Just A Chat #10 – Mostly About Hikes & Trips

So basically, I had another post planned for today, but I didn’t get that done in time and I just felt like doing one of these random chatty post.

And that’s okay, the post I had planned for today will just move to next week, which means I don’t have to think about what to post next week, win-win situation!

The main reason that I didn’t get my post done in time is because I had a bit of a busy and simultaneously kinda lazy weekend this past weekend. On Friday, which is when I usually do most of my blog post writing, I just needed a lazy day. Because I combine work with doing these two blog posts and have a house to keep semi clean as well, I find that sometimes I don’t give myself time to just have a lazy couch day all day, where I watch YouTube videos and just stay in my pajamas all day. I still did some house things, but overall I was just being chill and it was so. good. Need to do that more often.
Saturday we cleaned our “room of doom”, you know, that space in your house where you dump all the stuff that you don’t want to deal with in that moment. It feels so good to have that sort of tidy again, with loads of things that we need to donate. Sometimes we let that donation pile sit in the room of doom for weeks on end, and then it ends up getting mixed up with the new mess we put in there and we have to go through all of it again. But this time Gideon is supposed to do take everything away later this week, and we’ll have a nice and clean space again. Well, sort of.
And on Sunday we went on a hike. It has been a few weeks since we did that, so it was nice to be out again, take some photos, chat, enjoy nature. Every time we go on a hike, we say that we need to do that more often, but then we always forget again. Oops. Sunday was extra nice though, because the sun was out and we finally remembered to bring juice and lunch on a hike for once. We always forget to do that and end up being thirsty and hungry and we always regret it, so the fact that we didn’t for once is pretty darn good.

Speaking of hikes and enjoying nature and all that stuff, we booked a little trip and I am so excited!! We’ll be going away for a few days to Drenthe here in the Netherlands, and we’re staying near some national parks I believe so we plan on going on lots of hikes. We rented a house, definitely not going camping yet in the Dutch early spring, and we paid a little extra so we for sure had a bath in the house which will be so great. We don’t have a bath in our apartment and non of our parent have a bath, so I am beyond excited to have one for a few days! We also plan on playing loads of games, there is a pool in the park we’re staying at so we’ll be soaking in there at least once as well, and I am already planning out some photos I want to take (or more accurately, have Gideon take of me) whilst we’re away. It’s going to be so nice to have a little while off work as well, and just be out of our normal routine and surroundings. Even though we’re not going super far away, it’ll still be nice to be away.
We are also going by car, meaning I can (over)pack pretty much as much as I want hehe 😉 I’ll try to still be a little bit somewhat minimal, but I am already thinking of at least 4 pairs of shoes I want to bring.. And since we are staying in an actual house instead of a hotel or something like that, it’ll be nice to be able to cook at home so to speak, instead of having to go out for every meal.

Staying on the topic of trips, G and I set a little challenge for ourselves. We want to visit all the capital cities of the Dutch provinces over the next few years, which will be fun. I kind of want to try and do it all this year, but that might just not be all that realistic, but we can at least try. Of course we have been to a few already, for example we went to The Hague for the weekend in December 2018 (and many more times but that one was an actual trip) and since we live near Utrecht we’re there quite often, but aside from that and Amsterdam, I don’t actually think we’ve visited any together so this will be a fun challenge. There are 12 in total so we have 10 more to go, and I am actually really excited to start planning these little days out or weekends away. Quite a few we can do in day trips, but some are far enough away that it makes more sense to just book a hotel and stay the night.

It’ll be nice to have these little city trips to look forward to. I tend to get a bit restless and almost a little bit down if I’m stuck in the same routine and the same place for too long, and even little day trips like these ones tend to recharge me a little bit. Does anyone else get that way sometimes? Like, kind of homesick of places you’ve never been and things you’ve never seen, almost like away-sickness? I know I feel it way stronger than G for example, he loves to travel and naturally wants to go on vacation or trips or something like that every once in a while, but that restlessness that I get, he doesn’t really. It can be quite annoying sometimes, that feeling, because you can’t just always go away because there’s things to do at home as well, and we both have work of course and sometimes just need a day to relax at home as well. But if I could.. oh dear, I would.

Is there anything else I wanted to mention today? I don’t think there is. I’ll probably have to go work on that other blog post, oh and Friday’s post as well, because I have a busy weekend planned this weekend so anything that I can get done during the week, I’ll have to get done during the week.

Thanks for stopping by ❤