Empties – Spring/Summer 2020

It has been a long freaking time since I did an Empties post, since I haven’t been using a whole lot of beauty products lately. But now I have got a good little collection of finished products, so it is time to go through them all again.

I used up quite a few things that I really liked, there is nothing in here that I was massively disappointed by. A few things in here were okay but no holy grail products, but overall I feel like with many of my beauty routines I am now starting to really figure out what products I like, what formulas I like, and things like that, so I don’t think I have been disappointed by a product in a while now. Although I do still like to try out new things and switch my routine up every once in a while, so who knows, maybe in a few months I will share something that I absolutely hate.

Anyways, for now let’s see what I used up over the last 4 months.

I firstly used up two perfumes, and it makes me quite sad because I really loved them both. The first one is definitely one of my favourites, and a lot of people’s favourite, and that is Black Opium from Yves Saint Laurent . This is such a good year round everyday scent for me, it is definitely noticeable but not overwhelming for during the day, and it transitions nicely into the evening. Also, the bottle is beautiful. I had kind of decided when lockdown started that I would wear perfume every workday, just for that extra touch of normalcy, and this was definitely my go-to scent. I will probably repurchase this one soon, as I don’t think I want to be without it.

The other perfume I used up is another Yves Saint Laurent one, called Mon Paris. I guess YSL just makes good scents for me. I distinctly remember buying this on Valentine’s day 3 years ago, and I instantly fell in love with it when I smelled it. Which was because someone else sprayed it, I think to buy for his girlfriend/wife or whatever she was of his. I immediately told Gideon that I loved it and wanted to get it, so I did. This is again an everyday scent for me, although I did lean towards this one more in the spring/summer rather than autumn and winter. I also didn’t love this as much as Black Opium, although I still loved it a lot, and so I don’t think I will repurchase this over that one, but I will definitely remember it for when I want to get another scent in the future.

So I didn’t actually use up the Sensai Luminous Sheer foundation, although I definitely did like it, but it was old and I feel like I shouldn’t be using this on my skin anymore. This foundation is pretty damn expensive, but I do think it is worth the price tag for me, or it would be if I wore foundation more often. This is one of the few foundations that actually matches my skin tone, and the formula is so silky smooth, sheer but covering enough for me, and just all round amazing. But like I said, I don’t wear foundation enough to justify the €50 price tag. And also, I found a foundation from L’Oreal that matches me really good as well that is just way cheaper. For that reason, I don’t think I will repurchase it any time soon, but I will definitely remember it.

I mentioned before that I love and adore the original Telescopic mascara, but because it was sold out when I needed a refill, I opted for the L’Oreal False Lash Telescopic mascara which is the same but different. And, in my opinion, not as good as the original. Again, I didn’t use this up completely because of lock down and thus no makeup for most days, but it was getting to that point that I had to get rid of it because it started to smell, and that is never a good thing for mascara. It wasn’t bad, but just not as good as the normal one in my opinion, and so I probably won’t repurchase this if I don’t have to.

The Essence I Heart Colour Intensifying eyeshadow base is the only eyeshadow base I have used for the past few years, it is just really good for the price you pay for it, and I will be repurchasing it over and over again until the end of time. Probably.

The Rituals SPF 50 Sun Protection face cream is another absolute favourite of mine, and another product I have repurchased over and over again. Until now. Oh my god. You may have seen in this post that I picked up a different facial sunscreen recently, one that is a little more sustainable, and I like that one a lot as well. It is a little more expensive, and takes a little more time to sink into the skin, and it is also SPF 30 instead of 50, but I still really really like that one as well. I’m not saying I won’t repurchase the Rituals one as well someday, but for now I am happily using the other one.

I used up my night cream, which is the Renewed Hope In A Jar Overnight Recharging & Refining moisturizer by Philosophy and I have to say, I liked this a lot. I definitely feel like, since using this, my skin has been feeling really good, soft and moisturized, and a lot less greasy than it used to be. Although lately (and i’m not sure it has anything to do with this cream or something else) my skin almost seems to lean a little bit to the dryer side in the morning, in certain places. Overall though it feels soft and smooth. I haven’t repurchased this just yet, instead I opted for another Philosophy night cream, but I will definitely remember it for the future as I do like it a lot.

I have mentioned before that I am not too fussy with hair masks, I have lots that I quite like but no holy grail, and the L’Oreal Elvive Dream Lengths Savior mask was no different. It made my hair feel lovely, smooth and silky soft, and it smelled nice, but I am not absolutely blown away by it. I use hair masks almost every week and leave it in for as long as I can (preferably around 2 hours at least) as I just go about my lazy Sunday, so I always tend to go for cheaper hair masks that I can use a lot of without feeling guilty, and this one – and the L’Oreal Elvive masks in general – tend to work really well for me. I liked this enough that I can see myself getting it again in the future, but it is not a product I can’t live without.

Another product that I am not too loyal to is body moisturizers, although I do think I like oils the best. One that I really like is sadly only for sale in Germany, not a place I come very often, but this Neutral Baby skin oil did the job just fine as well. It is unscented which was actually really nice, because it means it can go with any perfume and body wash, and it moisturized my skin perfectly well. It is not a mind blowing product, but if I need a new oil and this is on offer, I can see myself getting it again.

And lastly, with those gloriously hot days we had a few weeks ago, I also used up the Nivea Sun Protect & Hydrate SPF 30 sunscreen. I liked this a lot, and am currently using another bottle of this. Firstly spray sunscreens are just pretty damn handy, and this one was no different. I also feel like this protected my skin very well, and it has that typical sunscreen scent that I actually really like. It is not my favourite sunscreen I have ever used, but the one I love the most I can’t buy here in the Netherlands. However, although I like this product, I don’t think I will repurchase it, mostly because I really want to try out the Naïf sunscreen as that one is supposed to be a lot more sustainable and natural in terms of packaging and ingredients and it is also not harmful for the oceans and environment in general. So although I like the Nivea one, I hope I won’t need to get it again.

8 products in 4 months? I clearly haven’t been using a lot of beauty products these days, and I quite like it that way. Although, when we go back to a sort of normal (aka when I get to actually go to work again, instead of working from home all the time) I will definitely be wearing more makeup again. I kind of honestly miss it.

Thanks for stopping by ❤