New In Fashion – The Last Few Things Of 2019

I feel like it has been quite some time since I did a new in fashion post, so I felt like it was about time that I did another one of these, sharing the last few thing I bought in 2019.

I did a little bit of shopping over Christmas break, and then there are also a few bits that I picked up earlier that I wanted to share, so this is a bit of a collective haul. I am very happy with everything I got, I feel like it is all pretty versatile and works well in my wardrobe and my life. And, best thing, a few of these things I picked up secondhand for next to nothing. Yay!

The first thing I wanted to show is the Matt & Nat backpack I got in November. You guys, I love it. I haven’t used it a whole lot yet, but that also wasn’t why I bought it. I bought it for those work days that I had to take a ton of stuff with me, for the weekend trips to Delft or wherever, for the afternoon I want to write blog posts in a cafe in town and thus need my laptop with me. I didn’t get it for everyday use, although it works perfect for that as well. I have the Brave backpack in Brick, but I am afraid it is sold out at the moment. However they have a bunch of other colours and so many stunning different backpacks as well. I am trying very hard not to convince myself that I need more. This is my first Matt & Nat item and so far I have no complaints. The brand is pretty sustainable, using vegan leather and lining made out of recycled plastic bottles, so that’s an nice bonus to the bag. I feel like this kind of completes my bag collection, and I am very happy with it.

At the Christmas market at work I picked up some scrunchies from shop called Jozemiek, and I am loving them. They are practical and cute, and a fun way to accessorize without having to do a whole lot. I like the prints I picked out, and I definitely need to try and take a pretty hair photo with these soon!

Another fun and kind of out of my comfort zone thing I got are these textured/printed tights at H&M. I love this knitted pair, they look so cozy and warm and are perfect for this time of year.

And then I also picked up this polkadotted pair. Again, so fun and a great way to dress up an outfit. These are a little thinner than the knitted tights, but still great to switch things up. I have already worn both pairs out and loved it, and now I am tempted to pick up more printed tights.

I have to confess something. These Clarks shoes were a really bad purchase. Which is sad, because I do love the look of them. However they are too small, and I didn’t notice in store. How, I don’t know, but somehow I didn’t manage to feel my little toe being pinched so hard I can hardly walk properly (okay that is a bit dramatic, but it is definitely uncomfortable). So they are a new thing in my wardrobe and I am going to try and break them in just a few more times, but.. I’ll probably have to give them away..

Okay so I wanted so share one thing that I didn’t get in 2019, in fact it arrived on my doorstep just yesterday. You may remember that I did a thing with Ideal Of Sweden for Black Friday, where they gifted me a phone case and I had to do a post on Instagram with it. Well for their current offer, 3 for 2 on EVERYTHING (like, site wide), they asked me to do the same thing and I was like “yesss” as I still love that phone case that I got. This time though I picked out the Kensington Clutch, which is basically a very small crossbody bag. It has a magnetic place where all (I think all, at least) the Ideal Of Sweden phone cases stick to, and it has 3 card slots as well and it is so freaking cute and handy! Just to have your phone and most used cards right there within reach is really great. I like it styled like a bum bag, like in the photo, but obviously it is meant to just go over your shoulder. I also, by the way, got a code this time. If you use the code taramonfils10 at checkout you get 10% off your purchase, and that’s not just if you use the 3 for 2 offer, it works with any item. The code is valid from today until the 15th so you have 5 days to pick out the best 3 (or 4, 5, 6) items! Also, just to clarify, they don’t know I’m sharing this in a blog post, I just wanted to.

I had been looking for the perfect sweater dress for so long, and then I found this baby at H&M. It is soft, it is cozy, it is grey (I love grey sweaters). It is not super warm, but it is big enough to layer a t-shirt underneath. I can dress it up with a belt and heels, or dress it down with sneakers. I absolutely love it with my Timberlands. Basically, this is my perfect sweater dress.

I picked up two nearly identical but still different black mini dresses at Mango, and this linen number is the first one. How freaking pretty is this? I love the square neckline and the puffy sleeves, and I love how light and breezy it is. I can’t wait to wear this on its own in summer with some white sneakers or heeled sandals, but this layered underneath a sweater and paired with some (patterned) tights also works well in winter. It’s simple, it’s black, and really it is a basic in any wardrobe.

The other little black dress I picked up at Mango that day is this one. See, slightly different! This is more of a fake suede fabric, a little stretchy and so soft. Because of the fabric this is won’t work as well in summer as the other one, but in the colder months layered with a cardigan or again with a sweater, it looks lovely. It almost has that blazer dress look, but with short sleeves and just a little different, and I love it. I’m actually imagining this with a black (or maybe white even) turtleneck tee underneath, wouldn’t that be so pretty? This dress I already wore once and liked it a lot, and I can definitely see myself wearing it for a long time.

Did I need more jeans? Uhm.. well, kinda? I definitely prefer to live in black jeans whenever I can, and since investing in the Levi’s Mile High skinny jeans last April, all my other, cheaper, black jeans just weren’t good enough anymore. Meaning I only had one pair of black skinnies. So I decided that I could justify getting another pair, as I know I will get my wear out of it. I got the exact same pair as the one I already owned, however I got the legs in a 32 instead of a 30 just so I had a cropped pair and a longer pair, and I love it. Surprisingly I haven’t worn this pair yet, but I know I will very very soon.

On to the secondhand bits. My mother-in-law and I kind of spontaneously went to this thrift shop where almost everything is €1 during the Christmas holiday and we found some gems, starting with this cotton and wool blend white shirt. Isn’t it stunning? I love the fit, especially with the sleeves rolled up, and the fact that it is around 20% wool for only €1 just blows my mind. I love thrifting so much. A simple white shirt is a staple in anyone’s wardrobe, and seeing as this is a different look and feel than my other one, I feel like this definitely adds something to my closet.

The next thrifted item was a gift from my mother-in-law. She originally picked it out for herself, but it didn’t quite fit her right so she asked me to try it and we both loved it. This red blazer was the perfect Christmas piece, but I can see myself wearing it outside of the holiday season as well, paired with a little black dress maybe or just with jeans and a simple tee. This dresses up every outfit, with the bold colour and the shimmery thread that you can see all throughout the fabric. It is that fun item that you just need in your wardrobe, and the fact that we found it secondhand. Yes, please!

The third and final secondhand item I picked up that day is this long pinstriped blazer. I really like the fit of this, it is different from what I already have in every single way except that it is a blazer, which is something I have been wearing quite a lot lately. This one I like because of the fit, but also because I pretty much only own light coloured or bold coloured/printed items at the moment, so this darker one brings something different to my wardrobe. I am imagining this with a short tight dress or skirt, but also of course paired with my staple look of jeans and a tee/blouse/thin sweater. I also feel like this will look great belted for that sort of blazer dress effect. And all that for €1!

Alright, almost to the end of the post. We’re finishing with a few lounge-y bits. I first of all picked up this set at Hunkemöller. I love the colour, I love the soft fabric, I love the comfort. It is basically perfect. Because it is a set it looks slightly more put together than a thrown together sweatpants and hoodie pairing, so I feel a little more cute if I am lounging around the house all day but I also feel like it is still slightly acceptable if I leave the house in it to run errands. I now really want more matching lounge sets, because they just make me feel cute.

The last item that I got, aside from a whole lot of cute underwear in the Hunkemöller sale (but that feels weird to show on the internet), is this soft pink pair of joggers for Bristol. Ugh, these are so soft and comfortable and cozy. I love how these are a bit tighter than all the other pairs I own, but they are still very stretchy and comfortable, and perfect to lounge or sleep in. I don’t have a matching top for these, I don’t even know if they make one, but this with a grey or maybe white sweater (now I need a white sweater) looks so cute. Not that lounge clothes really have to look cute, but you know..

Now I have to confess, as I am finishing up this blog post I am sitting in a cafe sipping a smoothie, with a few bags full of new bits I just picked up next to me. The clothes I got are mostly secondhand and such good finds, but there are also some new things in there. For example, I managed to find that Hunkemöller lounge set in grey as well in their sale and I cannot wait to get home and put it on! But that is all for a future New In Fashion post…

Thanks for stopping by❤