Christmas Gift Guide 2019 – Random

We have come to the final gift guide, guys. The post where I dump all the other random gifts I can think of.

I’m not going to lie, I think this has some of my favourite gifts in it. There are just so many options, and I had to stop myself from going a little overboard with it. I think I have narrowed it down to a my favourites though, and I managed to do just one more than the usual 5 gifts I’ve been doing the past week. Go me!

Games (but not the digital ones)

Honestly, I can’t think of a better thing to get for Christmas than games. Well maybe books.. And a good bottle of wine.. But games are definitely in my top 5! I love playing games with friends and family, and I feel like I don’t do it nearly enough. There are of course so many amazing games out there, but a few of my favourites at the moment are Mamma Mia, a card game where you have to make a pizza and collect all the ingredients before your opponents do; Quixx, where you throw dice and cross of number and colours (this is so fun, we can literally play this for hours on end; and my current favourite The Arkham Horror Card Game. This is like a video game, but it’s a card game. It is a little more expensive, but it so so worth the money. I would even recommend buying 2 games, so you can combine them and play with a max of 4 players instead of just 2. Arkham Horror is based on the stories by H.P. Lovecraft, and it is a sort of creepy role playing game. My dad, boyfriend and I are obsessed and my dad has already bought the expansions so we can continue the story. Just try this out if you love a little more complex games, you will absolutely love it!!
The best things about getting games like this for Christmas, is that you can start playing them right away.

Experience (diner, lunch, fun day out, musical, cabaret, gift cards for experience, museumkaart)

Another thing that is in my top 5 of things I love to get and to gift, is experiences. I honestly feel like these are so much more valuable than anything materialistic. I feel like card/family games kind of tie in with this gift as well, and I also already mentioned going thrift shopping as a fashion gift and then buying them a few of their favourite items, but there are so many more awesome experiences you can give. Take them to dinner, lunch, brunch or breakfast at a really nice place. Plan a fun day out. Gift them tickets to a musical or their favourite comedian. There are also a lot of ready to go experience gift cards you can buy, like a hotel stay or something like that. Here in The Netherlands we also have the Museum card, it is basically a sort of member card (but not really), and with it you get discounts or even free entrance to a whole bunch of museums in The Netherlands. It is €65 so a bit pricey, but you can enter the Rijksmuseum for free, so if you go 3 times they’ve got the money out of it already. But there are so many interesting museums all over the country that you can go to with the card, so it is basically the gift that keeps on giving. Find out if there is a something like that in your country, it is so worth it!

Zara Home Christmas candle

Candles in general are a great gift to give for Christmas, but the Zara Home Christmas candle, you guys, it is my current favourite scent. A few years ago we had a really lovely cinnamon scented pine cone in out house, and it made the whole living room smell like heaven. We got it at a random interior shop at the time and when the pine cone lost its scent, they had stopped selling it. I’ve been on the lookout for a similarly deliciously smelling thing ever since, and when I walked into the Zara Home the other day and smelled their Gingerbread candle, I knew that was it. I am going to buy so many of these candles, because to me it is absolutely amazing. They also have it in other scented things, like reed diffusers and soap, but I feel like candles are always just the most fun to get. They are definitely the coziest!

Ideal of Sweden phone cover (+ accessories)

With everyone stuck to their phone these days, getting something to make the thing look all cute and pretty is always a good thing. I did a thing with Ideal of Sweden over on Instagram and got a free phone case for it, and now I am hooked. I have been looking at their phone cases for a while but they are pretty pricey (between €30 and €50 usually), but now that I got one I feel like it is definitely worth it. First of all, they have so many lovely different designs and colours, so I feel like there really is something for everyone. They also have cases for most of the popular phones at the moment, so unless someone has a really old one, you can usually find the right fit. And they also have a lot (like, a LOT) of matching accessories to go with the cases, like the little ring holder things, chargers, magnetic card holders that you stick on your phone and more things like that. I also feel like they have a good few unisex/more masculine designs, so you can also buy it for the guy in your life. The cases, at least the one I have, are really good quality as well, they feel really sturdy, which I love.
Ideal of Sweden currently have a massive Black Friday sale going on that lasts until December 2nd (that’s the thing I had to promote on Instagram), where they have 50% off everything with an extra 20% off if you spend over €59. I’m pretty sure some people on Instagram even have extra discount codes even, so have a look at #idealblackweek if you want to save more money.

Mascha Planner

Christmas means that the new years is almost upon us, and what’s a better way to start the new year than organized? (hmm, drunk maybe ;)?) Jokes aside, I do think that a planner is a really good Christmas gift. I personally have the Mascha Planner, I just don’t know if it’s sold outside of NL and maybe Belgium, but I love that thing. First of all, it is cute. A bit girly, but very cute. I also like the fact that you can completely fill in all the things yourself. The month names, dates, all those things. The only thing that is written down for you are the days of the week and basic things like that, but other than that you can literally start it anytime in the year which I love. I do feel like with this thing I am a little more organized, and thus I feel like it would make a great gift!

DIY gift basket

I’ve talked about DIY’ing gift baskets in a few posts this week already, and I am going to mentioned it again today. Because you can combine a whole lot of the gifts I mentioned in both this post and all the ones before, and put them together in a little gift basket. Get a pretty basket (you can find soooo many in thrift shops, usually really cute ones), fill it up with a different things that you think the person you’re buying for will love, wrap it all up nicely et vóila! You can do a book, a fun game, some beauty products, and a lovely candle. You can do a basket full of food and drinks that they love. Maybe a sustainable starter pack with a reusable water bottle, a reusable coffee mug, some natural skincare or beauty products. You could also add that bees wax food wrapper stuff that you see in lots of stores these days, and metal or some other type of reusable straws, and then top it all off with a few beautiful secondhand home wear finds that you thrifted. A winter survival kit would also be great: some cozy socks, a hot water bottle, a nice mug and their favourite tea or coffee, a good book to get through the winter with, fairy lights because it’s pretty and the Zara Home candle. You can literally do anything with a DIY gift basket and you don’t have to have a super big budget.

And that is all I have for this week guys, 26 things to gift your loved ones this Christmas. I can’t believe I actually managed to put up 5 blog posts this week! December is now only 2 days away, which means that Christmas is getting closer and closer now. Today also happens to be Black Friday so hopefully a lot of the things I mentioned over the last 5 posts are on sale now!

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you’ve gotten some gift inspiration over this past week ❤