Christmas Gift Guide 2019 – For Him

Whenever I need to buy a present for a man, I totally blank. I never know what to get a guy.

It might be a disadvantage of growing up with just sisters, it might be that guys are just hard to shop for, or it might just be that I’m making it too hard for myself. Because really, lots of things that you think about for women, you can also buy for men, just a different version.

I created this list with two things in mind: first of all, I wanted to find specific things, items that you could go out and buy right away, so to speak. Secondly, I mostly went off of what I think my boyfriend would like to get and what I would buy for him, just because that’s easy for me. But I’m sure lots of other men would like these things too.

So in case like me you struggle with what to buy for your boyfriend/ husband/ dad/ brother/ any other guy in your life, here’s what I came up with.


Wow, slippers as a gift for Christmas, groundbreaking! No, I know it is a pretty obvious gift to give, but I think a pair of really nice warm slippers is a lovely idea to gift a guy in your life. They always come in handy because nobody likes cold feet. One thing that I found though is that there are actually not a whole lot of good looking slippers out there for guys. I did my best to find a few that I think are pretty nice though. These for example I love. I have the female version myself (although they are all pretty unisex) and I love them! I like that they come in a variety of different colours and a good range of sizes as well. I also like the look of this pair. The sole looks a lot sturdier than the previous ones, and they still look really nice and warm an comfortable. What seems to be a great hit with my boyfriend though are the Adidas slides, but they are obviously not super warm on the feet. I guess you could gift a few pairs of wool socks (these are hilarious) with them though to work around that 😉

A nice wallet

This past year for G’s birthday I got him a wallet. A nice high-quality wallet that will hopefully last him years and years. I’ve noticed that previously he didn’t really invest in a thing like that. I really don’t know why that is, but it did make the gift buying easier for me, so yay for that! I think a thing like that, a good quality leather wallet, is a really good gift for your significant other, but for your dad/brother/really good male friend as well. I got G this one because that’s the one he liked best, but there are a lot more out there that are really good value for money. If your guy prefers a smaller wallet, this one or this one also look nice.

Something to do with their hobby

I know I said that I said I didn’t want to be too vague with the gift ideas I’m mentioning today, but this one kind of is. It’s just such an obvious one, get the guy something that has to do with their hobby. For my dad it would be paint, paint brushes or a nice canvas, as he loves to paint (and he’s really good at it). He also loves history, so a history book would be great as well. My boyfriend is really into photography, but he also loves music and plays guitar himself, so he would be really happy to get a camera bag, or something for his guitar (new strings, a thingy to hang the instrument on the wall, things like that). If you’re buying for a sports fan, get a shirt from their favourite team. Someone who loves to cook will be happy with some awesome kitchen gadgets. For pretty much every hobby there’s a good few gift ideas, you just have to know what they like.


Men need to take care of their skin too! I definitely know thought that my boyfriend isn’t the best when it comes to skincare (aka he never uses it) because “he doesn’t need it”. Uhuh… I almost need to force him to wear sunscreen in summer, and in winter he won’t even go near the stuff. But skincare is important, whether you are male or female, or anything in between. So gifting the guy in your life a small skincare starter kit would be a lovely idea. Just the simple face wash and moisturizer set, or if you think they’ll use it, an eye cream or face mask as well. You could also combine this with a beard grooming kit (there are a good few out there), or some really lovely body care stuff as well, like a higher end body wash and maybe even a lotion or butter. You could explore the world of sustainable beauty products for men and put together a nice basket, or buy a good quality washing bag and put all the products in there. I feel like the possibilities are pretty much endless here, if you know what they would actually end up using.


A good pair of headphones can be pretty damn expensive, but if it fits in your budget it is a really great gift. I know G would be so happy if he got them as a present for whatever occasion, as he’s been looking to buy a pair for months now. And I can’t imagine that he’s the only guy who’d love to get these. I do feel like headphones are a very personal thing, one person likes the actual big headphones, the other prefers ear buds, the specific sound they give are obviously very important as well, but I feel like if you know what they like (or if you just keep the receipt so they can exchange them if they don’t love them) the really are a great gift.

Obviously, you could also buy a book for him (you can find some recommendations in this post), or maybe you’ll get some more inspiration from tomorrow’s post.

Thanks for stopping by❤