YouTube Channels I Am Currently Loving

If I am not reading, blogging, working, or doing something else that asks my undivided attention, I am usually watching YouTube videos.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Netflix and Videoland and those streaming services as well, but I do find myself reaching for YouTube more often than a show or film, just because it is so. flipping. easy just to pick something fun to watch for 10 or 20 minutes. I also usually prefer to watch YouTube when I am doing something like fold laundry or do the dishes, because I always feel like I don’t have to pay as much attention to what’s happening, whereas with a show or film I don’t want to miss a think. Plus, I watch YouTube on my phone, so it is way easier to carry it with me around the house as I put things away and tidy up. Yea, I just love watching YouTube.

And so today I thought I would share some channels that have been making me very happy in these strange months. I’ve got some smaller channels and some bigger ones as well, some that I have been loving for a very long time, and some that I just recently discovered but have quickly fallen in love with.

Under 50.0000 subscribers

Let’s start with Athena Mellor. I think I mentioned her channel in this post, but I just have to mention it again because I am in love with her channel. Her videos are just beautiful and they make me want to move to the English countryside. You can go back and watch her hiking videos from before lock down, but her current at home videos are beautiful and so calming as well. She has the cutest dog and a stunning typical English cottage home (from what we get to see in the videos) and just seems like the loveliest personality. And like I said, her videos are just so calming, perfect for this strange time we live in now. She also has beautiful photos on Instagram and I love following along with her stories.

Jits Into The Sunset is a small van life channel run by Tania and Adam. They have the most beautiful travel videos of Ireland, Scotland and Portugal, where they are currently staying. They don’t have a whole lot of videos yet as they have just started out, but the ones that are up on their channel right now are so high quality and make me want to live in a van and travel Europe. I sadly don’t think I could convince Gideon to do it with me though.. Anyways, Tania actually reached out to me on Instagram as she saw we were following the same van lifers, and she asked if I wanted to check out their channel. I did, I fell in love with their videos and I have been following them on YouTube as well as on Instagram ever since.

I mentioned Fototripper, or Gavin Hardcastle, as one of my favourite channels in that one post as well, and I still am loving his videos. He is a unique mix of comedy sketches and really good photography tips, and of course just beautiful settings and photos. Every video of his just makes me laugh and Gideon and I have actually been watching him together and enjoying it very much. My favourite video is still this one, but all his other videos are worth checking out as well if you are looking for something both hilarious as well as interesting and photography based.

Let’s move onto some more fashion based content, shall we? I have recently started watching The Kitty Luxe after following Holly on Instagram for quite some time, and I am enjoying it very much. She has the best style, so so fun and colourful, and she also seems like a lovely person. She has a bunch of styling videos and hauls that make me want to buy every clothing item she as (I won’t, I promise) because she makes it look so good. I also love her Instagram as well, she has great at home photos. On a side note, her home Instagram account also gives me so much inspiration for my own house, definitely interior goals.

The last smaller channel I wanted to share today is a Dutch one. I don’t watch a whole lot of Dutch YouTubers, but I have to say I love the vlogs Kimsaarr puts up every week. I again had been following her on Instagram for a long time before she started vlogging, and it is so lovely following along with her life. She has the cutest baby girl and seems like a really nice person. I feel like, because she is Dutch, she is a bit more relatable than some other people I watch on YouTube which is fun. Like I said, she just started vlogging late last year and her channel isn’t very big yet, but she seems quite comfortable in front of the camera already.

Bigger channels

Moving on to a few bigger channels I am loving at the moment, and of course I have to start with Fleur DeForce. I have been following her for years and years, and I have never tired of her content. Her fashion videos, beauty videos and her at home vlogs she currently does almost every weekend just entertain me so much. She has 3 adorable dogs, the loveliest little daughter and a home that I can only dream about. I believe she is the one YouTuber that I have never unsubscribed from, and she is also probably the YouTuber I have been following the longest. And I can’t see myself stop watching her anytime soon.

Did I say I loved that beautiful English home from Athena Mellor? Well Josie from Fashion Mumblr just moved in the most amazing home in the Cotswolds, and she is showing it all in her videos right now, as well as on her Instagram account. I started following her only a couple of months ago and fell in love with her fashion videos and just overall personality, but her current house videos are just next level. She has the most amazing style, both home and fashion, and two of the cutest sausage dog ever. Her current videos are nice and long and she also uploaded almost every day at the moment, and I am just living for her content right now. She also has a beautiful Instagram, and just in case you need some more home content, check out the Instagram account she made for the house as well.

Back to some outdoorsy photography channels, and I think I mentioned Thomas Heaton in that one post as well. But I, me and Gideon both, still love his channel so much. He firstly has beautiful photos, but his outdoor videos are also amazingly filmed. His at home videos are both interesting and hilarious and we both have learned a lot about cameras and photography since we’ve been following his channel. We haven’t actually watched him in a few weeks, but I plan on having a little binge watch of his videos this weekend.

Moving on to fashion, I have been watching Emily Mariko since she had a little over 2000 subscribers, and she has since grown to a channel with around 280.000 subscribers in just a few years. I love her personality and her style, she has the most fun, happy and bright clothing you can think of. She does great hauls and styling videos, and currently does a series on her channel where she shops and unboxes items from smaller/local shops. They are in a bit of a blog style which is so fun, and of course the whole supporting local businesses thing is great. I’ve really enjoyed following along with her YouTube journey so far, and I am definitely sticking around for more.

The last channel I wanted to mention today is Blogilates. I used to watch her years ago, but kind of stopped watching workout channels after a while. Until, of course, we all suddenly had to stay home all the time and thus had to do workouts at home, and I immediately went back to her channel to see if I could find some workout videos I loved. And I did. She does a lot of Pilates type workouts, or mixes elements of that into other style workouts and I really love that. I followed along with the 7 day ab challenge she did last week and although I was struggling all the way through and definitely couldn’t do it all, I still feel like I saw and most importantly felt results. I am trying to combine some of her videos into the perfect everyday routine for myself, but will also keep an eye on the weekly or monthly challenges and calendars she does, because they are so great to follow along with. She also has a wide range of harder and easier workouts, of things focused on one body part/area. At this rate I might come out of this lock down with actual muscle strength 😉

Now, confession time. I have actually been thinking about trying out YouTube for myself. For as long as I’ve been watching it I’ve thought that it looked so fun to do, another kind of creative outlet I guess, and a fun way to document your life and look back on certain things. I actually filmed a few videos already just to try it out and play around with editing and stuff, and I kind of like how they turned out. But it feels so awkward and uncomfortable to upload it for the world to see, the thought of it makes me very self conscious I guess. But then I also feel like it would be a fun new hobby, especially for as long as I am still mostly staying home. It would also give me a way of doing maybe some different things than what I do here on the blog, things that work better in video format.
I don’t know, so what do you think. Should I do it?

Anyways, those are a few of the YouTube channels I am currently enjoying a lot. Are there any smaller channels that you’ve been loving lately?

Thanks for stopping by ❤