Winter Books 2019/2020

Can you believe we’re over halfway thought December? It’s the new year in less than 2 weeks guys! So it’s about time that I start thinking about winter books.

Now these aren’t just books that I want to read this winter, they are also books I would highly recommend reading during those cold dark months when all you want to do is spent time inside with a good book and some hot chocolate. It’s a mix of books that I have already read and that I have yet to try, and I feel like I have a bit of a theme going on with the beautiful covers and kind of dark stories.

Want to know what I’m talking about? Then keep on reading!

A Treasury Of Irish Fairy and Folk Tales

Just imagine yourself with this book, curled up in a big comfy chair with a warm blanket around you. Candles all around the room, a fire in the fireplace (doesn’t matter if you don’t have one, just pretend like you do), a cup of hot chocolate or even better, mulled wine. Lot’s of twinkling fairy lights. A (snow) storm outside, but inside it is nice and warm and cozy, and your reading an Irish fairy tale. That is the vibe I get when I look at this book. With beautiful hardbacks in general, but especially this one. I just feel like reading one or two of these tales every night on a winters night sounds perfect, and I haven’t even started reading this yet. I will probably start this winter though because now that I’ve painted that picture for myself, I am even more excited to dive in. I feel like fairy tales in general are perfect winter reads, I don’t really know why. I honestly have no idea what exactly to expect with these stories, but I feel like classic fairy tales overall can get pretty dark, and from what I’ve heard/read about Irish elves and stuff, this will probably be no different.

Queen Of The Tearling – Erika Johansen

Ignore the fact that I have the last book of the Tearling series in this photo and not the first. It’s because I lent it to a friend and haven’t gotten it back yet.

But, I feel like getting through the winter requires a really good book series, and the Queen Of The Tearling series by Erika Johansen is definitely a good one. It is a trilogy and all three books have been released, so you can basically read the whole series this winter. I very much enjoyed reading these books. They are magical, but not high-fantasy really. They are quite dark, definitely not a YA series, and it is a story that you can get lost in. I loved the twists and turns it took, and although I personally didn’t love the ending, I do feel like it was fitting with the story, and it is definitely worth the read. I especially feel like this is a good winter read, as it is perfect for dark evening in, preferably with a glass of wine or a cup of tea.

Tomorrow – Damian Dibben

This book is mainly on the list because of the cover. I mean, is this not the most beautiful, winter-y cover ever? I love the whole vibe it has, the cool tones, basically a winter’s night in book form, and our main character right there in the center. Because yes, this book is about a dog. An immortal dog, who’s lost his master. I have only read a few pages of Tomorrow so far, but I feel like it is also mostly set in winter settings and again has that dark tone throughout it that I feel fits perfectly in winter. Not like horror or anything, just not as lighthearted as I usually like my summer books to be (I say that, but I read Lovecraft this summer sooo…?). I am definitely adding this to my own winter TBR as I feel like it is again, like all these books, perfect to read next to a warm fire, or at least surrounded by candles and lights.

The Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern

It has been about 5 years since I read The Night Circus, and I don’t remember a whole lot of the story, but I do know that it is a good winter read. I feel like this is another book that you can really lose yourself in, in a good way, and it again has this dark tone that I love in my winter books. It is also romantic and magical, and the thought of this fills me with that warmth that you want from a story in winter. I might add this to my winter reading list as well, as I have mostly forgot the story so it’ll be nice to read again. An added bonus is that Erin Morgenstern just published a new book, so once you finish this one, you can dive right into the new one! (I am definitely going to buy it once the book buying ban is over).

Really any Agatha Christie book

A murder mystery in winter? Yes, please!! Especially an Agatha Christie book, I can legit devour them in winter (or any time of year, really). There is something so comforting about her books, you know, aside for the gruesome murder and betrayal. And those kind of comforting vibes is what I want in winter. I also feel like Agatha Christie books are such quick and easy reads, so if you’ve had enough of the dark magical books these are a nice change. I have two Poirot books in my collection that I’ve yet to read, so I might dive into one of those this winter. From all the Agatha Christies I’ve read, I feel like Murder On The Orient Express is probably the most winter appropriate one so far (I mean, they legit get caught in a snow storm), but really any book will do.

So I meant to only do 5 books, but then I A) spotted one in a bookstore that I just felt had to be added to the list, and B) realised that something was missing. A ghost story had to be added to the list, because what’s winter without some ghost stories? Both are books that I don’t have here to show you, but they deserve a mention nonetheless.

The Penguin Book Of Christmas Stories

If I had known about this book when I did my Christmas Gift Guides a few weeks ago, this would be in it. I mean, this is the absolute most perfect Christmas gift, obviously. I would personally probably read this after Christmas as well, just to hold onto that those Christmas vibes a bit longer, and also I have been really into short stories lately. I just think that the whole vibe of this book would make the perfect winter read, and I am seriously tempted to brake my book buying ban for this (I won’t, but it is a hard choice..)

Ghost Stories – M.R. James

I have already mentioned Classic Ghost Stories and Dracula in my recent bookish blog posts, and those are definitely great scary winter reads, but the one that I feel like I have enjoyed most in terms of scary reads is Ghost Stories by M.R. James. I am pretty sure that there wasn’t a story in this collection that I didn’t at least somewhat enjoy, and I loved his writing style and the whole setting and atmosphere of the stories. It is dark, creepy, but not overly horror (although a few of his stories have kept me up at night) and if you like scary stories, I feel like this is such a good collection. Just imagine reading this on a dark winter’s night next to a fireplace, maybe read out loud to your friends or family – which I’m pretty sure is actually the way he started out with these stories. It’s just too good, so I had to mention it.

And those are all the books I would recommend (or hopefully recommend, for the ones I haven’t read yet) to read this winter. Or next winter, or in 10 years, whatever floats your boat.

Do you have any books on your winter TBR? Let me know!

Thanks for stopping by ❤