Christmas Gift Guide 2019 – Fashion

We are halfway through the Christmas gift guides guys, and it is time for the fashion gifts!

We all know I love fashion, so this was a pretty fun one to put together. There are so many good gift ideas out there for a variety of different prices, but I have tried to narrow it down to some specific items that I would personally love to get or gift to someone else.

Stitch, Please sweater

My first fashion gift idea – how could it not be? – is a Stitch, Please Sweater. I have four of these and I love them to bits. Not only because they are freaking cute and comfortable, but also because by buying a sweater from them I am supporting a small local brand, and I love that idea! Stitch Please do a lot of great designs and colours and they sell them all in both hoodies and sweatshirts, so you can pick and choose exactly what you like (or what you think the person your giving it to will like). I personally love the “Cuppa” sweater or the “Twinkle-Twinkle” one for winter, and their cherry colour is a perfect Christmas shade! If you want to go a little more personal with the stitching, Stitch, Please also offers the option to customize your own sweater by choosing the word you want on it. How cute is a name, or a word that means something to the person your gifting the sweater to? And do you want to know the best thing? For Black Friday they currently give a 25% discount on EVERYTHING if you use the code black25 at checkout! I believe this code is valid all week, so you have a few more days to choose your favourite design. I’m trying really hard not to get one myself..

Dressing gown

Sticking with the comfy, cozy theme, a nice warm dressing gown is another perfect gift in my opinion. It’s maybe not the most “fashion” thing out there, but it sure is a great item to get through the winter in. I know I live in my dressing gown as soon as it gets colder, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one! You of course could go for a really pretty silky one, but honestly for winter all I’d want is a big soft one like this to snuggle up in after getting out of bed (or getting home from work. Or any other time of day). Of course you can also go for one in a real towel fabric that you can literally throw on after your shower and spend the rest of the day in. If you don’t have to leave the house of course..

Diamond Point Joy ring

I know rings can be a little bit tricky, but honestly I think these ones make a perfect gift! All you need to know is the ring size of the person you’re buying the ring for, and what colour they would love. You also need a pretty big budget, but it you’re buying for someone special or you’re doing a joint gift (or if you just have a big budget), I think these little rings are great. I got the sapphire one for my birthday from G this year, and I have been wearing it everyday since I got it. It is so lovely and minimal but still, with the coloured stone, a bit of an eye catcher. My favourite thing about these rings (actually, I’ve got two) is that I’m pretty sure they now have almost if not all the monthly birthstones, so if you want to personalize this gift, going for the right birthstone is so great! The other thing I love is that you can collect the rings as they look beautiful stacked or paired together. They also do this beautiful one without a stone, that is very high on my wish list at the moment!

Wool or cashmere quality scarf

A scarf is always a good idea to gift for Christmas, but even better is to gift a good quality scarf! A really soft, cozy and most importantly warm scarf, in a lovely colour or print. My thoughts, as soon as I think “higher quality scarf” go to wool or even better, cashmere. And thankfully I found a few lovely ones that aren’t even super pricey! I love the print of this one, it reminds me of my favourite scarf that I have been wearing non-stop for the past 3 winters, but more warm-toned and, well, wool. I am definitely adding it to my wish list! Another one I have fallen in love with is this cashmere one. It comes in a bunch of lovely colours so there’s one for every style. My one big criteria for scarfs is that they need to be long and thick, so I can wrap them around me when I need to cycle to work, and these both seem to meet those standards.
Another really cute idea would be to knit a scarf yourself! It is not too hard, you just need a bit of time and practice. That way though, it is an even more special gift, and you can really pick and choose what you think will be best liked in terms of colour, style, length, width, and – if you’re a really good knitter – pattern. It takes a bit of an effort, but it is definitely one of the sweetest gifts I can think of!

The most “them” secondhand item you can find

My last fashion gift idea is a bit of a vague one, but one I actually really love. It is to just go out to the vintage/secondhand shops in your area, and have a browse, look around and pick up a unique one of a kind item that you think they will love. My mother-in-law is great at this, she always finds the best things in secondhand shops, both for herself and to gift as presents. But I have also found a good few amazing wool sweaters or cardigans whilst thrifting, that have become staples in my wardrobe. This gift is not only usually cheaper than buying something new, but it is also incredibly sustainable. And if you love just browsing the shops like I do, going out to thrift your presents can also be really fun. If you have a friend that likes to thrift as well, you can even gift them a day out to vintage shop together, and tell them you’ll pay for one or two pieces that they find. This is not only a fun physical gift, but also a good opportunity to catch up and spend time with each other. And, like I mentioned before, you might find your new favourite clothing item when you’re there..!

It is honestly quite hard to not go for the basic pajamas, slippers and cozy socks gifts, because they are truly fun to get and to gift, and they are quite easy as well. But I feel like I did pretty good with finding some lovely things that I now all want. Oops.. I need to remind myself throughout making these gift guides that I’m not shopping for myself.

Thanks for stopping by ❤