New In Beauty – January 2020

After my little New In Fashion update last week, the beauty version just had to be done as well, right?!

So today I am taking a look at all the beauty products I got over the last few months. I say all but I am sure I am forgetting at least a few things here and there. I thought I didn’t have a whole lot to show you, but looking at the list and these photos it’s actually quite a bit, so lets just get right into it.

Let’s start with the makeup that I picked up over the past few months. I shared this post recently where I talked about my new favourite mascara, and I am still very much loving that one. So when there was a buy one get one for free on L’Oreal products going on recently in a drugstore (can’t remember which one) I thought I’d pick up two back-ups of that one. Turns out it was all sold out, but they did have these other two from the same line: the False Lash Telescopic and the Telescopic Carbon Black. Since I love the original so much, I feel like I might like these as well so I am excited to give them a try and compare the three. Who knows, maybe one of these is even better than the original..!

And then this lipstick junkie also had to get two new lipsticks. I (annoyingly) have recently been loving more high end lipsticks, although I still have a few cheaper favourites as well. The first one I got is the Dior Ultra Rouge lipstick in the colour 555 Ultra Kiss. It is a little bit different from what I normally wear as it is more of a pink shade and I tend to gravitate to reds or nudes usually, however I still really like this one. It is a bolder colour but not a super in your face pink, on me it is still pretty wearable. The formula is creamy and leaning towards matte, and it feels lovely on my lips. I have been wearing it every now and again, however I feel like in spring and summer this shade might become a go to for me.

The second lipstick I picked up recently is the Sisley Le Phyto Rouge lipstick in 41 Rouge Miami. Another bolder but wearable colour, this time in a darker red shade. Oh man, this shade is absolutely beautiful. And the packaging, and the bullet. This definitely feels like a luxury lipstick, more so than the Dior one. This again is a creamy matte formula that lasts all day on the lips and is so very comfortable to wear. I have had a problem in the past with the Sisley lipsticks where they kind of dried out my lips (I had to get rid of my favourite everyday red because of that) but this one doesn’t seem to do that. My lips feel fine and I have been wearing it every day since I got it. Which was just last Friday, but okay..

On general beauty products, with a little bit of body care and a lot of skincare.

December and January always mean The Body Shop sales, which means I can stock up on my favourite body washes. I haven’t gotten any in a long time as I was working my way through the massive stash I still had lying around the house, but now that that has slimmed down a little I figured it was time to buy some new shower gels. I picked up these two massive bottles (they are 750 ml each!!) in two of my favourite scents: Satsuma and Mango. I won’t be needing to buy new ones in a long long time.

I mentioned the Sensai Silky Purifying Creamy Soap in my everyday skincare routine last month, but I thought I would mention it here as well because, well, it’s new. I still really like this, I use it almost every day after taking off my makeup, or in the morning before I put on moisturizer, and I feel like since using this (among other things) my skin has been feeling a lot smoother and softer. What I also like is that I don’t need to use a whole lot to wash my face, so it will hopefully last me long time.

Speaking of things that will hopefully last me a really long time, this very expensive, like eye-watering painfully expensive eye cream better last me a lifetime (not literally) and make my under-eyes look like a babies butt. It is the Sisley Baume Efficiance eye and lip contour balm and I kind of didn’t mean to get it, but obviously I did. My problem is that if I ask someone it store to help me and they try to sell me the most expensive item, I will probably buy it because I can’t say no. I need to work on that, I really really do. Do I absolutely regret buying this though? No, because this is the first eye cream that I have tried so far that 100% does not even in the slightest sting the skin around my eyes, which is a problem I have quite often. It is also very cooling on the skin and apparently all natural and wonderful. I feel like it is a very good product, but worth the price? I’m not sure quit yet..

Moving on to my new favourite night cream, the Philosophy Renewed Hope In A Jar Overnight Recharging and Refining Moisturizer. Try saying that three times fast. This in combination with the Sensai cleanser is just yes, please, more of that. I have been using this every single night since I got it and my skin feels great, I love this stuff. It moisturizer really well but it doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy or anything like that. This has hyaluronic acid in it, and although I don’t know a thing about skincare, I have heard that that is a pretty good thing to have in your products. All I can say is I like this, and now I want to get the daily moisturizer again so I have the full set.

The last two things were a gift. The Weleda Skin Food is a cult classic, a favourite, and although I have never owned it, I have tried it whenever I had some really really dry spots and did love it, so when I got this as a present I got pretty excited. So far I haven’t used it yet, as I haven’t had any really dry patches on my skin yet, but I am sure that sometime this year I will definitely be very glad I have this.
And along those lines I also got the Weleda Skin Food lip balm. I have already tried this out and it is good. It feels lovely, it moisturizes amazingly and has a bit of a glossy finish so on those very dry lipped days I can just pretend this is a gloss. Basically I am all set for when winter finally comes our way. If that ever happens.

So yea, like I said before, I collected quite a few new beauty products over the last few months. So far I am liking everything I got, nothing has disappointed me yet, and I honestly don’t think anything will. I’ll keep you posted on the mascaras though, because I am just really curious to see which one I like best.

Thanks for stopping by ❤