All The Slides – Not So Weekly Highlights

I haven’t had much use for shoes these days because I haven’t really been leaving my house except for our occasional early morning hike, and when we had Gideon’s dad’s dog staying with us last week. But there are still two pairs of shoes I have been wearing religiously over the last few weeks.

I think I mentioned in a few of my fashion posts lately that I do try to get dressed on my workdays, and even on my days off as well sometimes. It just makes me feel a little more productive and put together than spending all day every day in my pajamas or lounge clothes. And with that whole look usually come shoes as well. Well, shoes… more like slides. I have been wearing my two pairs of slides almost every day, going for the fancier or more casual pair depending on the day, time of day and weather. It just feels nice to actually have something on my feet, as weird as it sounds it just makes me feel a little more productive or something.

Let’s start with the pretty pair because they just make me the most excited, and they are also the newest. I have worn these pretty much every day when the weather was so lovely a few weeks ago. They are just so incredibly cute, easy to slip on and very comfortable as well. I just wear them around the house and in the garden, and they just make me feel a little more dressed up and happy. These style well with skirts, dresses, jeans and shorts (you can see one way of styling them in this post) and I am so looking forward to wear them all summer long, hopefully by that time outside of the house sometimes as well. I only got them a few weeks ago, but I am already getting so much use out of them and they are definitely a quarantine fashion highlight for me. You can find them here on the Sacha website, although I have to say that I am lusting after this pair as well.

The more casual pair of slides I am living in at the moment are these from The North Face. I got them about 2 years ago now and I have pretty much been using them as warm weather slippers ever since. I put them on first thing after I get out of bed and wear them around the house and in the garden all day. Now that it is not warm enough (in my house at least) to go barefoot I wear these slides with just any pair of socks I can find for that super sexy look 😉 These are just incredibly comfortable and so so easy to slip on and of, and it is nice to have a pair that doesn’t have to look cute but that I can just kind of wear whenever and wherever without having to worry about them, like I would a little bit with the other slides. Basically the Sacha slides are my “I want to look cute and feel productive” shoes right now, and the The North Face ones are my “I need something on my feet because otherwise I’ll be cold” pair. What more do you need?

I have to confess that I do sometimes also still steal Gideon’s Adidas slides that are a good 7 sizes too big for me, but that is mostly just out of convenience because they are the closest pair to my feet at that time. Mostly I have been living in these two lovely pairs of shoes, all day every day since I’ve been staying home.

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