Spring Outfits I Wish I Was Wearing – A Look Book 2020

I mean, of course I can still wear these outfits, and in some cases I do. But it’s just different when the only place I am wearing these is at my improvised desk in my living room, or in my garden.

Anyways, so yea, a little spring look book, just because I felt like it and it cheers me up to play around with these clothes and outfits. As you may have seen in my post on Friday, I got a few new pairs of shoes, ones that I had been wanting for a while, so I had to incorporate those in some of the outfit. Styling them has been a lot of fun, and I am now really looking forward to the day that I can wear these out of the house. And then of course I also had some items that I had been looking forward to wearing all winter, that I desperately wanted to style so they made it into this post as well.

Blouse: Secondhand – Jeans: Vintage (via Episode) – Slides: Sacha

Let’s start with the looks that I do actually wear at the moment, but only around the house. It is a bit of a monochromatic look with the all blue, but the shoes add a different (and very summer-y) touch. It is also, I realize now, an almost completely secondhand look, so yay for that. I love these vintage mom jeans that I picked up a few years ago. They are originally from the brand Wrangler, and I don’t know how old they are but I imagine pretty old. They fit so well, are so cute and they have zero stretch but are still pretty damn comfortable. I paired them with this secondhand blouse that is a near perfect colour match, which I styled with the buttons half open and tucked into the jeans for a nice and relaxed feel. To finish off the ultra comfortable look, I paired this outfit with my new leopard print slides. I am actually truly obsessed with this look, and have been enjoying wearing it around the house and in the garden.

Top: Zeeman – Jeans: Vintage Levi’s – Shoes: Dune London – Belt: Vintage (via Vintage Island)

Another almost monochromatic jeans look, this time in the ultimate summer colour (in my eyes): white. I paired another pair of vintage jeans, this time Levi’s, with a cropped top that I cut myself. It is actually a men’s t-shirt, so it has that oversized, relaxed fit that I love. Because the jeans are a little bit big around my waist, I added a brown leather belt (also vintage) and to finish it all off and add a fancier touch, I wore my pink loafers. I absolutely love this look, it makes me so happy to look at and it just feels so spring and summer appropriate. I haven’t actually worn it yet, aside from taking this photo of course, but I now really want to. I think this would actually also look lovely with the Sacha slides to tie in the brown of the belt, but I feel like the loafers make it a bit more city appropriate.

Dress: Mango – Cardigan: Secondhand – Shoes: Dune London – Belt: H&M

Moving on to outfits with dresses, as that is something I just haven’t really been wearing around the house. I love dresses, but it feels too fancy for at home when there is literally no one that sees me (except my boyfriend of course). So, I really wish I could wear them out, but I can’t, so now I will stick to dreaming about wearing them, and styling them for photos. Anyways, I went for a look that would be Dutch spring appropriate, even though we’ve been having a ridiculously warm spring this year. I paired this lovely linen dress with my new wedge heels for that fancy spring look. To warm it all up a bit I threw on this cashmere cardigan. I would rather have used a lighter coloured cotton one, but seeing as I don’t own a lighter coloured cotton cardigan I went with this one as I feel like the colour still works well with the dress. To bring back a bit of shape in my body, I added a belt around the whole thing , and I feel like it actually works pretty well. I would definitely wear this to the office, where I could take the cardigan off if it got a bit too hot.

Dress: Mango – Top: H&M – Shoes: Nike – Socks: Zeeman

When I picked up this linen dress at the end of last year, I envisioned wearing it is spring, layered exactly like this with a little turtleneck, sneakers and my frilly little socks pocking right out. Well, let’s hope I can wear it this way in summer. Although, maybe not with the turtleneck underneath. I love this look though, as you may remember I did a similar thing in my combat boots look book a few months ago, but with tights and, obviously because of the name, combat boots. I feel like this is the perfect spring version of the look though, and I so so wish I could wear it out and take some cute photos in it. I really like the black and white combination, it is very much my style and in my comfort zone. I feel like I could just bout get away with this look at the office, even without the turtleneck, but I do have a very relaxed dress code. How incredibly cute are the puffy sleeves of the dress though? I truly love this look and the almost Victorian style (is it Victorian?) vibe it has on top.

Dress: Vintage (via Episode) – Top: H&M – Boots: Sacha

This last outfit is a variation of one that I wore a few years ago (in this Instagram photo for example), and I have been wanting to recreate it for quite some time now. Obviously, in the photo I wore a black t-shirt (stolen from my dad, by the way), but this time around I felt like this denim dress would also air really well with my white turtleneck top, and it does. It is, like with all these outfits, a way to just keep a little bit warmer in the Dutch spring, although like I said before it has been unusually hot this year, but I feel like especially with the white top it is still quite spring appropriate. To finish the look and recreate that one outfit I added my beloved heeled booties, although I feel like this look would also be really cool with the wedges or some tan suede cowboy style boots.

Those are some of the outfits I wish I could show off outside of my house, and away from the internet, although showing them on the internet is not too bad either. I cannot wait for this all to be over, and hopefully I can wear some of these looks before autumn and winter are back and it gets too cold for bare legs..

Thanks for stopping by ❤