A Timberland Boots Look Book For Cold Days

I love my Timberland boots. Like, absolutely adore them.

My one thing though, is that I only really wear them for hikes. Which is the reason I got them in the first place, to have good but cute hiking boots, but it does mean I don’t get as much wear out of them as I’d ideally would like to. My problem is that I don’t really know how to style them for everyday looks, they just feel too hiking boot-y to me whenever I try. So I thought today I’d challenge myself and try to find a few outfits that I can see myself wearing on a day to day basis that incorporate my Timberland boots.

Let’s see how I did, shall we..

Dress: H&M – Coat: Secondhand – Boots: Timberland – Hat: H&M

Starting off with an outfit I have already worn a few times, and that I absolutely loved. Of course whenever I was inside I took off the coat and hat, and I like the outfit that way as well (a lot) but just with them on I am completely obsessed with it. It gives me all the cozy winter vibes, a little casual but because of the sweater dress still kind of dressed up as well. The little grey socks that peek out over the top of the boots finish the whole look for me, I truly really like this one and can see myself wearing it a lot this winter. And next winter. And all the winters after that.

Jeans: Levi’sSweater: Stitch, Please – Turtleneck: Mango – Shoes: Timberland

Another outfit that I already wore as well, and although this is a bit more of an outdoorsy look rather than an everyday casual look for me, I still like it a lot and it is definitely my style. I have been loving turtlenecks underneath regular neck sweaters lately, so for a cozy winter look I had to incorpotate that at least once in this little look book. The rolled up jeans just add a little something to the whole outfit, I feel like it shows off the shoes a bit more and makes the whole look a bit more interesting, and if you are wearing cute socks they might peek out every once in a while, which is fun. This is a look that I would probably mostly wear on hikes or during other outdoorsy things, but I would feel really cute on the hike and that is always a good thing.

Jeans: Levi’sTop: Mango – Jacket: random store in Utrecht – Boots: Timberlands

I was desperate to do one all black outfit because I have been seeing them all over Pinterest whenever I went on there looking for Timberland outfit inspiration. And I have to say, this might be my favourite outfit of the six. Which says a lot, because I kind of love them all and I feel like they are all very much me in a way, even the ones way out of my comfort zone. I just feel like this one works so well with the brown/yellow boots, it makes them really pop where the rest of the outfit is quite simple. This is definitely something I can see myself wear everyday on just a casual day out in the city or running errands or something, but then it would also look cool on a hike. It is definitely right in the middle of my style comfort zone, but still interesting and fun as well. I feel like the leather jacket really finishes the look and makes is a bit more edgy, but it still works well if you take it off. Outside I would definitely pair this with my favourite scarf, but I had to leave it out of the photo because it covered the rest of the outfit up too much.

Sweater: Mango – Jeans: Vintage – Boots: Timberland

This look, because it is all very slouchy, is probably most out of my comfort zone, but I feel like it kind of works and honestly I really like it as well. Just imagine this on a forest walk, and then afterwards in a cafe with a coffee or hot chocolate. I don’t know, I am kind of feeling it. It makes me feel like one of my current favourite YouTubers who is one of those outdoors hiking girls and I like it a lot. Maybe this isn’t something I would wear everyday, but it is pulling me out of my skinny jeans and sweater safe zone with, well, the less skinny jeans. This is again something I’ve kind of seen on Pinterest whenever I went looking for inspiration, and the whole relaxed look is kind of nice and cool. Am I cool enough to pull it off? Probably not (ha, definitely not) but I’d like to at least pretend.

Dress: Mango – Turtleneck: Mango – Tights: H&M – Boots: Timberland – Belt: H&M

I was determent to get another outfit with a dress in here, just to get out of my comfort zone a little more, so we ended up with another all black look. Because I don’t want to go out of my comfort zone too much, you know. Although this is probably my least favourite outfit of the bunch, I still like it a lot. The dress and turtleneck combo is something that has been in my head for a while and I wanted to style them together someday, so I thought I’d try it out for this look and I feel like it kind of works. It is really dressy but toned down a lot with the boots, but it’s not too different to completely not work anymore. The printed tights just add a little extra to the look as well, and I feel like overall it is fun but still simple, and I like it.

Lounge set: Hunkemöller – Boots: Timberland

I couldn’t not do a completely relaxed chill outfit, and I feel like honestly this kind of works with the grey lounge set and the boots. Because the outfit overall is very neutral and simple, it does look like something you could throw on to run out the door in. Does it look kind of like you are wearing pajamas? Yes, because that is literally what they are, but they are cute pajamas that you can kind of get away with wearing outside. The boots just give it a more edgy look, and if you throw on a big cozy jacket, it finishes the whole look (damn I should have done that in this photo!) .

I am really very pleased with all the outfits I put together today, even more so that I thought I would be. I can see myself wearing all of them and I do feel like I did a good job stepping out of my comfort zone a little.

Maybe good to mention: I have the Premium 6 inch boots in yellow, although looking at the website now they may be the brown.. I can’t remember. What I do know is that I like them a lot and I kinda want to get more Timberland boots..

Thanks for stopping by ❤