New In Fashion – March 2020

One of my goals this year is to buy less clothes. Not a complete no-buy, but just be more conscious of what I buy and why I buy it. And I have to say, I think I’m doing pretty well!

As I was making a list of what I have bought over the last few months, I actually realized that it is not that much (for me) and I am very proud of that, as I can have a habit of shopping solely out of boredom, or because I am in town anyway and I’m “just having a look”. My clothing/fashion purchases over the last few months though have been overall thought through and I have worn most of them a ton already. Even the few impulse buys have mostly been well loved since I got them, so I feel like so far I’m doing pretty well.

You guys know my love for Stitch, Please sweaters and tees, so when I saw they were going to do sweatpants as well, I immediately ordered a pair and I am not disappointed! The pants are quite baggy and oversized, and really nicely high-waisted. They are soft, comfortable and absolutely perfect now that I have to work from home and spend most of my days inside. I went for the To The Moon pair in the colour Cloud and in a size S and I love them, especially because I already have the matching sweater. Next time (I already know there will be a next time) I will probably get one size bigger just for the extra baggy look and I think I might go for black, because I don’t own any black sweatpants yet.

I found the perfect fancy trousers, finally! This is a pair from H&M, and as soon as I tried them on I was in love. They fit me so so good, nice and skinny but not too skinny, high-waisted (which is something I haven’t really found in other trousers so far), they are not too long but not too short either and they are comfortable but still professional looking as well. I have been looking for something like this for a long time, so I am very happy I found them. I haven’t worn this pair yet but I know I will soon. Well, as soon as I can leave the house again, so maybe not that soon.

I loved that black pair so much, that I bought it in a different colour as well at the same time. I have already worn this pair a few times and I love it. I like the brown colour, it is definitely something different in my wardrobe but still a nice neutral that goes with most of my clothes and I can see myself wearing this in spring and summer as well as in the colder months, paired with lots of different outfits. I try not to shop at H&M too much, but when I do find something I love I cannot help but pick it up. And I do love these trousers very much.

I mean, I say that I try not to shop at H&M too much, but here’s another item from the store. This white turtleneck was a bit of an impulse buy because I thought I might need it for a photo shoot I did a while back (didn’t end up using it though) but it also was kind of on my wish list, if that makes sense.. I may not have worn it on the shoot, but I wore it many times afterwards as it is an item that is so in my comfort zone and style, and I love it a lot. I like that it is a bit if a ribbed fabric as it makes it a little more interesting, but it is very much a simple basic item and I can see myself wearing this for a long time.

Onto some secondhand bits I picked up recently, although this sweater wasn’t actually secondhand and I didn’t pick it up myself. It is actually a sweater Gideon bought a little while ago and he liked it so much, and I liked it a lot on him, but it shrunk ever so slightly in the washing machine and now it is too small for him. Kind of sad, but it does mean that I can steal it from him now. I like the colour a lot, and the baggy oversized fit is right up my street.

Okay, so this secondhand sweater I haven’t worn as much. I really have a sweater addiction, especially when it comes to thrifted sweaters, and when they are only €3,50 I just can’t help myself. I like this sweater a lot though as it is a bit different from all my other ones, with the wrap detail in the front, and I do plan on wearing it more in the future.

I finally found a good black blazer, and it got bonus points because it was secondhand and only around €7,00 (I think, it’s been a while since I bought it). This is a wool and cotton mix, and I always feel extra happy whenever I find a good wool(blend) item in a thrift store for very cheap, especially when it is an item I have been looking for for a while. I have worn this a good few times already, and I will definitely wear it even more.

Last but not least, I picked up this gorgeous wool coat secondhand. I’ve been wanting one to kind of replace my other brown coat, and I think this is the perfect one. It is a bit thinner, so perfect for the in between spring and autumn weather. It fits me really well, and I like the fact that it has buttons instead of a zip, although that does mean that this coat is a little less warm because the wind blows through it a bit more. Still, I am very happy with it and I have already worn it a ton. Definitely a staple this spring!

And that is all the clothing that I have picked up recently. I of course also bought my combat boots, but since I have shown them on here a lot already, I thought I wouldn’t include them in this post.

The header, by the way, is one from a shoot I did with Olivia Giovanni (@oliviagiovanniphotography on Instagram) in February, and I like it a lot.

Thanks for stopping by ❤