Lazy Girl Look Book – Spring 2020

I did a Lazy Girl look book years ago, and I have been wanting to do an updated version of this for a while now. And I figured, since most people are working from home these days, probably in their lazy clothes, why not do it now? So here you go.

In case you want to check out the first version I did, check it out over here. Although I am honestly cringing just looking at the photos. For the 2020 version I again mostly went for lounge clothing styled in a way that you could wear it out the house if you really needed to go get groceries or something. Or at least styled in a way that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to answer the door in. I did throw one pair of jeans in the mix though, just for something a little different.

T-shirt: Stitch, Please – Joggers: Bristol – Shoes: Adidas

Outfit number one is for those of you that live in a warmer house or country than me (my house is really really cold), although I might be able to get away with it at the moment if I wore a cardigan on top of the shirt. I paired this old t-shirt with some very light pink joggers that are quite skinny, and to add a bit more shape to my waist, I tied the shirt in a knot to make it cropped. If I wear to run out of the house in this outfit, I would probably style it with my light pink/beige Adidas sneakers to stick to the colour theme. I love the spring vibes of this outfit, especially with the colours of course, and I would definitely wear this if I wouldn’t freeze to death.

Sweater: Sitch, Please – Joggers: Stitch, Please – Shoes: Nike

For outfit number 2 I went with a matching set of my favourite cozy Stitch, Please ‘To The Moon’ sweater (yes I just love their stuff okay) and the matching sweatpants. These are a lot more oversized than the ones in the previous outfit, and they are so comfortable and cozy and perfect to snuggle up in. The whole joggers as everyday clothing thing is a real trend right now and I think this matching set paired with my Air Force 1 sneakers works perfectly together. Again, to give myself a bit of shape, I tucked the sweater into my bra (not that I wear much of those these days, but for the look I had to) and I absolutely love it that way. You best believe I will be living in this outfit for the next few weeks (or 2 moths, as it seems I’ll be working from home until June 1).

Set: Hunkemöller – Boots: Ziengs

Outfit number 3 is another matching set, and one that I believe I shared in a look book before. There is not a whole lot to say about it, this is just the comfiest, coziest grey lounge set, paired with my combat boots to make it all a bit more edgy. I think that this set makes me feel the most put together out of the ones I shared so far, mainly because it is the most fitted but still very comfortable. This, in my eyes, is basically a set that I could sleep in, and then wake up, roll out of bed, brush my hair and feel somewhat put together. Basically, I could live my whole life in this set, or at least my whole life during quarantine. The ultimate lazy girl look, pretty much.

Shirt: Thrifted – Bra: Björn Borg – Leggings: Nike – Shoes: Vans

Look 4 is a bit more sporty, and I love it. It’s that ‘I did my workout and threw on a shirt to keep warm’ vibe, with the sports bra (the only bra I will wear these days, if I really have to) and leggings. I actually like this look a lot with the denim shirt on top to keep me a little bit warmer, and if I for some reason got really got I could always tie it around my waist. To finish it all off I went with my black suede Vans because you really can’t go wrong with those. This is something I could see myself wear on a hike if it was really warm. Oh, how I wish it was warm. And how I wish we could all just go on hikes freely.

Top: Zeeman – Jeans: Thrifted – Slides: The North Face

The last outfit I have to show you is actually what I’ve been wearing most often during my working hours: Jeans and a simple top, with my slides to finish it all off. These mom jeans are actually great for hanging around the house in as they are quite baggy and thus very comfortable. I paired it with a cropped long-sleeved t-shirt, something I would definitely wear currently as it is very simple, looks fine if I have a video meeting and also keeps me relatively warm. The slides are mostly because I tend to run outside every once in a while to get some fresh air, and bare feet is just a little bit too cold. In fact, I tend to also wear cozy socks in the slides, but that looks to ridiculous to actually show in the outfit.

And there you have it, 5 lazy girl outfits that I will definitely be wearing over the next however long this lasts.

Thanks for stopping by ❤