New In – Combat Boots

You may remember from my fashion wish list a few weeks ago that I had a pair of combat boots on there. Well, let me tell you, I found my perfect pair!

I am honestly so excited about these! They are such a good find, they were on my wish list for quite a while now so I feel like I did really think this purchase through (which is quite the accomplishment for me sometimes) but then they were also a little bit of an impulse buy. I went into my local shoe store last week, just to have a look, and when I saw these boots I knew I had to try them on. They were in my size, in the sale, yes, please!! And then when I tried them on and they fit right and were nice and comfortable, I just knew I had to get them.
In my wish list post I mentioned that I was looking at some Timberland boots and Dr Martins as well, but both are well over €100 which I was willing to pay if I absolutely loved the boots. The fact that these were only €90 in the sale just made me love them even more.

Now let’s have a closer look, shall we..

Look at them, in all their glory. I love that they are all black, very simple, and although the little metal rings for the laces aren’t actually black, they also aren’t really noticeable so they don’t bother me at all. The zips on the side make them really easy to take on and off, but then the laces give that effect that you want from a combat boot (that I want, at least) and they make them a little more adjustable. Do you want them tighter, looser? Easily done! I do think I want to look for some shorter laces, as these are a little bit long when you don’t tie them up to the top, but I don’t mind having to make that purchase.

As for styling, I am doing a little look book tomorrow, so keep your eye out for that, but I’ve been wearing them a ton this past week and they go really well with all the outfits I wear on a daily basis, which mostly consists of jeans and a sweater these days, but can be a dress sometimes as well. I have tried them with summer outfits and love the look so much, just a cute little dress with these boots, yes please. They are warm, but not so warm that I can’t wear them in spring and summer, and I feel like so far they don’t rub the back of my feet too much, which is a problem I often have with boots (it’s more so my feet’s fault than the boots). I am hoping it will stay like that.

Basically, I am really happy with my purchase and I feel like these will be a staple in my wardrobe. I can’t wait to style them a million different ways!

Thanks for stopping by ❤