Naïf Mini Haul & First Impressions

Yes, I did a little online beauty shopping, and I am very excited about it.

I have been wanting to try out some more Naïf products for a while now. As you could’ve seen in my recent hair care routine, I am actually already using their conditioner, and I love it a lot. It makes my hair very soft and moisturizes very well, and the fact that it is natural and better for the environment and all that good stuff just makes it even better. So I decided that I wanted to try out some more products from the brand. I am trying not to buy things I don’t need, but as it happens these are all things that I do need, so it felt like the perfect time to place an order on their website and give their products a shot.

The brand

First a little bit more about the brand though, because.. well, I think it’s fun to learn a bit more about the brand that makes the products. Naïf is, like I mentioned before, a natural skin and body care brand, which actually started out with just baby products in 2013. The two guys that started the brand had just become first time fathers, according to their website, and decided to make their own baby products after finding out that lots of baby products still contain some harmful ingredients. Apparently women liked the products a lot, not only for their children but also for themselves, so Naïf made a skin and body care range for adults (it says women on the site, but like, why can’t men use it as well?). And then their newest addition is a sun protection range, I believe they started selling that not too long ago, maybe last summer.

Naïf products are full of natural ingredients and don’t contain mineral oils, chemical preservatives (is that the right word?) or any harsh chemicals. Furthermore their packaging is made out of bioplastic, their products are vegan and animal friendly and their sunscreens are not harmful for the ocean. They also have a lot (like, A LOT) of information about what they do to be more sustainable on their website.

Basically, I am very excited to try these products.

The products that I got

Let’s start with the nourishing hand cream, as that is the product I have been using most since I got is. It cost me €12,95 for a 75 ml bottle so definitely not super cheap, but not too expensive either. Like I said, I have been using this a lot since I got it last week, mostly because of course I have been washing my hands so much these days that they need a little extra moisture and TLC. I like this, although I am not absolutely blown away by it. It does what it should do really well, which is moisturize my hands, and for the most part in sinks into the skin quite quickly, but it does leave a little bit of a residue and if you don’t like that at all, then this might not be for you. It doesn’t bother me too much though, but I would have preferred it to sink in completely. The scent is pretty basic and it really reminds me of something that I can’t really put my finger on. It is either something my mom used to use (or still uses) as a beauty product, or maybe a baby product or something (which wouldn’t be surprising, considering they started as a baby brand). On the website it say that this hand cream has a natural UV filter which is something I really REALLY like as I haven’t really been able to find it in any other hand creams, so that is definitely a bonus for me. Overall I do like this product, it does what it should do and I will continue to use it, but like I said before, I am not blown away by it.

I also picked up the purifying body scrub from the brand, as a scrub is something that I keep forgetting to pick up and now I finally thought of it. This scrub is a pretty normal price I think at €14,95 for 150 ml. I have used this a few times now, and I like it. It does what it’s supposed to do: it softens my skin and it feels quite nourishing as well because of the macadamia oil. This has tiny little rice bits as the scrubbing factor, and they are quite mild so I feel like this is a good every day or maybe every other day scrub, which is nice because that means I can work this into my shower routine a lot easier than if I have to remember to use this once a week. Honestly, as I am writing this I just tested out a little bit on the back of my hand, just to be able to describe it a bit better, and my hand immediately feels a bit softer now, but not at all dry or stripped. And that was what my legs feel like after using this in the shower well. I am pretty impressed and I will definitely use this up, and probably repurchase it as well.

Pretty much the whole reason that I went to the Naïf site in the first place, is because I really wanted to try the SPF 30 facial sunscreen. I was very curious to see how it compares to my beloved Rituals facial sunscreen, because so far I haven’t found anything that I love more than that one. There are two big differences between the products right away: this Naïf one is SPF 30 whereas the Rituals one is SPF 50. However, I feel like I have heard many times that there isn’t a massive difference in protection between the two SPF heights (what the hell are you supposed to call that?) so that doesn’t bother me too much. The other difference is the price. The Rituals one is €15 for 50 ml and the Naïf one is €24,95 for the same amount, so definitely a bit more expensive. But I do believe that the Naïf one is more natural, packaging included, so I do think the higher price tag could be worth it. In therms of how this one actually feels on the skin.. I like it. Not more than the Rituals one, but not less either. I really, truly like this sunscreen. I have used it only once so far to test it out and it felt nice on the skin, there was no annoying overwhelming scent, it didn’t break me out and it felt quite moisturizing. I feel like this didn’t sink into the skin as quickly as the Rituals one but there isn’t a massive difference, and yea, it just felt really nice. I will definitely use this up and also consider buying it again as my everyday sunscreen. If, of course, it also doesn’t break me out when I use it longer.

And lastly, the cooling after sun, that you van use on both face and body. I have to confess, I haven’t properly tested this yet, as we just haven’t had any very sunny days yet. But I have tried this on my hand and I have to say, I think I will like it. It does truly feel cooling on the skin, it sinks in nicely and it has a kind of almost watery texture when you rub in into the skin. It smells kind of the same as the hand cream but more fresh, and it is actually very pleasant. I really, really like this and can’t wait to use this when the sun is out again. I do however feel like this won’t last me very long, as it is for both face and body and when you use this all over the body, the 100 ml will go fast. But then again, I don’t use after sun a whole lot because I always forget, so maybe this tube is perfect for exactly one summer. You pay €14,95 for the 100 ml tube which I think is a good price, and I look forward to using this after a hot, sunny day.


I like Naïf. I like the products so far because they seen like good products, but I like them even more because they are good for the world as well, and because it is nice to support a Dutch brand. I already knew I would be repurchasing the conditioner (which is this one, by the way) and now I think I have found some more products that could become favourites of mine. I am happy that I ordered these things, and I can see myself buy more products of the brand because I am curious to see how for example the day and night cream preform, as well as the shampoo. If I do order more bits one day, I will of course keep you updated 🙂

Thanks for stopping by ❤