5 Books I Want To Read Someday

There are about a million books that I want to read in my life, and I know I will never manage to read them all, especially because I keep adding to that list.

Still, I decided to try and narrow it down to 5 books that I definitely want to read at least once in my life. Not necessarily in the near future, probably not in the next year, but I want to read them one day. I actually own all of these, or I can borrow them from family, so really the only thing that is stopping me from reading them right now is all the other books I have that I want to read as well.

Now, before we dive into the books I should probably mention that most, if not all, of these books were inspired by my dad. As in, I want to read these because he’s recommended them. I feel like he influenced a lot of what I like in therms of books and films/series, and a big chunk of these books are on here because he told me I should read them.

Watership Down – Richard Adams

Let’s start with the book that I don’t currently own, although I’m pretty sure my dad, mom or sister have it somewhere. My dad and middle sister especially love this book and have recommended it to me numerous times. I think I started it years ago but I never got past the first few chapters and in the end I just gave up. I definitely want to give it a shot again though, as I have heard that it is a beautiful story. If you don’t know Watership Down, it follows a bunch of rabbits, yes, rabbits, that go on a quest to find a new home, as the field that they currently live in is not safe anymore which I believe has something to do with humans. It sounds a bit silly with this very quick explanation, but it is supposed to be really good so I definitely want to read it someday.

The Secret History – Donna Tartt

Onto what I actually have here to show you, starting with a book that I have heard so many people rave about: The Secret History by Donna Tartt. I feel like all of booktube loves this book, and many people off the internet as well, and I want in on the fun. It has actually been on my TBR for a while now, especially when I found this edition for €1 in a secondhand store. It is about murder, mystery, but as far as I know it is also so much more than that. I have never read anything from Donna Tartt but my dad very much enjoyed The Goldfinch and like I mentioned before, so many other people love her writing as well. I very much believe that I will enjoy this book once I get started, and I will start it someday.

Pride And Prejudice – Jane Austin

There are a lot of classics that I want to read, I have mentioned that on the blog many times already. And one book that is very high on the list of classics I want to read someday, is Pride and Prejudice. I absolutely love the film and I just think I should read the book as well, or at least give it a shot. My friend gifted me this beautiful edition a few years ago and I actually read the first few pages when I first got it (this seems to be a recurring theme) but I never ended up finishing it. I want to though, I really want to give this another shot and actually finish it someday.

Joe Speedboot – Tommy Wieringa

Wow, a Dutch book made it on the list. My dad has been raving about this book for years now, said that if I was going to read one Dutch book it should be this, and thankfully we gifted it to G a couple of years ago so I actually don’t have to buy it to read it. This book is about a boy who is I think is completely paralyzed, in a wheelchair, and can’t speak. Somehow he befriends a boy named Joe Speedboot, and I honestly don’t know what happens with the rest of the story, but I want to find out. I believe I read the first few pages of this a few years ago, when I was in a bookstore, and I think that I liked it enough to decided that I was going to give it a shot someday. Will someday be this year? Who knows, I mean, I did set a goal to read more Dutch books soo…

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell – Susanna Clarke

Now here’s a book that I read a good chunk of many years ago, probably when I wasn’t even in high school yet. Definitely, actually, because I started this right after finishing The Lord Of The Rings, and I read that one when I was 11. Norrell & Strange, as we always call it, is another book that my dad and middle sister, and maybe my oldest sister as well, absolutely love and have told me to read so many times. And like I said, I got quite far into the book at one time but I think I was just a little too young to actually enjoy it, so I never made it to the end of the story. It has always been my intention to completely finish it though, and I really want to do that sometime in the next few years. This book is set during the Napoleonic war and it is about wizards in England. I believe there were also elves or some sort of fae involved in the story, and from what I can remember it was beautifully written. As I am writing about this right now I am just very excited to dive into the book and see where it goes, and also find of how much of it I can still remember.

There are so many more books that I want to read in my life, for example all the other unread ones on my shelves. but for now this is a small selection.

What is one book you want to read someday?

Thanks for stopping by ❤