My 2020 TBR & Book Goals

Happy 2020 everyone! I am starting off this year on the blog talking about books, and I am very excited!

As I already mentioned in Tuesday’s blog post, today will be all about my bookish goals for 2020, as well as my TBR for the year. I have quite a few bookish goals this year, as it is the first year I actually thought about it more. Of course we have the Goodreads Reading Challenge, I always love setting a reading goal for myself as it motivates me to read a little more, but I also have some other things that I want to do this year when it comes to my reading and book buying habits.


My first goal is of course the amount of books I want to read this year, the number I gave myself for my Goodreads Reading Challenge. Like most of the previous years I set it at 20 books. I surpassed that goal the last 2 years, so I feel like for 2020 this is a realistic goal as well. I would like to try and read 25 instead of 20, so that is kind of my secondary reading goal this year, but a minimum of 20 books is a good amount for me.

The other challenge that I am kind of continuing on from last year, is my Book Buying Ban. However, I will try and do it a little different this year. I am not going on a full on ban, as that is pretty damn unrealistic for me, as well as just not very fun. But I do want to be more conscious of my book shopping habits. I don’t want to buy books just because I am bored or near a bookstore. I want to buy books because they are on my wish list, or because I am on a fun city trip and I am visiting a bookstore because it is fun. I want to buy books that really actually excite me, and not just because I can. I want to buy books that I can actually see myself read soon. I am going to try and buy as many books as I read, so a bit of a one in one out kind of thing, but I am not going to be too strict with it. Basically, the ban is still on, but just with a few more exceptions.

One of the ways that I want to slow down on my book buying this year is, like I mentioned, by using bookish wish lists. I have so many books in my different wish lists, but they keep being pushed aside by books that I randomly see in stores that I think sound fun. I don’t want to do that anymore, instead I want to keep a good list of books I want to buy, and when I find myself in a bookstore, I get to buy that book. Of course I am allowed to browse the shelves and look at other books, and then when I find one that sounds fun I’ll add it to the wish list. If it is still on there a few weeks or months later, I can go out and buy that one too. It is so easy and simple and I think it will really help me with the book buying ban.

My fourth reading goal in 2020 is to try different genres from what I normally read. I again already kind of started this last year by reading all those classics and short stories, as well as dip my toe into a bit of non-fiction, but I definitely want to try even more of that this year. Firstly I want to read more non-fiction in different genres, I just don’t really know what yet. I also want to read a Dutch book, any Dutch book, because it has been absolute years since I read anything in Dutch. I already have some books in mind, but I have to do a little more research as well. I also want some fun easy romantic reads, because honestly I don’t read that a whole lot but I’ve found myself craving a book like that lately. I also want to read more classics, but more so things like Jane Austin or the Brontë sisters rather than all the creepy ghost stories I’ve been reading, just to get out of my comfort zone a bit more. And lastly I’d like to just try something that I wouldn’t normally think to read. I don’t know what yet, but I’ll keep my eyes out for it.

My fifth and final goal for 2020 is to work my way through my Currently Reading shelf. At this moment I have 8 books on there, one of which I am currently actively reading, and although it is not a huge amount, some of those books have definitely been on there for longer than I’d like to admit (okay, some for about 4 years..). Ideally I would read them all this year, but I just don’t know if I’ll be in the mood for them all, but I am definitely going to try and work my way through a few.


Now onto the books that I definitely hope to read this year. I made this list with my reading goals in mind, but I also just picked books that I am actually excited to read over the next few months.

The first book I definitely want to finish reading this year is Winter by Marissa Meyer, the last book in the Lunar Chronicles. I started reading this book in 2017 and have tried to finish it several times, but I never end up getting back into it. I am hoping 2020 will be the year that I finally end the series.

Another book from my Currently Reading shelf is Bitten by Kelley Armstrong. I got so excited to read this book, as I loved another book series I read from her, but I feel like I just didn’t get into it as well as the other one. I do enjoy it, but it seems like other books get priority for me over this one. I do plan on finishing it this year though, and then we’ll see if I enjoyed it enough to continue the series.

The last book on my Currently Reading shelf that I definitely see myself reading this winter is Tomorrow by Damian Dibben. I started it last winter I believe, or maybe I read a little bit of it in spring, but I wasn’t really in the mood for it back then. I do think that I will enjoy this book once I really get into it, so I plan on picking it up soon.

This year I plan on going on another Rick Riordan binge, as I am hoping to work my way through the Heroes Of Olympus series, starting with The Lost Hero, which is the only book I own right now. I read this years ago, when I was 16 I believe, so I am excited to read it again and then continue the series if I enjoy this one. I will have to buy a few books in order to do that, but I really don’t mind 😉

I picked this book up on a whim a while back and then kind of forgot about it, but I still think that The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman sounds like a book that I would very much enjoy, so I plan on reading it this year. It is part of a series, so again if I end up liking it as much as I am expecting to I will buy the rest of the books as well, but for now I am just sticking to this one on my TBR.

I’m pretty sure that in a TBR last year I told you I wanted to read some Agatha Christie books, but I didn’t end up getting to it. for 2020 though I am adding Appointment With Death to my reading list, because I really still want to read more of her books and this is one that so far I haven’t managed to get into.

I have two Penguin English Library books on my TBR this year because I want to slowly work my way through the collection. The first one is The Great God Pan by Arthur Machen, which is a short story collection. I believe it is a horror collection or at least something like that, and I am hoping that I will love it as much as most of the other short stories I’ve read so far.

The very last book on my TBR this year is Heart Of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, the other PEL book on the list. It is a thin one and I already kind of know the story as I’ve seen (and loved) Apocalypse Now, a film based on the book but just set in a different time. I have a feeling that I will really like this one, however I don’t know the writing style yet, so I might not get on with that.

And that is all for my TBR and reading goals for 2020. I feel like this is doable, like I will probably reach my goals and get through most if not all of my TBR books. But we shall see.. I plan on doing a little bookish wish list post soon as I currently have a good few books that I want to get soon, but for n ow we’ll leave it at this.

What’s your reading goal for this year? And do you have some books that you want to definitely read?

Thanks for stopping by ❤