A Look Book With Some Combat Boots – Cold Day Edition

Yesterday I already told you about my new boots, and today I am showing you just a few ways I plan on styling them.

This style of boot has been on my wish list for quite some time now. Whenever I see someone on Instagram or Pinterest wearing boots like this, or Dr Martins or something like it, I’m always like “I want a pair of those”. I love the cool effortless look they give, especially paired with sweet little summer dresses. Sadly, it is not summer yet here in the Netherlands. In fact, we just had a storm last week, so I won’t be wearing these boots with sweet summer dresses anytime soon. But there are so many cold weather ways I can style them as well, so today I am showing you some of my favourites.

Jeans: Levis – Top: Vintage – Belt: H&M – Boots: Ziengs

Of course, OF COURSE, I had to start with a black jeans look. I could’ve gone all black but I thought I would switch things up just a little bit with this oversized shirt blouse thing that I saved from G’s closet clean out a while ago. To give myself some shape I added a little black belt, and paired with the boots I think this gives a really cool edgy look. Which isn’t really me, but I am very into it.

Top: Secondhand – Jeans: Levis – Boots: Ziengs

Sticking to the skinny jeans with a bit of a simpler look. I love the grey on grey in this outfit, and an oversized sweater with skinny jeans is pretty much my go-to outfit day to day. The boots keep everything nice and casual, comfortable and understated which I like a lot. It is a simple outfit, but I feel like it really works. I mean, jeans, a sweater and boots, you just can’t really go wrong with that.

Top: H&M – Blazer: Mango – Jeans: Vintage Levis – Belt: Levis – Boots: Ziengs

This look is definitely the most out of my comfort zone, and probably also my least favourite, although I still like it a lot. I feel like an all white and off white look with the black boots gives a really cool vibe. To make it all a bit fancier I threw on a blazer (and also to add that little bit of extra warmth), but with the straight leg jeans and the boots the outfit still keeps that edgier feel. I don’t know if this is something I would wear on a daily basis, maybe I’d swap the jeans for a skinnier pair (ones I get my hands on then), but I do think it looks really cool. The belt was mostly added to keep my jeans up, as they are a little wide on me, but I think it does add something to the look.

Dress: Jacqueline de Yong – Shirt: Vintage – Boots: Ziengs

Onto some outfits with dresses, because I just love those. I originally planned to wear this dress with a long cardigan, but as I was changing out of the first outfit and into this one I realized that the denim shirt would be way more fun. To me this is a bit of a grungy look but still in my comfort zone and really quite cool. It has a simple black base, but the polka dots in the dress make it a bit more fun. The oversized “I stole this from my boyfriend” shirt really just finishes the look, it just elevates it to the next level. I definitely plan on wearing this out soon, I am honestly a little bit obsessed.

Top: H&M – Dress: Mango – Boots: Ziengs

This outfit is quite similar to a look I did in my Timberland boots look book last month, with the black mini dress layered on top of a turtleneck tee. Obviously though, this turtleneck is white and the dress is different as well. It is a linen material which softens it up a little bit, and it is very simple aside from the poofy sleeves. I like this look a lot. The top half of the outfit gives me kind of almost Victorian vibes whereas the bottom is a lot more modern and cool. It is another look I definitely want to wear out soon!

Swetaer: Stitch, Please – Dress: H&M – Boots: Ziengs

I had to share one “it’s almost spring” look. At least, we hope it’s almost spring. I have worn this exact look quite a few times already, but with different shoes and sometimes a different sweater. I just love the look of the really pretty summer dress with the more chunky cool boots, it just makes the whole look so edgy. To keep a little warmer of course I threw on a sweater, but I think it would work great as well without a sweater on warmer days. I cannot wait for the weather to warm up a little bit more to allow for bare legs!

I had so much fun playing around with different outfits featuring these boots, and I feel like I definitely put together some looks I now want to wear out of the house really soon. I mean, I am just having fun doing these look books anyways. I might make them a monthly thing..!

Thanks for stopping by ❤