Fashion Favourites – Autumn/Winter 2019

Winter is here and I am ready for it, all wrapped up in my favourite pieces.

I thought I would share my current favourite cold weather fashion pieces with you today, because over the past month or so there have been items that I found myself reaching for over and over again. I hate winter generally, as I hate being cold, and for that exact reason I actually love winter fashion. Warm, cozy pieces is soft fabrics and – at least in my wardrobe – neutral colours. I also feel like my winter wardrobe is the most sustainable generally, as most of these pieces have either been in my wardrobe many years, or are secondhand. Maybe that’s just because my winter style is a bit more timeless, or maybe it’s just because I have gotten into secondhand shopping a lot more over the last few months. I don’t know, but what I do know is that I love it, and that I also love all these items. Let’s have a look, shall we..

I feel like I have mentioned this H&M scarf pretty much every year since I properly started this blog, but that’s because it is just my favourite. It is basically the only scarf I wear as soon as it gets really cold, and although every once in a while I will reach for one of my other warm scarfs for a day or two, I keep coming back to this one. Something about the colour, how easy it is to pair it with everything, the perfect ‘wrap around twice’ length, it’s interesting but still neutral and it is also big enough to use as a little blanket on cold days at the office. I got it 4 years ago from a family friend, and I have loved it ever since. I don’t think I will find a scarf anytime soon that could replace this one. This scarf from H&M that I shared in my gift guide has a similar look but is a wool mix, which also sounds lovely.

My second favourite clothing item has been this secondhand wool coat that I scored earlier this year. It has basically replaced my Marks & Spencer coat that was all over my Instagram for the past 4 years or so (closer look at that coat in this blog post), which is quite an achievement as I loved that one do death. This one is just an upgrade. First of all, it is wool, so it is a lot warmer than the other one. I also love the fact that this one has a belt to cinch me in at the waist and give me a bit of shape in that primarily shapeless winter fashion. I like that this one has a little more detail, but is still pretty subtle. I love that the sleeves are nice and long because I have pretty long arms, so long sleeves are a must. This coat looks sleek but still casual, it goes with so much, and it is just basically all I want to wear all winter long. I don’t wear this every single day because it doesn’t have a hood, and I need to protect my hair when it rains, but every dry day I will reach for this, and I can see myself wearing it for years to come.

I recently mentioned on my Instagram that, if I only got to keep one pair of shoes, these heeled booties from Sacha would be it. This was a joke, of course, because it would be slightly impractical to only have these as my only pair of shoes, but honestly I find myself reaching for these so much that it might as well be true. I knew these were the perfect everyday heeled boots when I got them last year, but the amount I have been wearing them over the past few months is just ridiculous. They are just perfect for my days at the office, when I want to look cute and a little more professional, but not too overdressed. They are so comfortable and pretty, and they go with all my everyday clothing items (aka skinny jeans). I have honestly tried to not wear them as much this past week just to give them a bit of a break, but with every outfit I just go “ugh those booties would be perfect for this”. These glorious babies are still for sale (and on sale!!) on the Sacha website and in store, so I would highly recommend picking them up if you’ve been looking for something similar.

I have had a longer relationship with my Ugg boots that that I’ve had with my boyfriend, I mean, I’ve had these exact ones since I was 17! And I still wear them with so much joy and love. These days I mostly wear them inside the house as extra lovely warm slippers, but every now and again I wear them outside as well, if I really really have to. I feel like Uggs are just staple winter shoes, they are so comfortable, so warm, and honestly not as ugly as everybody always says. Okay, I wouldn’t wear them to work, but for grocery shopping they are fine. And for inside the house they are just perfect, like walking on warm soft little clouds. I am honestly considering investing in the Ugg slippers so these can go back to being ‘outside shoes’, because I love them that much. One thing that impresses me is how good these still look after 7 years, and I really have worn them a ton. Definitely worth the money if you ask me!

Over the past few months I have collected an abundance of secondhand wool sweaters, they are just so freaking nice to wear in autumn and winter. I have a pretty large amount right now, especially with the ones I already had combined, but I love them so much and wear them a lot. I mean, a sweater is really a staple item in any autumn/winter wardrobe (unless you live in a warm place without seasons) and nothing really beats a wool sweater. And then if you can get them secondhand, it’s even better! I picked up one amazing cashmere cardigan a few weeks ago, and another 2 wool sweaters, plus another wool cardigan, and a thinner mock neck sweater over the past few months, and with what I already had I feel like my sweater collection is pretty much complete. Although if I spot another one secondhand, I probably won’t be able to stop myself from buying it.. Clearly I also very much gravitate towards the grays and neutrals, with that little pop of red to switch things up.

Those are all the fashion items I have been loving over the last few months, and will probably be loving all winter long. I decided to not include the bath robe that I have been wearing whenever I can, because it’s not very out of the house appropriate, but it will probably be featured on my Instagram stories many times over the next few months 😉

Thanks for stopping by ❤