jeans look with the wedge heels, I feel like that bit of ankle on show is perfectly in theme with the summery feel of the shoes, but the cardigan adds a bit of warmth and comfort to the whole look. I can totally see myself wearing this to the office on an mid spring or early autumn day, when you don’t want to commit fully to one season yet.

Top: Secondhand – Jeans: Levi’s – Sneakers: Adidas

And lastly, a lovely casual outfit. I wore this exact look a few weeks ago when Gideon and I spend a weekend in Delft, and I loved it so much. The sneakers definitely make the whole look so relaxed, but I like how the jeans and top still like quite chic and almost a bit preppy together. I feel like this is a very sweet look, one that you could wear to any casual occasion and feel confident. I also just love these jeans with light coloured shoes, it just works so well in my eyes and I think it looks better than with dark shoes, because it keeps it all very light and bright and fresh.

I am so incredibly happy with all these looks, and I have so many more ideas on how to style my new jeans. But I also feel like I got some new ideas for my vintage ones as well, that I really haven’t worn as much as I hoped so far because I always was a bit scared. I will definitely try to come back with an (end of) summer look book as well.

Thanks for stopping by ❤