Random Things I’ve Been Loving Lately – February 2020

Yea, that title is a work in progress..

Anyways, I mostly write about beauty, fashion and books, but that is not all that’s on my mind on a daily basis. I have more interests, more things I love and that keep me occupied, and I thought today I would give a little shout-out to all the random things I’ve been loving lately.

What I’ve been listening

I love a good crime show, I have watched every single season of Criminal Minds, CSI (the original), Castle, Bones, The Mentalist, you name it. And in 2019 I really got into podcasts, specifically a true crime one: Crime Junkie. Oh, my god it is so good. The host, Ashley, basically tells the cases as a sort story to her friend. She covers missing person cases, murders – both solved and unsolved – serial killers, she dives into really old cases and covers more recent ones as well. It is so freaking good, and if you love true crime stories and haven’t listened to this podcast yet, first of all, how? but secondly go check it out right now! I have yet to find a true crime podcast I like as much as this one, the way Ashley tells the story is just so good. She has also made another one that is great as well: Red Ball, where she dives into a local cold case with a detective. Both are definitely worth a listen if true crime is your thing. Not to commit, of course but, well, you know what I mean.

As for music, there are a few songs and/or artists I have been obsessed with lately. Jersey Girl by Corinne Bailey Ray is one that I have been absolutely loving, it’s such a sweet and chill song that is great to sing along to. I’ve also been loving more jazzy playlists on Spotify: Coffee House Jazz is a favourite for a while, and over Christmas I couldn’t stop listening to Christmas Cocktail Jazz. An artist that I have loved for a pretty long time now is Sara Bareilles, she just writes such good songs and has and amazing voice as well. I am currently especially in love with her songs Orpheus and Bright Lights and Cityscapes and have already instructed Gideon to learn them on guitar so we can play them together.
I also am pretty obsessed with Let It All Go by Birdy and an old favourite: One Flight Down by Nora Jones. My dad listened to the album featuring that song a lot when I was growing up so it is overall I think one of the albums I go back to time and time again.

My main genre though is a little more country. A few songs I have been obsessed with for a while are Cover Me Up by Morgan Wallen, Blessed by Thomas Rhett and H.O.L.Y by Florida Georgia Line. In terms of artist, Lady Antebellum have (has?) been a favourite of mine for a long time now, and I love one of their new songs Pictures a lot right now, as well as What If I Never Get Over You. But then I also still love some of their older songs, like All For Love, Wanted You More and Bartender.
Dan + Shay have really blown up lately, since they did 10,000 Hours with Justin Bieber I’ve been hearing them a lot here in the Netherlands which is very fun. I love the song, but I still prefer most of their older ones. Tequila, From The Ground Up and How Not To are some that I can play on repeat, as well as Speechless, but preferably the version with Tori Kelly. Also, their Where It All Began album? Yes, please.
My last current favourite artist has been Brantley Gilbert. His voice, I just can’t, it is so. freaking. good. Songs I love by him are Fall Into Me, You Promised, Three Feet Of Water, Small Town Throw Down, More Than Miles, Man Who Hung The Moon, Read Me My Rights, Let It Ride… The list goes on and on and on. I do really need to find some more female artists to love though, so any recommendations are more than welcome.

What I’ve been watching

I spend probably more time than I should on YouTube, and Netflix is a favourite in this house as well. Since YouTube is probably favourite though, I’ll start with my slightly shorter Netflix list. I have recently bingewatched Broadchurch and wow, I loved it. The scenery first of all was absolutely breathtaking, and has pushed Devon up to the top of my list of places I want to visit someday (soon). But the actors and just the story as well, it was also good. I liked how it was 3 seasons and that was it, the story was done and it wasn’t dragged out to get more seasons. That made it also perfectly bingewatchable in a few days, hehe.
What I am currently watching is Luther, also such a good show. Idris Elba is such a good actor and he plays that role so well, and I have a massive girl crush on Ruth Wilson. The ways she just plays Alice is amazing and although she is so twisted, you can’t really help but love her. I haven’t finished the show just yet (although maybe I have by the time this post goes up) but I’m already dreading having to find something else to replace it with. Again, recommendations much appreciated.

Something that Gideon and I have been watching together on Netflix is mostly comedians. I love finding new hilarious people to spend an evening watching. Russell Howard, Jack Whitehall and John Mulaney are definite favourites, but we recently watched Jo Koy, Joe Rogan, Mo Amer and Hasan Minhaj and loved them as well.

Speaking of hilarious people, my probably current favourite YouTube account to watch is Fototripper. He is a British photographer who makes videos of him going to all these stunning locations to, well, take photos. but he does it a little differently than other photographers on YouTube. He not only makes his videos informative, but he also makes them absolutely hilarious, with sketches sprinkled throughout the video. This one of his is especially great, more so if you’ve been following all four photographers featured in the video. But maybe the video is also so funny to me because Adam Gibbs (the guy face planting in the snow) kind of looks like my father-in-law. If you want to get to the best part right away just skip to 2.02, but really the whole video is so good.

I have been loving photographer YouTubers in general lately, and they really have inspired me to go out on more hikes. Thomas Heaton is a favourite, as well as Henry Turner. I love how these types of videos and YouTubers both teach you about photography, but also challenge you to go out into nature and just explore and play around with the photography.
In the same kind of outdoorsy genre, except without the photography, is Athena Mellor. Her videos are so beautiful, calming and entertaining to watch, I love the whole vibe of her channel and I am constantly on the look-out for similar people, so if you have any suggestions let me know!

The truly random bits

There are some things that just don’t fit in any category, but that I have been loving and wanted to share, starting with cycling to work. It sounds a little weird, but I have been loving the fact that I managed to cycle to work pretty much every day the past 6 months or so, when I could’ve just as easily taken the bus. It is only a 20 minute ride, but to work and back it is still 40 minutes of exercise outside. Not even rain and cold have stopped me this winter (thankfully it didn’t snow, that would’ve definitely stopped me) from this habit, and I am quite proud of myself for it.

Our absolute favourite game of the moment is Arkham Horror: The Card Game. I feel like I mentioned it on the blog a few times before, and I have definitely mentioned it on Instagram, but I just need to truly explain what it is, because it is the best game ever. It is a Living Card Game, which basically means it is like a video game but it’s a card game, ya know. You work together with your fellow player(s) and play against the game, and you have to work your way through different scenarios. It is kind of hard to explain, but just look it up because it is so. fucking. good. The game is inspired by the H.P. Lovecraft stories so it’s extra fun if you’ve read some of those, but Gideon, who’s never read Lovecraft, loves the game as well. The game is suited for one or two players, but if you buy an extra set you can play with up to four people. We’ve been playing it with my dad, who has also bought a bunch of the follow up scenarios, and every time I can’t wait to go back to Delft and play another scenario. We enjoy it so much that G and I bought a set for at home, so we can play it together as well with different characters.

And the last random thing I have been loving lately, because this post is already pages long, is this clothing piller thingy. I don’t know what it’s called – a clothing defuzzer? – but it is the best thing for if you have clothes that you wear a lot and that get all those fuzzy bits on them (wow, I am so good at explaining things). This has little razor blades in it that shave off the fuzzy bits and make your clothes look sort of new again, and it works so well. I first got a really cheap one and it worked okay, but not amazingly, so I decided to pick up this Philips one and it’s great! I actually defuzzed an old throw blanket with this thing and it looks so good now, definitely not like it is 10 years old (or something like that). I am now constantly going around the house looking for things I can use it on, because it is kind of really satisfying to do. Good thing I have a lot of sweaters!

And that was all I have to share today, lots or really random things I am loving at the moment. There is so much more that I could mention, but this post is already ridiculously long so I’ll just stop here.

Thanks for stopping by ❤