Everyday Skincare Routine – December 2019

I did my everyday makeup routine a while ago (although some things have changed since then), so I thought it was time to do a little updated skincare routine as well.

Honestly, I don’t know a whole lot of skincare, and I don’t do a whole lot with it either. I am still kind of figuring out the products that I like to use, and tbh some of the products that I am currently using, I don’t love. But some other products I do enjoy using, and I feel like most of my current products are at least okay.

For reference, I have combination skin that is quite sensitive, so I try to look for products that will not make me more greasy but also won’t dry out my skin, and most importantly are very mild. If you have any holy grail products that I have to try, please let me know!


Starting with the products I use in the morning, as that made the most sense to me. For the longest time (like, a year maybe?) I didn’t really use any face wash. I feel like that mostly had to do with the fact that I had some bad luck with face washes in the past, non of the ones I tried really did anything for my skin. However I felt like not using one also didn’t really work all that well, so a few weeks ago I picked up this Sensai Silky Purifying Creamy Soap to try. It is painfully expensive, but I do feel like so far it’s good. I like it. It cleans my skin nicely without drying it out, and I so far have no issue using it both day and night. I just rub the tiniest little bit of this on a wet face (you really only need a little bit which is great) and wash it off again. So far, so good.

The next step for me is eye cream. I just recently picked up the Lush Enchanted eye cream.. I don’t know. It is alright, it doesn’t irritate the skin around my eyes which is good because that is always quite a sensitive area for me, but I also don’t feel like it really does anything. I’d like something a bit thicker, I think, but I will use this up before I go on the hunt for another eye cream. One thing that really annoys me about this is that is is very runny, it drips all over my fingers whenever I use this which is just plain annoying. Not my favourite, but it’s what I got so it’s what I’ll use.

For moisturizer I have been using the Lush Imperialis moisturizer something I am not in love with, but don’t hate either. It’s just okay. I feel like, especially for winter, I need something thicker, like with the eye cream, but maybe I’d like this more in the warmer months. It’s not necessarily a bad product, but I feel like it is just not for me.

I have made a habit of using sunscreen every single day that I leave the house, and a longtime favourite of mine is the Rituals SPF 50 Sun Protection Face Cream . I have repurchased this a few times already, and I can see myself continuing to do that. It’s a lovely thicker texture but not so heavy that it leaves my skin feeling greasy for hours afterwards. It also doesn’t break me out which is pretty important, but obviously the main thing is that this protects my skin from any sun damage, because I don’t really feel like ruining my skin, ya know? I just apply this after my moisturizer whenever I know I will leave the house that day (so, most days) and let it sink in for a few minutes before I do my makeup.

The last step in my morning skincare routine is lip balm. I currently switch between the Lush Honey Trap lip balm and the The Body Shop Vitamin E lip balm, depending on what I am feeling that day. I love both of these, the Lush one is a little heavier than the one from The Body Shop, so great for those really cold chapped lips days, but I like that the The Body Shop one comes in a stick form instead of a jar. Both are very good, and I can see myself repurchasing both when I run out.

Evening & Extra

My evenings start with taking off my makeup, at least most days it does. I am currently using the Lush 9 To 5 Cleansing Lotion on my Holland & Barrett reusable cotton pads, which I wet a little bit before putting the product on it. I use this all over my face, and I feel like it takes my makeup off really well. The Lush cleanser leaves a bit of a greasy residue on my skin, but that’s not really a problem seeing as I use a face wash anyway. I love how easy this little combo is to use though, and also pretty sustainable.

Speaking of face washes, in the evenings I also use the Sensai one. Again, a little bit of product on a wet face, rub it in until if foams up a little, wash it off, et voila, clean face.

Moving on to moisturizer (yes, skipping eye cream, I don’t use that at night). I am currently using the Lush Banana Skin solid facial oil and I quite like this, but it doesn’t really work in my house. It’s so cold inside most of the time that I can’t really properly warm up the bar between my hands, and also rubbing it straight onto my face takes a bit of time, plus just isn’t really hygienic. Other that that though, I like it. Once it’s on my face and nicely rubbed in my skin feels soft and moisturized. I won’t repurchase this as soon as it runs out, but I will definitely remember this product for when we ever move into a house with central heating.

My last step, again, is lip balm, and again I will reach for either my Lush one or the one from The Body Shop, all depending on what I’m feeling that day.

I currently only have one “extra” skincare product that I use, and that is the Origins ‘Never A Dull Moment’ skin brightening face polisher. I use this about once or twice a week, and I love it. I will either use this in the shower on my wet face, just quickly rub it in and rinse off. Or I use this on my dry face after taking off my makeup (although, sometimes I use this in the morning). I will apply it on my dry face, rub it in for a bit, wet my fingertips, rub it in again, wet my fingers again and rub again, and then I’ll rinse it off. My skin feels lovely and soft afterwards and tends to look quite glowy as well, which of course is the goal (well, that and getting rid of dead skin). I love what this does for my face and I also love the smell of it, it smells all fruity and natural and almost edible (don’t try to eat it though). I always use this instead of the cleanser, as I am a little afraid of overdoing it with the skincare, and so far I feel like it works perfectly.

And that is my complete skincare routine at the moment, for both morning and night. I absolutely love a few of these products, but others aren’t really my favourite. Overall though I feel like my skin is pretty good at the moment, and I do think it is at least partially thanks to these products.

If you have any good product recommendations, please let me know as I’d love to try some out!

Thanks for stopping by ❤