Outfits Of The Week – Working From Home

The fact that I have to work from home now doesn’t mean I can’t dress up, right?

Although, dress up..? I don’t put as much thought in my outfits as I would if I were to actually go to the office, but I definitely do try to get dressed in something other than pajamas, just to make myself feel a little more productive and put together. And also I would honestly just miss jeans if I didn’t get to wear them right now. Because as you will see, I wear a lot of jeans. I just love them.
This week is a Tuesday to Monday week, mostly because I forgot to take a photo of my outfit on the Monday that I meant to start. The photos also aren’t the best quality because the lighting by my mirror isn’t the best, but that’s okay because I like these posts to be casual.


Like I said, I don’t really dress up, but I try to at least wear normal clothes. On Tuesday I went for my black wool sweater from Benetton and my grey Levi’s jeans as a base. Because my house is ridiculously cold I threw on this cardigan that I (well my mother-in-law) got secondhand. My most worn shoes these days are my The North Face slides, and to keep my toes a little warmer I just wore a pair of socks. It’s a look I’ve been rocking a lot these days, socks in slides.


Wednesday was another colder day in my house, so I paired that same Benetton sweater with a pair of blue Levi’s jeans and a rusty orange turtleneck t-shirt from Hema. I took my slides off for the photo, but you best believe I was wearing them all day. Wednesday is always a longer workday for me, so I pretty much spent all day at my improvised office area behind my laptop.


Thursday is my last workday of the week, and I’m not gonna lie, I am very thankful for 4 day work weeks. I paired those same blue jeans with that rusty orange turtleneck, but this time I added this very old grey H&M sweater for an extra layer. Again with the socks & slides to keep me warm and finish off that working from home look.


Ah, Friday, the official start of my weekend. I spend pretty much all day in my Stitch, Please To The Moon jogger set, although I did switch to a t-shirt halfway through because I got a little hot in the sweater. Clearly I also wear my The North Face slides when I am not working because that’s just what I do, I really like these a lot and am so happy I picked them up a few years ago. They are basically my warm day version of slippers. I now kind of want to pick up an office appropriate pair as well..


Okay so I thought I would spend all weekend in lounge clothes but we went on a sunrise walk on Saturday so I actually had to wear shoes. Haven’t done that in a while. It was pretty cold that morning, there was frost on the ground, so I had to layer up quite a bit. I paired those same blue jeans with my white H&M turtleneck tee, and a Jack & Jones sweater that used to be Gideons but shrunk in the wash (just to be clear, it wasn’t my fault). For shoes I went with my Ziengs combat boots, although I feel like my Timberlands would’ve been reallly cute with this look as well. I have to admit though, as soon as we got home and I had taken this photo, I went straight back to my joggers.


Sunday was spent in the sun, all day long, and it was so so nice. I really didn’t try too hard with my outfit, all I wanted was to be comfortable and not too hot. I paired these vintage cut-off denim shorts with a Zeeman tank top that I cut as well, as it was annoyingly long. What you can’t see underneath, but what I ended up wearing more than the white top, is a bikini top. And of course, the ever recurring slides for walking around, not that I did a whole lot of that.


Monday meant I had to get back to work, so it was another day in normal non lounge clothes. It was a very warm day outside, but inside my home it was still a little chilly so I had to add an extra layer. I paired my current favourite H&M summer dress with an old black H&M belt and my Zeeman cardigan for inside. And of course, again, my slides. This dress by the way doubles perfectly as a bikini cover up if you completely unbutton it, I wore it after work this day with my bikini top and some little white shorts and absolutely loved it.

And that is a little peek inside my WFH wardrobe. Nothing too fancy, but I still definitely like to get dressed in the morning to make me feel a little more productive. I am actually surprised that my vintage mom jeans didn’t make this week’s outfits, because I have been loving them so much these days.

Are you more of a lounge wear WFH kinda person, or do you get actually dressed as well?

Thanks for stopping by ❤