Fashion Wish List – January 2020

Another day, another wish list.

My last fashion wish list post was mostly a product of No Shop November. I legit wanted to buy EVERYTHING. So today I thought I would do a little do-over, share a few things that are on my wish list that I will probably actually buy over the next few months, and things that I actually realistically need. As far as I really need anything, because you know, I don’t. Still, these are things that I won’t consider a waste of money if I buy them, things that I can see myself use and love a lot, and that I think will fill a gap in my wardrobe.

I mentioned white skinny jeans in my last wish list post, and I still really want to get a pair of those this spring. I am hoping that Levi’s will do their Mile High skinny jeans in white because I absolutely adore that fit, but if they don’t I will look for another good quality pair of white skinnies. I just feel like they would be so fun to style for spring and the cooler summer days. Just imagine white jeans with a light blue blouse (which I happen to own), or with my bright pink camisole and a blazer. I feel like I can style them a bunch of different ways and they will really add something different to my wardrobe, so they are still very much high on my wish list.

Something else I really want is a warm denim jacket, and then probably a less warm one as well. I wore Gideon’s denim jacket for the header photo of this post and I love the look of it so much, that I want one for myself. We can be that annoying matching outfits couple then. This is definitely something that I am going to look for secondhand of vintage, because I am pretty sure they sell them a lot in different styles so there is no need to get one new. I do already have quite a few coats and jackets, but I feel like a denim one (or two) is still missing from my collection, and also I could probably get rid of one or two as well.

I have two white blouses and a few coloured or patterned blouses, but what I feel like I am missing in my closet is a nice black blouse. Something nice and flowy, maybe a soft cotton blend or something along those lines, or if I am feeling really spendy maybe a silk (blend) one? I feel like I wear so much black and I love it, so why don’t I own one yet? Probably because I haven’t found that perfect blouse yet, because I can get pretty picky when it comes to blouses and specifically fabrics. It needs to feel just right. Maybe I’ll find a good one secondhand, because that’s what happened with my newest white blouse, but I am not going to just look for it in thrift shops, I am going to browse other stores as well. I just feel like a black blouse is a staple in most wardrobes, and I definitely need one.

One thing that I have really been trying over the past few months, is to wear jeans a little less, and instead branch out and make skirts and dresses more of an everyday thing for me. In the dress department I am all set at the moment (I showed you a few new dresses I got in this blog post) but I feel like I am kind of lacking some good pieces when it comes to skirts that I can easily wear in winter. I have a few good summer skirts, but winter ones? Not so much. So I want to pick up one or two cute mini skirts that I can wear with tights and boots or sneakers (or loafers if I’m feeling extra fancy) and sweaters. I had my eye on a pleather H&M one a while back, but it sold out in my size before I could pick it up. I am not 100% sure on the exact style I want in the skirts yet, so I will have to o a little more looking around, but that’s okay, all I know is that I want the perfect one, not just any random skirt.

Ugg slippers. Need I say more? I love my Ugg boots to bits and wear them a ton, both outside and just around the house. I do already have a pair of slippers, but I’ve had them for about 2 years now and they are completely worn out so I feel like it would be wise to invest in a new pair. And just because I love my regular Ugg boots so much and they have lasted so well over the past 7 years, I do think it might be worth it to buy the slippers as well. I mean, they are expensive, but if I can wear them every autumn, winter and – let’s be real here – spring as well for the next 5 years, I do think cost per wear will be very low.

I haven’t entirely decided on the exact style of this next one yet, but I do know that I want some type of combat boots or some other comfortable everyday probably lace-up black boots without heels. Such a good description, right? These would be replacing my Panama Jack winter boots that I’ve worn for the past 4 winters, because the ankle on the inside is completely worn away now and they hurt my feet whenever I wear them because of it. Which is so sad because I do still love the look of them and they are so warm still. But I just can’t wear them. Ideally the replacement boot would be something I could wear all year round, with jeans in the colder months and maybe to edge up a cute summer dress in the warmer months. I love the look of Dr. Martens on other people, but I don’t know if they are really my style, and I like the idea of these Timberland boots as well, except that they are fleece on the inside which may be a bit warm for those summer dresses… But maybe I’ll find another combat boot style that I fall in love with. I’m not sure exactly what I want, but I do know that I want it.

Another pair of shoes that I really want as a sort of replacement, is a pair of heeled booties that is a little tighter around the ankle. I have two paired of heeled boots, one of which I wear a lot and one of which I don’t reach for as much, just because they just aren’t the exact style I want them to be. I still love them, but there is something about them that I don’t love. And I feel like a pair of booties that are a little tighter around my ankle would give me more styling options than the ones I have currently. It’s not something I will go out and buy right now, again because I haven’t found the exact ones that I love yet. These Dune ones are very close, but I’d rather have a real leather pair, and these ones come very close to what I want as well. I also like the fact that they are suede. I just need to go out and try some pairs on and then decide on what I like the best, and then I also actually need to commit to getting rid of the other pair.

Finishing of this post with another pair of jeans that I really want, after all those replacement shoes. Because I am going to keep my eye out for a dark pair of mom jeans, straight leg jeans or flared jeans. I have two lighter pairs and one medium pair, and I feel like a darker pair would really a finish my not skinny jeans collection. I actually tried a flared Levi’s pair on and loved everything about them except the length, I wanted them longer and they don’t make them in a 34 length as far as I know. Same with this pair of 501’s, I really just don’t like the crop all that much, why do they have to make all of them cropped??!! I also think that a straight leg or mom style pair would be easier to find secondhand which is my preferred route anyway. I don’t know if I want them in a black or a dark blue/grey, it kind of also depends on what I find, but I do know that I want it. A lot.

And honestly, that is everything that is actually high on my fashion wish list. These are the things that I am keeping my eye out for, that I wouldn’t mind spending a little more money on, that I feel will add something to my wardrobe. Yea, there are more things that I want, and if I want them for a few months I will do another wish list and probably go out and buy a thing here and there, but for now I really don’t need anything else, not even socks or underwear.

Is there anything high on your fashion wish list, or are you all set?

Thanks for stopping by ❤