The Outfit Diaries – A Week In Drenthe

Last week we escaped normal life and spend a few days in the loveliest little rental home Drenthe, one of the Dutch provinces. And let me tell you, it was wonderful.

It was also way too short, I could have definitely done with an extra week or 2, but it was nice to be away for a bit, out of the normal routine, and to relax and enjoy our time together. Since we drove to our destination I could pack pretty much my whole closet (not true, that wouldn’t have fit in our car and also Gideon wouldn’t have let me) for some cute outfits. I didn’t though, but I did manage to put together some looks that I am really pleased with. We spend almost everyday in the woods hiking, so the outfits needed to be hiking appropriate, and I think I did pretty well. Let’s see what I wore and did, shall we?

Coat: Secondhand – Hoodie: Stitch, Please – Jeans: Levi’s – Boots: Ziengs

Monday was our travel day and first day in Drenthe. We spent most of the morning at home cleaning up the last things and left for the east in the early afternoon. We checked in, unpacked, had a coffee at the local cafe and spend a bit of time just relaxing in our little home. In the evening we went swimming in the pool that’s located in the park we stayed at, which was so nice! And then I am pretty sure I spend an hour in the bathtub afterwards reading, drinking wine and just chilling out. We don’t have a bathtub at home so this was basically my evening routine every single evening, making the most of my limited time with the bath.
For Monday’s outfit I went nice and easy with a oversized hoodie, my current favourite coat, jeans and boots. Comfortable and practical, basically my outfit motto of the week.

Shirt: Secondhand – Turtleneck: Mango – Jeans: Levi’s – Boots: Timberland – Belt: H&M

Tuesday was our first hiking and exploring day, although we first had to go into town because my very smart boyfriend forgot his hiking boots so he had to pick up some sneakers. We then drove back to our little rental home, grabbed our cameras and lunch and walked straight out of the park into the woods. We hiked, took photos explored, chatted and had a lovely time. Pretty much as soon as we got back home about 2 hours later it started hailing like crazy so we got pretty lucky there. We ended the day on the couch, reading (I finished a book, yay!) and playing card games. Later in the evening we actually kind of spontaneously went out to a field nearby to take some photos of the blue hour and mist on the field, something G had been wanting to shoot for a while, and although it was cold it was also stunning.
I actually thought my outfit through a bit more, mostly because I knew we were going to take lots of photos in the woods that day. This one’s actually a look I featured in my Combat Boot Look Book, but obviously modified a little bit with different shoes and an extra layer. I also wore a jacket, but it didn’t look cute enough to actually feature in the photo.

Coat: Secondhand – Sweater: Stitch, Please – Turtleneck: Mango – Jeans: Levi’s – Boots: Timberland – Belt: H&M

Wednesday was again a day filled with hiking. We actually woke up early that morning to catch the sunrise and take some nature photos, mostly for G but I took some as well (that you can find over on @justanothrgirlwithacamera, my other other Instagram account). We then hung around at home, got ready for the day and went on hike number 2, which started out with visiting a Hunebed, an ancient burial site build up from massive stones. You can find quite a few of them in Drenthe and they are actually pretty impressive. I believe this was the only hike on which it rained, so I’d say overall we got pretty lucky with the weather. After our hike we made our way back home and finally played a game of Arkham Horror: The Living Card Game.
Outfit wise I again went with comfortable and practical, but still cute, with a very neutral colour palette of grey, black and brown and enough layers to keep me warm but not too hot. This secondhand wool coat has been a staple in my wardrobe since I picked it up a few weeks ago, and this sweater has been a favourite since forever, especially paired with a turtleneck like in this look. Jeans and hiking boots to finish it of, et voilà, outfit done.

Shirt: Secondhand – Turtleneck: H&M – Jeans: Levi’s – Boots: Timberland

We spent Thursday, our last full day in Drenthe, pretty much the same as all the other days. We went on a wonderful hike, an extra long one this time, took photos at every beautiful spot we could find, and spend some time at the house just hanging out. We also of course started packing up a bit in the afternoon, before we changed into some fancier clothes and went out to dinner in the local restaurant of the park we stayed at. The dinner, and especially the desert, was delicious. In the evening we packed up the last of our things, I took one last nice long bath (didn’t finish my second book sadly) and already started tidying up as much as we could.
For my outfit I dug out the denim shirt again, but wore it open with a white turtleneck underneath. I also tried the denim on denim look with my blue jeans (and I think it worked out really well) and, surprise surprise, I wore my Timberland boots again, my hiking boots this trip. I also braided my hair that day, for a bit of a different look.

Hoodie: Stitch, Please – Joggers: Hunkemöller – Boots: Ziengs

Friday was our final morning in the house. All we really did was pack up the last things, throw everything in the car, say goodbye to our lovely temporary house and drive back home to Utrecht, where we unpacked and hung out around the house for most of the day. Because we got home pretty early in the day I actually managed to convince Gideon to go to Ikea, just to have a look around, which is always fun.
My last outfit is also the most comfortable, because it is basically my pajamas with a big cozy sweater and my combat boots. I had given up looking cute, I just wanted to be comfy.

And now I am well and truly back to real life, back to work and back to desperately wanting to plan our next trip. But let’s be real, I always want to plan a next trip.

Thanks for stopping by ❤