Perfume Collection 2020

Sticking to the collection theme this week with a little perfume one, because who doesn’t love to smell good?

I mainly wanted to do this post because I recently finished 2 scents, and I thought it would maybe be fun to show you what I… well, what I smell like on a daily basis, I guess. That sounds weird, but you know what I mean. I love perfumes, I love smelling them in store, I love the little testers you get so you can try out new ones. We, Gideon and I, used to be slightly obsessed with buying them and we ended up with quite the collection. We since have set a rule that we aren’t allowed to buy a scent until we finished one and I feel like that’s been working pretty well, the last time I bought a new perfume is now over a year ago I think.

But now that I have finished two in the last few weeks, and 3 even in the last 6 months, I do think I might go out and pick up a new one.. 😉

Starting with the last perfume I bought myself, which is Black Opium by YSL and it is almost finished already. The notes, according to the internet (all of the notes I mention here will be according to the internet) are “an addictive gourmand of black coffee, white florals and vanilla” and I love it so much. I had a few samples of this before I decided to just bite the bullet and buy a bottle, and now this is definitely a scent I can see myself repurchasing once I run out. For me this is definitely an everyday fragrance that I gravitate towards more in the colder months, but honestly I think it works all year round.

An older one in my collection, but definitely also a favourite, is The One by Dolce & Gabbana. This is such a popular scent and I 100% understand why. According to their own website, this scent is a mix of bergamot, mandarin, lychee and peach (top notes); Madonna lily (heart notes) and vanilla, musk and amber (base notes). I wear this a lot in autumn and winter, and not so much in the warmer months, as it just smells warm to me. This is again a scent I can see myself buying again when I run out of it, because I do really like it.

Because It’s You by Emporio Armani is a scent I got from my sister. She actually got it as a gift herself, but since she doesn’t really wear perfume she passed it on to me. This, on me, reminds me a little bit of my grandma in a good way, I love it a lot. It’s notes are raspberry, blackcurrant and neroli essence (top notes); violet leaves accord, rose absolute and jasmin sambac absolute (heart notes) and patchouli essence, vanilla extract, musks (base notes), and this scent is an all year round every day scent to me. I will probably purchase it once this bottle is empty, as it has definitely become one of my favourite scents in my collection.

I have a lot of luck with YSL scents, because Mon Paris is another one that I absolutely love. I remember that I got it on Valentines Day a few years ago actually (how fitting), G and I had gone perfume shopping because we felt like it. A guy in the store had just sprayed this and I immediately went “omg I love it, I want it” so, naturally, I got it. With notes of raspberry, pear, Datura flower, white musk and patchouli this is right up my street (I am sensing a bit of a theme here). This is little more fresh to me than for example Black Opium, and I find myself wearing it more in spring and summer, but again it is still a good all year round fragrance and I’ve actually been wearing quite a lot lately as well.

Another perfume I was gifted by a friend, is Daisy Love Eau So Sweet by Marc Jacobs. First of all, how cute is that name? But also my friend did so freaking good with picking out this scent for me, as it is one that I wore a lot in summer when I got it. It has notes of white raspberry, bergamot, jasmin milk, daisy tree petals and sugar musk, and it is basically a perfect summer scent for my, right down to the bottle. It is a little sweet and a little fresh I’d say, but also still quite warm, and it is another scent I can see myself buying when I run out (which won’t be for a few years), as I truly like it a lot. Can’t wait for summer, because I know I’ll be wearing it every day.

Hugo Boss Orange was my first expensive scent ever, I got it when I was 14, and I still love it today. I have repurchased it multiple times already, and although I don’t know if I will repurchase it right away when I run out of my current bottle, I will definitely go back to it in the future. It has notes of crispy apple and bergamot (top notes); white flower and orange blossom (heart notes) and sandalwood, olive wood and creamy vanilla (base notes). For me this is an everyday scent, I wear this year round whenever I feel like it. It is sweet but not overwhelmingly so and it just smell really lovely on the skin. It won’t always be in my collection, but it will always find its way back into my collection.

The last perfume that is currently in my collection, is Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker. It as another gift, this time from my mother-in-law, and it smell honestly pretty different from the rest of my scents, even though it has a lot of the same notes as the other ones I own. It has lavender, bergamot, mandarin, apple martini, rosewood, paperwhites, orchid, musk, cedarwood, amber, woods. Something in this, again, very much reminds me of my grandma in a good way, like when I spray this it literally smells like her. It is a heavier and stronger scent, but still also very wearable and as long as I don’t spray too much, a good everyday scent as well. I am slightly afraid that there is something in this particular scent that gives me a bit of a headache though, as I feel like every time I’ve worn this I had a headache that day. I’m not sure if that is 100% this perfume though, so I will continue to wear it and try it out. Because it truly, as the name suggests, lovely.

I feel like I am doing pretty good with owning 7 perfumes at the moment, quite a few of which I will probably run out of in the next few months or at least the next year. With some I am pretty sure I will repurchase them, and with others I am not so sure yet, I might pick up a completely new one when I run out. For example, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle is very high on my list of scents I want to own again (I had it years ago and loved it), and Chanel No 5 is also a classic that I’d like to try out someday.

I am also definitely seeing a theme in the notes that I tend to gravitate towards. Vanilla, bergamot and musk were recurring notes, as well as some sort of raspberry, amber and some mandarin here and there. Basically, I have a type.

What’s your signature scent? Do you know what notes you are drawn to?

Thanks for stopping by ❤