New In Fashion (& Random Bits) – Spring 2020

We may have to stay inside all the time these days, but that doesn’t mean we can’t shop! Ah, the joys of the internet.

Although I am not the biggest online shopper, especially not for clothes or shoes, I do occasionally pick up something in my favourite stores. And with the Easter sales that happened not too long ago I just couldn’t help but pick up a few things that have been on my wish list for a little while.
I also bought a few random bits that have been keeping me busy now that I spend all my time at home, and since I am enjoying these so much I though I would share them in this post as well.

Shall we start with the random bits? Let’s start with the random bits. I firstly bought a workout mat a few weeks ago. This had actually been on my to buy list for a pretty long time already as I have been getting into at home workouts a lot lately (just a very small and easy 10 minute routine, but still) so I had been wanting to buy one for a while, and lockdown just pushed me over the edge I guess. I specifically wanted a thicker, squishier one because I just don’t find those really thin yoga mats very comfortable. The one I picked up was around €22 and is from the brand Avento and I love it a lot. It is very comfortable, rolls up nice and small and I quite like the olive-y green beige colour. I have been using this almost every evening for my workouts, so it was definitely worth getting.

The other random thing is another fitness type item: a hula hoop. Omg, this is so fun to use, and I do feel like it is also a pretty good workout. Spin this around for 10 minutes and you can definitely break a bit of a sweat. I have again used this almost everyday, with the nice weather we’ve had mostly in the garden but I can make enough space in my bedroom or living room as well to use this. It is a nice workout to do as I am watching TV or YouTube videos, or just when Gideon and I are hanging out outside. Gideon has actually been using the hula hoop as well and has been really enjoying it too. We are basically reliving our childhoods and working out all at the same time 😉 The hula hoop is from the brand Tunturi and cost me around €27.

This Barts Amsterdam visor is basically the best summer item I could wish for. I had kind of been looking for something like this last year, as I wanted something to protect my face from the sun without getting in the way of buns or high pony tails, but I wasn’t really invested in my search yet. However, over the past few weeks since we’ve been home all the time and with this beautiful weather we’re having, I decided to have a good look around at a cute visor, and I ended up with this one. I like it a lot, the bow at the back that allows me to adjust the cap to my head size (which, as it turns out, is on the smaller side) and the little cap that perfectly protects my face from the sun. I can easily wear this with sunglasses, nothing gets in the way which is great, so my perfect summer combination is born. I kind of still want to get a really cool big summer hat, which is kind of what I’d been thinking of before I picked up this one, but more so for the variation and the cool pictures that that I actually need one now that I have this. It was also not too expensive, around €30.

When I saw that these Ralph Lauren sunglasses were back in stock on De Bijenkorf (a Dutch department store) AND they were 30% off, I basically died and went to heaven. I have been wanting these sunglasses for almost a year now (well, since August, so not really a year), ever since I bought my other sunglasses from the same brand. At the time I was trying to chose between the two, and ended up going for the other ones as they are what I had in mind at the time, but I just couldn’t get these out of my head either. However, every time I went to pick them up, they were sold out, out of stock or had just completely disappeared from the website or store. So when I saw they were back in stock this past Monday and with the discount, I didn’t hesitate for a moment (well, maybe one moment) and snatched them up right away. And I am in love. The whole slightly square or hexagon or whatever it is shape is just so cool. They are very different from my other sunglasses so I can nicely switch between the two, and I am just very happy with them. I feel like my tiny little sunglasses collection is complete now. Yes, they were not cheap (€114 originally but almost €80 with the discount) but considering I have been thinking about them for so long and I love the other ones so much, I think it is totally worth it.

And then, for some reason, I have bought two pairs of shoes. Why, now that I don’t have anywhere to wear shoes to, I don’t know. Well, I do actually, I have been wanting both pairs for a while now. And why now? Well, sales. So actually two pretty good reasons I guess.

Anyway, the first pair of shoes are these Sacha slides that I picked up for €30 (originally around €60). I had been thinking about getting some cute slides since last summer, when I noticed that a) I really liked the style on other people and b) I really wanted some quick, easy to slip on open shoes for running out the house, but ones that would still go with most outfits. I have my North Face slides, but those aren’t really out of the house shoes for me, my sandals are too much fuss to quickly slip on and my loafers are closed, so also not really what I wanted. So when I spotted these on the Sacha website, I knew they were what I had been looking for. I love the strappy design and the pony hair leopard print, it really adds something to the look. But they are still very easy to style and versatile, and I have already been wearing them a ton around the house. I got them in a size 38, and although I feel like I could have gotten away with a 39 as well (I am in between sizes annoyingly, and not many stores here do half sizes as far as I know) they still fit really well, and I am very happy with them.

The other shoes I picked up are these very pretty Dune slingback wedges. These are the summer heels I have been looking for since those very hot days last year. Again, I got them in the Bijenkorf sale. Originally around €90 I think, but I got them for €67. Still a decent amount of money but Dune London is a very good brand, and I do love these a lot. I like the light colour, I was going back and forth on these and the all tan leather pair, but I feel like ultimately this light canvas pair is more summer appropriate, and a bit different to all my other shoes. They are adjustable in the back which is great, because with these I went with a 39 and feel like I might have gotten away with a 38, but they still fit well. Just like the slides basically. I am mostly imagining these with summer dresses and skirts at work, which is why I wanted them in the first place, but they would also look great with jeans and trousers and of course I would also wear them to summer parties (like I ever go to summer parties) or just on casual days. They are nice and comfortable and stay up pretty well on my heels, although they do slip off sometimes but I feel like that is mostly my heel’s fault, and not the shoe’s. Bottom line, I am very happy with them and I can’t wait to show them off outside of my garden.

And lastly I thought I would share my new phone case from Ideal Of Sweden that I got gifted as part of a little (unpaid) Instagram collaboration I am doing with the brand to promote their spring sale. They currently have up to 70% off everything on the site, including this very pretty floral case. You can also use my personal discount code taramonfils15 for an additional 15% off your order. How great is that?! Anyways, this is probably my favourite case I got from them, I love the super summery floral, it is such a romantic vibe and I very much enjoyed taking photos with it. I am now lusting over the matching cordless charger, I might order that before the sale ends..
Just to clarify, they don’t know I am mentioning this on the blog, I just wanted to share as I am absolutely in love with the case 🙂

Now what about you, have you been shopping online more since lock down, or less? Or just the same as before? I have definitely never bought so many fashion items online in my life, and I should probably stop now (I will, or at least I’ll try) because I have nowhere to wear them anyways. But I am very happy with what I got.

Thanks for stopping by ❤