Reading Update – April 2020

I cannot believe we’ve made it to May, time is going by so fast. And what I also can’t believe is that I’ve managed to not buy any books 2 months in a row!! I’m pretty proud of myself for that one.

I honestly thought I would be buying books this month, and to be honest I added some to my shopping basked multiple times. But then each time I went “well, I first want to read that other book, before I get this one” or the book I wanted would take aaages to ship, or was just sold out. But I do really think May will be the month that I buy a few books, there are just ones that are so high on my wish list, and hopefully I will have also read enough books by then to justify buying more. Because April was, again, a pretty good reading month for me. I read another 3 books, and started on number 4, which makes me feel very good about my reading habits. It’s just all those days spend outside in our garden in the sun with a glass of wine, it works wonders for my reading goals.

Heart Of Darkness – Joseph Conrad

A novel of hallucinating violence and strangeness. Heart Of Darkness tells the story of the sailor Marlow and his entanglement in the horrors of colonialism in Africa. He travels up the Congo on a steamer in search of the great ivory trader, Kurtz, the ‘universal genius’ who rules his lands through terror, and has made himself into a god.

This is the first book I finished this month, and I think I already mentioned in last months reading update that I didn’t love it. Which made me kind of sad, because I had really hoped to like it. I guess I just didn’t really get the story or something. I think it was mostly the writing style, it is written as though it is being told by someone and that made the story feel a bit all over the place for me, and at points I had a hard time following the events and the time line. Maybe my expectations were just too high, as I just loved the film adaptation a lot and I kept comparing the book to it. That of course it a bit dumb of me, but oh well. I feel like maybe, if the writing style was different, I would have enjoyed it more but it wasn’t the case so I gave this 1 star. Hopefully my next classic will be better.

False Value – Ben Aaronovitch

Peter Grant is facing fatherhood, and an uncertain future, with equal amount of panic and enthusiasm.
Leaving his old police life behind, he takes a job with Silicon Valley tech genius Terrance Skinner’s new London start-up, the Serious Cybernetics Corporation.
Drawn into the orbit of Old Street’s famous ‘silicon roundabout’, Peter must learn how to blend in with people who are both civilians and geekier than he is. Compared to his last job, Peter thinks it should be a doddle. But Magic is not finished with the Met’s first trainee wizard in fifty years…
Because a secret is hiding somewhere in the building. A technology that stretches back to Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage, and forward to the future of artificial intelligence. A secret that is just as magical as it is technological – and twice as dangerous.

The second book I finished this month was thankfully a really big success. I mean, I didn’t expect any less from the newest Rivers Of London book, but it was still nice to have such a good read after a quite disappointing one. I think I enjoyed False Value more even than the last few books in the series. Don’t get me wrong, I still loved those as well, but I feel like you could kind of feel that he was finishing that one story line, and the new story line we started in this new one, I very much like. The humor, the writing style, the characters and the magic were just how I’ve loved it throughout the series, and what I loved with this one is that you again learn more about the magic in other countries and about the history and background of the magic in England and some of the characters as well. I am so very excited for the next book, whenever that may come, and I gave this one 5 stars.

The Big Four – Agatha Christie

Framed in the doorway of Hercule Poirot’s bedroom stands an uninvited guest, coated from head to foot in dust. The man stares for a moment, then he sways and falls.
Who is he? Is he suffering from shock or juste exhaustion? Above all, what is the significance of the figure 4, scribbled over and over again on a piece of paper. Poirot finds himself plunged into a world of international intrigue, risking his life – and that of his “twin brother” – to uncover the truth.

What can I say, Poirot always makes me happy, and with this book it was no different. I feel like this was a little bit different from most of the other Agatha Christie books I’ve read so far, or at least from the other Poirot books, but not in a bad way. This was almost a little bit James Bond like, it was a much bigger case than I’m used to from Poirot, but it was still so much fun and I flew through the book. It had some twists and turns that I did see coming, and them some that I definitely didn’t, which is often the case for me with these books. I gave it 4 stars, a really great read! And now I want to pick up more Agatha Christie books.

Practical Magic – Alice Hoffman

As children, sisters Gillian and Sally were forever outsiders in their small New England town, teased, taunted and shunned for the sense of magic that seemed to hang in the air around them. All Gillian and Sally ever wanted was to get away.
Years later, tragedy brings the sisters back together. They’ll find that no matter what else may happen, they’ll always have each other.

The book I am currently reading, and am almost 1/4th of the way through, is Practical Magic. I think I mentioned in a few posts already that I was really looking forward to giving this book a try, and that it had been on my mind for a while now. So, of course, I had to pick it as my next read. So far, it is okay, it is a lovely read but I am not blown away by it. I don’t get that “I just want to continue reading” feeling that I have with some other books, but I definitely don’t dislike it either. It is lovely, magical and it’s also a nice change from what I have read recently. It is an easy to read book for me, which is nice, but it is not mind blowing. However, I look forward to finishing it soon, and I do still intend on reading the prequel afterwards. I predict this to be a 3 star read, enjoyable but not an absolute favourite. We shall see next month 😉

Another sort of 3,5 book reading month for me, I am very happy with that and hope to keep up with it!

How many books did you read this month, and what was your favourite?

Thanks for stopping by ❤