Empties – Winter 2020

Surprisingly, it’s been over 2 months since I did one of these, so it is about time for another empties post!

I usually have enough products to do a post like this every 2 months, but now it’s almost been 3 months since I did my last one and I’m weirdly proud of myself for it. It means less waste and all that fun stuff, right? I did use up some exciting things over the past little while, especially over the last few weeks, so let’s get right into it!

Let’s start with the exciting things: perfume. I finished one of my favourite winter scents of the last few years, Decadence by Marc Jacobs. This is such a beautiful scent, with notes of Italian plum, Iris flower, Bulgarian rose and amber. It is a heavier scent, definitely, but so lovely and warming. I have actually gotten a lot of compliments on it over the years. I started out with a little sample of this, and I am pretty sure I immediately fell in love and decided I had to have a full size bottle. I am not sure if I will buy this again soon, as we are moving into the warmer months and this is definitely a winter fragrance for me, but I can see myself repurchasing it in the future.

The other scent I completely used up is Nina by Nina Ricci. This is one of Gideon’s favourite perfumes on me, and I love it too. I think this is my second bottle of this, and although like Decadence I can see myself repurchasing this again in the future, I don’t think it will be in the next year just because I have others on my wish list as well. It is also a scent that my sister loves and wears a lot, so this always kind of reminds me of her whenever I wear this. It is lovely, with notes of Calabrese lemon, lime, red toffee apple, vanilla infusion, moonflower, peony petals, apple tree wood and cotton musk. Basically lots of things I love to smell like.

Onto some makeup bits I finished this month. I tend to use my mascaras up in about three months, and this time was no different, with the L’Oreal Telescopic mascara. This is one of my favourite mascaras at the moment, I even wrote a little blog post about it a while back, that you can read here. It lengthens my lashes so so well, and adds a pretty good amount of volume as well. Once I run out of the back-up mascaras I currently have, I will definitely buy this one again.

Another favourite that I used up, and that I already repurchased, is the H&M Superfine brow liner. This is such a good dupe for that Anastasia one that everybody (including me) loves. It is just about €20 cheaper, and we like cheaper. As long as it is still good. And this is. The colour matches my brows really well, which is something I often struggle with as I have quite dark brows, the tip is very lovely and thin, it is nice and pigmented but not too pigmented. I just love this, and I like said I already bought a new one. It also lasted me a good amount of time, although that might just have something to do with the fact that I don’t use it every day, but more so bring it with me when I travel/if I need to do my makeup somewhere else. Like at work, when it rains.

I also finished my favourite concealer, the Essence Stay All Day 16h concealer. I have repurchased this many many times, and so far haven’t found a concealer that I prefer over this one. It is that light coverage that I love, but still covers enough, both on it’s own and in combination with a foundation. It is also so very cheap, and yes, I will continue to buy this.

Moving on to hair stuff, starting with another product that you will have seen in many empties posts: the Batiste Divine Brunette dry shampoo. What can I say, I just love this stuff and so far it is the only dry shampoo that I’ve found that works really well on my dark hair. I am trying to scale back on my use of dry shampoo, so I am hoping that my new bottle will last me a little bit longer, but we will see. Maybe it will be featured again in my next empties post.

I have used the Head & Shoulders Nourishing shampoo, or any other shampoo of the brand, on and off for a few years now and I really quite like them. They clean my hair nicely without drying it out, and I do feel like the product makes a difference in how bad my dandruff is. I am currently using different shampoos, one of which I think I really like and one of which I don’t really love, but I can see myself going back to this again in the future. Although, I would like to try a solid shampoo next to save some plastic, so I don’t think this will make it back into my routine any time soon.

I am not too loyal to my hair masks, I tend to pick up whatever I feel sounds nice in that moment, and so I ended up with the L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil hair mask. It is a lovely hair mask, it smells nice and leaves my hair feeling nice and nourished without weighing it down or making it super greasy. I just haven’t found a mask that I am blown away by yet.

The same goes for conditioners, really. I picked up the Garnier Loving Blends Honey Gold conditioner because it was what was available at the time. I have gotten it in the past as well because it is a good product, but it is not a holy grail one. The scent is nice though, and again it nourishes my hair well, but I can also go without it and use a different conditioner. I won’t rule out repurchasing it again, but I am not too loyal to it.

I finished this rose shower gel that I got in a gift set from my aunt a couple of years ago. I never really buy anything rose scented, but I loved the smell of this one and now I want to get some more rose scented things. I think I also have a body butter from the same gift set and if that is still good (like I said, I got it a couple of years ago) I am definitely going to use that up as well.

The Rituals SPF 50 sun protection face cream is an every day product for me, so OF COURSE I have already purchased a new one that I am currently using. I wear SPF every single day to protect my skin from the sun, unless I don’t leave the house at all that day. I like this one because it sinks into my skin really well and doesn’t leave any residue so I can easily wear it underneath makeup. It also doesn’t break me out and it is SPF 50. What more do you want in a sunscreen?

I think I already mentioned in my skincare routine that I wasn’t in love with the Lush Imperialis moisturizer, and although I did like it enough to use it up, I don’t see myself buying this again. There was just something about the cream that didn’t work for me, mostly about the consistency but I also feel like it just didn’t 100% matched with my skin and what I want in a daily moisturizer.

I have to confess, I can’t really remember what I thought of this eye cream. Clearly, it didn’t blow my mind, but I also didn’t despise it or I would’ve remembered. I do know that this was at least my second tine buying the The Body Shop Vitamin E eye cream, because I know I had it before. I feel like this was alright, not amazing, and so I don’t think I will buy this again.

And lastly, I used up a deodorant. Not too interesting, although it was I believe the first more natural deodorant that I bought so that is fun, however it wasn’t amazing so I don’t think that the Botanique citrus roll on deodorant will make it back into my routine.

I feel like I always end up having used up more products that I initially think, some of which are great products that I will buy again – or have already bought again in some cases – and some of which I probably won’t. I have a few other products (perfumes, so sad) that I think I will finish in the next few months, so expect one of these again soon.

Thanks for stopping by ❤