Interior Wish List – Spring 2020

Now that I spend so much time in and around my house, I am suddenly seeing a lot of things that I want to add or change in my interior, and thus my home wish list has expanded a lot.

Although, a few of the things were already on my wish list, but I definitely added a lot as well, or have a better understanding of what item exactly I am looking for. And trust me, I’ve been looking. A lot of our interior is actually secondhand, so if I can find some of these things secondhand it would be great, but I have also been browsing regular stores a lot to see if they have something that fits my vision perfectly. Actually, I should say our vision, because my boyfriend does kind of sometimes have a say in certain things as well. Or so I let him think.. 😉

One thing that has been on my wish list for quite some time, are some cute fake plants, and I’ve now finally convinced Gideon that fake plants is the way to go for us for now. Don’t get me wrong, I love real plants and would actually prefer getting real ones, but they just never survive in our house. I don’t know if it is our own fault for not taking good care of them, or if it is our house’s fault because it is just not very plant friendly, but point is they always die. So for now I have decided to go the fake route. I have a couple specific ones in mind: I want one of those little waterfall like plants for on top of my new bookshelves, I think that would look really cute. I want some fake flowers or leaves for in this very tall vase I have that currently only has some lights in, and I think some flowers or something would make it look a little prettier and more interesting. And I want a plant for on top of our dresser in our very dark hallway. We had a real plant there for a while, but that poor thing died within a month. I am currently browsing all the home wear websites to see what they’ve got, and I think I might have found a few good ones at Ikea, so I’ll probably order a few soon.

Something else I have been looking for for a while, and I’m actually hoping I will find it secondhand, is a nice tall floor lamp for next to the chair in our living room by the bookcase. I just have a vision of the cutest little reading corner, with a cool simple vintage looking lamp, maybe with a cool lampshade or something like that. Gideon mostly wants this one to add some more light to the room without us having to turn on the overhead lights, so he’s going for that cozy effect, which I am totally cool with. We’ve already been looking around at lamps a bit, both secondhand as well as new, but so far we haven’t seen anything that we both like that also makes sense in the space we have. So with this one the hunt still continues.

Our living room is not a very cozy space at the moment, so one thing I would really like to add is a rug. We actually had one for a long time, and we still have it somewhere, but it is just the single most annoying thing in the world as it hold a lot, I repeat A LOT of dust, that it just happens to release all over the living room right as we have vacuumed the whole space. It is also just not one that we love. We got it from Gideon’s grandma when we just moved in together as she wasn’t using it, and in our old home it worked fine, but here we just don’t like it. So I have been looking around a lot for a rug that we both like. I want something light but with maybe some black lines or spots or something (yes, the one that every single person on the internet has), that feels cozy on the feet but isn’t too hard to maintain. I think I saw one on H&M Home the other day that I quite like, so I’ll have to run that one past Gideon soon.

I have been trying to convince Gideon for quite some time that we need a bigger, taller mirror for in our bedroom, and I think I finally did it. The mirror we currently have is still fine, but I have had it since I was probably 16 and it is just a bit too narrow and short for my liking. I just feel like A bigger mirror would first of all just look cool in our bedroom, but it would also be so so great for outfit shots. Priorities, you know. I already know which mirror I want, which is this one from Ikea, as it is big but not too big, and it seems quite subtle to me, well, at least as subtle as a big mirror can be. This is very high on my wish list, so I can see myself picking this one up soon.

I love the bookcase that Gideon made so much, that I actually kind of want him to make me some more. The idea is to have two square little bookcases, just a one shelf thing, that I can maybe style in a cute way with some books and some other little things. I currently don’t have to double stack my books, but I also don’t have a whole lot of space for new ones, and I do have to stack some of my books to make them fit, instead of just having them all stand up straight. So a little extra space would be much appreciated and I also think it would just look really nice in our living room. I imagine them both together on the wall, kind of in an imaginary square with one top left the other bottom right with photo frames top right and bottom left if that makes sense.
We actually have a little bit of wood leftover from the original bookshelves, so I might try and convince Gideon to make at least one more soon.

This whole idea also brings me to my next wish list item, which is more photo frames. We have a few photos scattered around our living room, but I would love some more, and also bigger ones. Gideon and I are both into photography, so it would be cool to have some of our own photos printed a little bigger, and I also would just like to have some more photos of us together or with family/friends actually printed and framed. I might even try to get my hands on some old photos from our grandparents and childhood photos from us to frame. I feel like now is also the perfect time to print photos for our album that we meant to start years ago but never got around to doing, so here’s a fun little activity to do.

So I actually have a few more things on my list, but I thought I would keep those for another time. I mean, I keep adding to my wish list all the time, so I am sure I will do another post like this someday.

Anything you want to change in your space now that you spend a lot of time at home?

Thanks for stopping by ❤