5 Places I Want To Visit

Obviously I’m not going anywhere anytime soon. But a girl can dream, right?

I did a post like this last summer, where I just went over some of the places in Europe I would love to visit one day, and now that we can’t really leave our houses I find myself dreaming more and more of travel, and I am planning out all our future trips for when we can travel again, whevener that may be.

The last one, like I said, was centred around places in Europe that I would love to visit, and I also did one on cities in The Netherlands I would like to explore a bit more, but today’s post is going all over the world, because there is just so much I would love to see!

Toronto, Canada

Now this is one that might actually happen later this year. That is, if travelling is possible again by that time, which.. who knows? We visited Canada, and more specifically Edmonton, last summer because my sister-in-law lives there, and I kind of fell in love with the country and decided then and there that I wanted to see more of it. My SIS (yes, I am shortening it, I cannot be bothered to type it all out every time) since moved across the country to near Toronto and so we have the perfect excuse to visit the city now, and of course the area around it. I feel like I’ve seen quite a lot of Toronto on the internet so I feel like I have a pretty clear idea of what I would like to do when we are there which OF COURSE includes Niagara Falls if we can fit it in, but I also just always love to kind of mindlessly explore the area and visit the spots that my SIS likes. From what I can see on the internet, Toronto is a beautiful place and I am seriously hoping our trip will happen later this year. And otherwise we’ll just postpone it to as soon as we can.

California, USA

This, for me, is actually a revisit, but one I am very desperate to do as soon as we can. I actually spend two months, pretty much one whole summer, visiting family friends in the Bay Area when I was 16 and I loved it so much. We did a road trip up and down the coast, to Seattle and LA, and I want to go back so bad. It was such a beautiful place and I have such good memories of the trip, and I feel like visiting again now that I am a little bit older would just be so great. I also think Gideon would love California as well, he would basically be in photography heaven. I want to visit San Francisco again, and visit the national parks (I absolutely loved Death Valley), and of course just spend time with friends. We also have family near LA, so travelling down to see them would also be on the list. Basically, I just want to spend another two months there, but that probably won’t be possible. You best believe I am already half planning a trip there though.


I am sure Iceland is on pretty much everybody’s list of places they want to visit someday, but can you blame them? It looks like the most beautiful country, so calm and special and unlike any place I have ever been. An old classmate of mine actually lives in Iceland, and whenever I see his posts on Instagram of the places he visits there, I’m always so jealous. Gideon also had or still has family living there, so we have a great excuses to go there. That is, if they still live there. Now, I am not one for cold, I actually hate any temperature under 15 degrees C, but obviously I would make an exception for such a beautiful place. I’ll just come wrapped up in about 10 coats and then I should be good. I don’t actually know a whole lot about the country and what places you have to visit there, so if we do go there someday I’ll have to spend some time figuring that out, but I am sure there is a lot of information on the internet to help me out.


If you didn’t know, you probably don’t, I am actually part Indonesian. I never know how much exactly, but my grandparents from dad’s side were born and raised on Java when it was still a Dutch colony, and there is some Indonesian blood running through our family. And because of that I feel like I kind of have to visit the place, to see where half of me comes from and where my grandparents grew up, went to school, lived, where they met. I am sure a lot of those places don’t exist anymore, we know for a fact that their houses are gone, but still, I feel like it would be special to visit the area. Of course I would also love to visit some more touristy things, go to Bali as well and do the non family related stuff, but the main reason I want to go is to see my roots and find out where part of me is from.


Moving back to the US for this last one. Is it really cliche that I want to visit Hawaii one day? Probably, but I just really really do. I follow a few girls that live there on Instagram, and it just looks like the most beautiful place in the world. I also am a big fan of Hawaii Five-0, and although I am sure that is not the best representation of the islands, whenever they show the scenery of the place it just takes my breath away. It just looks like one of those places I am sure I will love, it has forest and mountains and beaches and all that nature stuff that I love, but then it also has the business of city life. It honestly always looks like paradise to me, and I want to go there. Again, this is a place that I don’t really know what exactly I would do there or where we would go, but I am sure that there is so much to do and I’m sure we’ll figure it out, if we ever get to go.

Of course there are so many more places I would love to visit, and I am sure I will do another one of these someday, but for now we’ll stick to these 5. Have you even been to any of these places? What do I have to do there if I ever visit?

And also, what is one place you hope to visit someday?

Thanks for stopping by ❤