Things To Do During These Lock Down Days (Weeks.. Months..)

Just in case you’re not working at the moment because you can’t work from home, or because you are otherwise bored out of your mind during this social distancing period.

Honestly, this blog post is also mostly to give myself inspiration for whenever I don’t know what to do these days. I do work from home currently, I am lucky that most of my work is digital anyways, but since I don’t work full time I suddenly have a lot more free time on my hands that would normally be filled up with going into the city or spending time with friends/family. And even during working hours sometimes there is just nothing to do, and in those moments I also need some extra inspiration for what to do. Although, these days most of my blog posts are being written in that time 😉

Anyways, here’s a bit of inspiration.

Sunrise walks. Obviously at the moment we are being strongly advised not to leave our house unless we really have to, for groceries, medicine and those important things. In some countries this policy is more strict than in other places, here in the Netherlands I feel the restrictions are pretty mild. But still, going outside to busy places at busy times when it is not absolutely necessary is just pretty dumb. However, being stuck inside all day everyday is also not great, so what Gideon and I have been doing for the past two weeks, is go for sunrise walks. We’ve been twice now, once per week, and is is honestly amazing. Both times we arrived at the forest at 6.30 and there as absolutely no one around, it as only on the way back that we saw other people and we could still keep plenty of distance. Not only is it great to beat the (hopefully non-existent) crowds, but it is also just absolutely beautiful to watch the sun come up, that early morning light, this past weekend there was a bit of frost on the ground. Honestly, I now want to go for a sunrise walk every week, even when all this is over. It is totally worth waking up at 5.30 for.

Play around with photos inside. If you’re really into Instagram like me, you may have thought “oh shit, what am I going to do with my photos now that we can’t leave our house?” I know I definitely thought that. Obviously you can take a photo during your daily walk around the neighborhood (if you are still allowed to do that) and I have taken lots of photos on our sunrise walks, but now is also the time to find the cute photo spots inside your own home. I have been looking for a ton of inspiration on Pinterest for cute at home photos, and it really does challenge me to be creative in a different way which is very fun. Your couch/bed/kitchen/garden/balcony can be an amazing photo shoot set!

Get your home/space exactly the way you’ve wanted it. If you feel like your couch/bed/kitchen/garden/balcony isn’t actually the cutest photo shoot set yet, or if there are just things that you’ve been wanting to do for a while but never had the times or energy for, now is the time to make it all look exactly the way you like it. Switch some furniture around to give your home a new and fresh feel, hang those photos that have been laying around for ages, maybe order that new rug or stool that you’ve been wanting for a long time. If you are really handy you could look into making your own items, Gideon for example will finally make a new bookcase for me that he promised months and months ago, because he finally as the time. But of course, even without new items you can make your space feel fresh and new by just switching a few things around or even sometimes getting rid of some things.

Decluttering. Which brings me to my next point. I feel like everyone and their mother is currently Konmarie-ing their way through their home, but let’s be real, now is just the perfect time to do that. We are spending so much time around all our stuff that we can really discover what we use, what we love and what is actually just in the way all the freaking time. And if it is in the way all the time, why do you still have it? Obviously we can’t really go out and donate things, seeing as all the thrift shops are currently closed (at least they are in the Netherlands) but maybe after all that decluttering you have a place free to store all the stuff until we can go out and donate it all.

Give your clothes, shoes and handbags some TLC. Since we’re not really using our outside items all that much anyways, now is the perfect time to clean all your shoes, spray them with protection spray, de-bobble you clothes, fix any tiny holes or lost buttons and clean and emtpy all your handbags. My poor white sneakers have been looking a little worse for wear lately, and most of my (winter) boots could use a good wiping down as well.

Paint, draw or colour. Something a little more relaxing than decluttering, hiking or switching around all the furniture in your house, is drawing, painting or (my personal favourite at the moment) colouring in colouring books. It is just so calming, it is fun, it is creative and you can get totally lost in it. I have 3 colouring books that are keeping me busy at the moment, but I would love to do some painting or drawing as well soon, even though I am not the best at it. I might try to get Gideon to do a couples painting session, that would be very fun! I also know that my sister has picked up portrait drawing again, she is very good at it and now that she has more time on her hands she can draw portraits for friends and family (from photos of course). This is also a good time to try and learn some new techniques, there are plenty of video tutorials on YouTube to help you get started.

Listen to podcasts whilst doing all of the above. Something that I love to do when I am colouring, cleaning the house, taking photos or playing games on my phone is listen to podcasts. My absolute favourite is Crime Junky (if you like true crime go check it out, it is so good) and the host that does that one has also started a podcast about some stranger cases, called Supernatural with Ashley Flowers. I’ve also been getting into The Financial Confessions, a podcasts, surprise surprise, about finances. If you are Dutch I would also recommend Overwerken, where the hosts meet with someone in different jobs or careers every episode. One of the hosts is actually Gideon’s brother so that is how we got into listening to that one, but it really is just a good podcast. I listen to my podcasts on Spotify, so if you have any more recommendations for me please let me know!

Play games. If you live with people (a partner, family, roommates) spending this time playing your favourite games is absolutely perfect! We haven’t actually done it yet these weeks, but I might see if Gideon is up for it tonight because we have monster to defeat in Arkham Horror: LCG. Which, coincidentally, is also a game you can play on your own. But there are so many more fun games out there though, and I am sure every family or friend group has their own go-to’s. For my family it is Settlers of Catan, but we also love Koehandel (I don’t know if that is international though) and Rummikub. I would also highly recommend Quixx, Fluxx and Halli Galli. There are so many amazing games, both shorter ones and some that can keep you occupied for hours. I really actually want to expand our games collection, so recommendations are more than welcome.

Read. I will keep this one short, seeing as half the blog is dedicated to books anyways. But there is nothing better can laying on the couch or in the grass in the garden (or in bed) with a really good book, and there are so many good books out there. I have a whole category here on the blog where you can find a lot of book recommendations, but I am sure everyone also has a few unread books hidden on their bookshelves that are just dying to be read.

Learn a new skill/language. Whether it is painting or drawing, photography, editing videos, knitting, Spanish or whatever else you can think of, learning a new skill is a perfect thing to do during these times. It is fun, it keeps you busy, and you will probably find something that will be useful or fun for the rest of your life. I have been wanting to learn French for so long now, and I have started and given up on the Duolingo lessons many many times, but I plan to give it another shot one of these days, and really get into a routine with it now. There are many ways to learn a new thing, I know many people use Skillshare but there are also a lot of tutorials on YouTube and many apps as well (like Duolingo for a lot of languages).You could also look into those online courses like (here in the Netherlands) LOI or something like that, although they do often cost a bit more money. Still, if it is something you will really enjoy, or if it is something that may be very useful for your career or something, it could be totally worth it.

Take the time to relax and recharge. The most important thing to remember though is that you don’t have to be productive all the freaking time. If you want to spend 3 days in your bed watching Netflix, or tanning in your garden or on your balcony, that is absolutely fine! Have a really good long pamper day with hair and face masks, naps and all the snacks in your pantry, or hang out on the couch as you face time your friends and family. My afternoons this past week(end) have been spent in the sun with a glass of wine and not a thing to do, and it is wonderful. I hope to be going back to work in a few weeks or months or however long this takes feeling recharged and ready to do everything that we couldn’t do away from the office.

And that is it, all the things I can currently think of to do, and the things that I will probably be doing over the next few weeks. I am honestly doing pretty well with this whole staying at home thing, I haven’t set foot in a store for weeks (G does all the grocery shopping) and I haven’t really felt the need to leave my house aside from those sunrise walks. The only thing I am struggling with a bit is working from home, work is just slow sometimes and I also lack some concentration, but I am trying not to be too hard on myself for it.

I hope you all are doing well, staying safe and healthy!

Thanks for stopping by ❤